Reviews for Musings
ahsoei chapter 10 . 8/4/2016
ABSOLUTELY, FANTASTICALLY, BEAUTIFUL. (Y) That's all I can say about this story. :')
Guest chapter 10 . 7/1/2016
Oh my gosh! I didn't know Muse had an extra! I was going to finish Muse and review but then I read the last of your comments and BAM! Just had to move right along. I am in absolute love with the ending, it's nothing that I expected but everything I wanted. I believe I commented on one of your other works earlier this week with promises to move on to Muse. Honestly there is nothing I can say more about how much I love the way you write. It seems to have carried onto your other stories! One little thing though, I'm kind of glad there wasn't a lemon. What was there was more then enough and I completely agree with you when you said it'd be redundant to have that. Thanks for another work of art! Xoxo
Sherren chapter 10 . 5/8/2016
Please,please,pleaseee continue this story... I really want to know what happened to Scarlet and Klaus...
Thx for making this story anyway, I really loveeeee this story altough it's so late to ship ulquihime these days...
Keep up the good work and I really love your way of writing...
Annonnn chapter 2 . 10/21/2015
Omg, yes yes yes! Your writing is so addictive!
mingxingxing chapter 10 . 9/22/2015
I love this so much!

All the interactions and little twists all along!

The very idea of ulqui and grimmy will be in-laws...

TeRo-ChAn chapter 10 . 9/21/2015
HOLY GWAKAMOLY! I've read muse and musings at lest 6 times each! Update more plz!
RaidenUzumaki14 chapter 6 . 9/6/2015
i just cried. thank you.
isharaine chapter 6 . 6/25/2015
Nope. I didn't cry through muse. But I cried through this chapter. *Shakes fist.
inactiveuser4754056 chapter 10 . 5/17/2015
I started to think that Klaus is Ulquiorra's son rather than Scarlet XD.

I wonder why I satisfied with this kind of ending eventhough I'm curious about Klaus and Scarlet. But anyways, I love Muse and Musings the most. Love this kind of Ulquiorra better than Tell Yourself. Now I want a husband like him, I don't know why. I guess I just love UlquiHime so much and have this diabetes.

To be honest, your fanfics are the best in this website. I'll be waiting for publication attempts, princess kitty1. I love you so much!
BoboMidorima chapter 10 . 5/10/2015
I wonder if Scarlet will inherit Ulquiorra's habit of moving the furniture around when stressed. *Ponders* Hm...
Aynessa chapter 10 . 1/10/2015
Ahaha, and it comes full circle. Too funny. Loved this ending!
Aynessa chapter 8 . 1/10/2015
You're killing me! Gah!

Did not expect Gloria to be his mom. Love it!
Aynessa chapter 7 . 1/10/2015
Eeeeee! This is so blindingly sweet. Poor Orihime, she should've known Ulquiorra wouldn't do this kind of thing like a NORMAL person, haha.
Aynessa chapter 2 . 1/9/2015
This is admittedly hilarious, but I was hoping for more serious one-shots about what happened after the hospital incident, primarily their first few conversations. :( Kind of bummed. (Though this is still enjoyable!)
shiloah18 chapter 9 . 11/10/2014
"It is?" Scarlet answered mournfully, Musings chapter 10
"It is?" came his muffled voice. Muse chapter 28

Ah, like father like daughter. XD

History is repeating itself with an anklet. I wonder if Scarlet knows the way her parents met.
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