Reviews for Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin
xfel chapter 9 . 4/15
It's kinda cliche and has a good deal of bashing, but man if it isn't still a lot of fun to read!
Nyctophilicme chapter 6 . 4/9
Ravendle chapter 5 . 4/3
i wish the confusion went futher and the team broke up it wouldve made me elated
snowbythewood chapter 9 . 3/9
Aww, a shame this has been abandoned
Vishw chapter 4 . 3/2
So unnecessary... Isn't Naruto being a Jinchūriki damning enough secret?! And he had a great chance to share it with his teammates when Sasuke shared his. So he only has himself to blame.
Vishw chapter 3 . 3/2
Wow. I wonder if the writer had forgotten that this Naruto was supposed to be 12 year old...
Vishw chapter 2 . 3/2
Probably one of the best original missions I've read so far...
Vishw chapter 1 . 3/2
A strong start but I don't think Kage Bunshin can bleed...
LennyFaceSupplier chapter 1 . 1/25
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randalthor17 chapter 9 . 1/18
Goodness. I dont know why this story was so fun to read. Kudos to the author. I wish this story was completed though, it had wonderful potential.
theswordisstillinthestone chapter 9 . 1/13
This story is great, too bad it's been a great many years since it came out :(
Ballbag223 chapter 9 . 1/7
i hope you come back to this story in the future.
Szymon20 chapter 1 . 1/2
Great book y did u stop
Master777vip0000 chapter 1 . 12/31/2023
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Dark Neko 7000 chapter 9 . 12/17/2023
What will happen next time
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