Reviews for The Mouse of Konoha
Aramus13 chapter 16 . 7/18
The Inuzuka is now definitely my favorite clan in the entire village!
DarkViolet7258 chapter 23 . 7/18
An the mouse is back in bussiness
Aramus13 chapter 15 . 7/18
That's been one hell of an adventure. Thank Kami Naruto, Rin, and the pups manage to escape safely. So much experience, fun and funny, life changing. Only there for less than a year, but touch the heart so many people's. I just hope that Kumo can eventually forget his "treachery".
Aramus13 chapter 14 . 7/17
Naruto is really talented as a spy. He could even become an infiltration expert, deep cover for a long time behind enemy lines, going everywhere in the elemental nations.
Also, Thunder cat hooooo!
Aramus13 chapter 13 . 7/17
First i felt sad and anger that someone abducted Naruto and puppy Nin ken, then happy Naruto returned, suprised with his gifts, and proud of his actions.
Aramus13 chapter 12 . 7/16
The details about the Aburame clan and the Akimichi clan remind me a lot of Toriko.
I never thought about the Hyuuga main and branch families like that, real eye opener.
Must be other villages ninja to try infiltrating like that.
BraveVesperia chapter 1 . 7/16
This was a good chapter naruto and ten ten were cute. Its noce to see a story where the author does not try to force a pairing when they are kids as that really nugs me.
Aramus13 chapter 10 . 7/16
My most favorite chapter yet. So many awesome things; clan heads regular game nights, their hidden secret, their reactions, and Naruto finally show his unlimited potential to everyone.
The kid got gut.
Aramus13 chapter 9 . 7/15
The more i read your story here, the more I'm impressed by all the details. The clones personalities and what happen when they eat, perfect.
Aramus13 chapter 8 . 7/14
We finally meet the rest of the Sarutobi family. I always wondered how the family worked; who is Asuma to Konohamaru and such. This finally given it some perspective.
Star Iron chapter 2 . 7/14
Woah... This story is pretty dark.
RustedEagleWings chapter 23 . 7/14
Finally had a chance to read the update, great chapter! Can't wait to see what goes on between Naruto and his 'new friends!' Eagerly awaiting your next update!
Aramus13 chapter 7 . 7/14
Another old school ninja lesson, donning disguise without henge. Extremely crucial for a ninja.
Nice explanation on the henge jutsu, i always wonder why ninja don't just transformed into animals to infiltrate. Can ninja henge into inanimate object though? Maybe Naruto can make it happen.
jwbones2000 chapter 23 . 7/13
Man great story so far. I love epically long stories that know where they are going. Keep up the good work.
Gon Freaks chapter 23 . 7/13
I really do love this story! I am glad to see that you are really back writing and can't wait for your updates!

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