Reviews for Mistress and Slave
Lady Elvira chapter 1 . 9/29/2015
Hi there!

I really like what you've made out of this prompt! What a wonderful idea to read about Walter, for a change, and even with my favourite Mord-Sith Denna! Even though, it is clearly NOT wonderful what she does to him, you've conveyed their respective character traits very well, for example, Denna's mocking sweetness and sudden brutality or Walter's whining - although it is, as said prior, indeed understandable. Yet, his training as Lord Rahl clearly fell on futile ground - he did maneuver Denna's questions quite marvelous! How very charismatic and rhetorically well-versed he can be ... but nonetheless, that's probably exactly his doom.
I like how Denna became ever so slightly afraid (a crack in her otherwise icy and seemingly reckless behaviour) when she "accidently" hit the Lord Rahl fake right into his precious little face ... yet, she wouldn't be Denna if she wouldn't hide her true feelings behind a stoic facade.
Furthermore, Malray's interaction was truly sweet, purely on friendship level, that is, and I really had to laugh when he explained to a devastated Walter why Denna wouldn't stop "pick[ing] on him". Hilarious! The perfect ending line for this very One-Shot!
Well made!

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