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Tom Riddle Minor chapter 39 . 5/10
10-05-2017: As much as I love "Game, Set and Match", I really really REALLY am waiting for an update here. This is a masterpiece of dark romance, and the complicated structure where you're telling the story from both ends, so to say, is leaving your readers in a limbo that's is almost unbearable. I just read the whole thing again and being forced to a halt almost caused me something like physical pain. So - please?

(This should have been posted as a commentary to chapter 41, but as I already have posted one review to that chapter I was refused. That's why.)
ReadingStar chapter 41 . 12/12/2016
Only just happened upon this update and honestly a, not disappointed... Was a brilliant story and, really, this still is.
seidh chapter 41 . 9/18/2016
Wow. Love this.
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 41 . 9/4/2016
Very beautiful, indeed - worth waiting for, even if it would be nice not to wait quite as long ... ;-) This 'Romeo and Juliet' variation is an amazing story in itself, among the deepest and darkest romances I've followed. In addition to that it's shedding a new light over some interesting secondary characters and is thus expanding the entire Potterverse. Bravo!
Christina chapter 1 . 9/4/2016
This remains one of my favourite Draco/OC stories.. another lovely chapter that leaves me wanting more! I hope we get more of draco and susan's history and also why Susan is the way she is now.. Fantastic as usual.. love your work!
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 40 . 8/17/2016
Hmmm - I'm getting just a little bit worried now: Almost a year since the last update. I hope you're not abandoning this lovely fic? It would be so much a shame! Not many writers have succeeded in giving this much life to Bones, who under your pen has become one of the most interesting sidekicks in the "Potterverse". And the conversations between her and Malfoy are really something to wait for, understated and tense as they are. So come on now - give it to us, we know you have it!
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 38 . 8/11/2015
Dark - one of the darkest love stories I've read for a long time. Surely worth following, well written as it is!
bloodredcherry chapter 37 . 6/10/2015
I think Nott unfortunately nailed it right on the head, and I totally assumed that Bones had a crush on him, so I'm not surprised I wasn't alone in that deduction. The other thing that confuses me is that she didn't want to ruin her reputation, does that mean with Dumbledore's Army? Because Draco is apparently a Death Eater?
Bear with me here, as I know all of these questions should be obvious, but I haven't been back to my story alerts for ages - and so I'm a bit rusty.
bloodredcherry chapter 36 . 6/10/2015
Oh, Draco, you ding dong.
You know, some sort of happy ending would be nice you know, heh, but I'm not really complaining. I actually prefer bittersweet endings most of the time, it would just be nice because of how much crap these two have already gone through.
Anyway, I'm curious as always to see how this plays out!
haplot chapter 37 . 4/30/2015
Love love love this story. I wish I had the strength to stay away and not return 'til I have at least 5 new chapters to read but alas.. As soon as I get the message that a new chapter is waitin for me; here I am.
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 36 . 3/15/2015
Yep. Totally agree. Worth waiting for. Only problem: The plot is rather complicated (working fine, nothing to say), so most uf us readers vill have to reread the whole thing for every second update to keep at least some kind of controll over the quite loose end ... But again, that's our problem and not yours.
ReadingStar chapter 35 . 3/11/2015
Let's face it, when I started your fic I hadn't expected it to take over my life as it did. It is exam time and I was looking for a quick read before I commenced my revision.
And I had the foune, or should I say misfortune considering the curreny circumstances, of reading your beautiful fic. I already shipped Drusan when I opened it, which is probably why I was on the tab, but your fic is what broughy it up to OTP standards.
The charactisation of everyone, the plot (and it's ever turning twists) and well everything was just perfect and really made me fall in love with the expirience, and while I still do have a lot of questions (mainly about what is to happen next), I'm sure that this is going to end up being an amazing fic!
Can't wait for your next update and to see what the future (and past) hold for Susan and Draco!
-Your reader
bloodredcherry chapter 35 . 2/28/2015
Oh dear, it's all a mess now isn't it? Susan has a lot going on, but I'm admittedly a bit confused but confident that you'll wrap everything up nicely as you always do!
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 35 . 2/5/2015
Oooohhhh - yess. SO that's the plot. Should have seen that one come. Great. Really. And well written on the top. So now I'm already waiting anxiously for the next update. When, oh when?

And best of all: Still no more than 55 reviews, which means we are just a small group of chosen ones to watch this absolutey terrific story unfold. Yeehah!
Tom Riddle Minor chapter 1 . 1/10/2015
On the other hand: You need to keep track of your story line. Not so many chapters ago we saw a very sharp confrontation between Malfoy and Nott, Nott reacting extremely fiercely on seeing Bones leaving Malfoys flat and threathening Malfoy with telling Parkinson, which Malfoy clearly didn't look forward to. Here we observe Bones arriving to a christmas party with the entire Slytherin clan, received with anger and aggression, but nonetheless received and accepted. And in the morning, when Bones has to rush because of an attack, Parkinson suddenly decides to follow her, and so the other Slytherins too. The acceptance of the weird Bones-Malfoy relationship in the "hinterland" of both parts is emerging now with a somewhat surprising speed. I guess you have something in the backhand for a flashback to come, and I am very curious to see what that would be. How far did their relationship go then? Who knew? How did they react on it then? And then, what happened? I Seriously hope that you're not writing yourself into a deadlock, as I see this as one of the most promising beginnings I've read for a long time!
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