Reviews for The Federal Agent Who Shagged Me
Ashi-Grey chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
Very funny, brilliant that you got Austin Powers in an NCIS fic! Loved it :D
Chicken Scratchings chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
Haha I really liked this one _ Gotta love Autsin Powers too. And the bit where Ziva didn't know what shag meant... priceless :D loved it
PodDoc chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
So cute!
Radafa chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
Nice, that was really fun. Great job :)
drheart04 chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
Hilarious! Lmao with Ziva yelling at Tony to show her what a shap was! Helps that I love the Austin Powers movies too!