Reviews for My Pefect Dom
Strapmenow chapter 38 . 4/11
What a great journey it has been for me over the last couple of days reading about Jacob and Isabella. It has been a marathon read for me. I loved every moment of the journey. Thanks very much ShavehC xoxxoxoxo
Strapmenow chapter 37 . 4/11
What a wonderfull chapter YAH YAH YAH! The first half was wonderfull good steamy sex. Great! The second half was well done. I love it when the news of pregnancy is greeted so well by the father. YAH YAH YAH again! Jake had thought out very well how things were to change when baby arrived. Oh yes the sequel to the story will be most looked forward to by me. I will await seeing how Bella and Jake manage marriage, parenting and BDSM.
Strapmenow chapter 36 . 4/11
Well it had to come sooner or later. Why did you leave it so long? Ah the back door. It is no mystery to me. I think that I must take my wife there more often than the front door. One of the advantages of being small. I must say I loved it when two pro-dommes took my back door with a strap-on dildo after they had caned me bent over a spanking bench and cuffed to a St Andrews Cross. My wife was watching as she was present in the room on that ocassion. Now now don't let any of you pretend shock horror because I won't believe you.
Strapmenow chapter 35 . 4/11
It may indeed be the bedroom but spreader bar, some arm and ankle restraints, butt plug and some lube from the playroom will definitely do the trick.
Strapmenow chapter 34 . 4/11
Yes I would most certainly read your Bella/Sam story. I would read any story that you write that is if I can navigate my way to it.
Strapmenow chapter 33 . 4/11
WOW WOW WOW! You most certainly blind sided me with that one. I think that Jake and Bella's marriage is such a great idea. Thanks author. There will most certainly be fireworks between both families. Sounds just like real life. Thanks again
Strapmenow chapter 32 . 4/11
I told you that Leah was a great friend for Bella. This chapter proves it. Biily Black has to find a way to forgive that terrible thing that happened in the past.
Strapmenow chapter 31 . 4/11
Yes I do love you for the result including the very severe punishment flogging. I do recall that Jake had previously said that he would not use the playroom for punishment but this was an exceptional situation, one which Bella received with very good grace. Yes she most certainly would be very sore - she would have been in absolute agony. But it was a punishment. I am glad that this incident did not cause Jake and Bella to break up. How Bella finishes it with Edward will be very interesting to discover. So I will read on avidly. As for me I have never had a punishment spanking. Yes I do like hard discipline floggings but these ones are ones I seek.

Thanks very much for making this story available free on the net. I do purchase books and would most certainly have put this one on my wish list should it have been a for sale one. I am enjoying this story immensely.
Strapmenow chapter 30 . 4/11
Oh yes please bring them back together. Bella does need to be spanked very hard and whipped. I hope that you describe that in great detail. But please do not cause them to actually break up. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!
Strapmenow chapter 29 . 4/11
Yes indeed Edward is a real louse. Being caught up in the moment proved to be a real dangerous thing for Bella. I sincerely hope that this is not the end for Jake and Bella. They are really great for each other and would both be very sad should they part.
Strapmenow chapter 28 . 4/11
Very interesting chapter, seeing everyone's actions and reactions. I have not had wax or fire play as I have no interest in participating. However I have viewed both and they have interest for spectators. My area of craving is flogging or more correctly watching and of far higher importance participating in being flogged. I love having an audience present to witness the occasion when I am being flogged. I am very sure that when people are watching the administration of the flogging is of greater severity. It is a real turnon for me to know that the scene I am participating in is of such interest that others want to watch. I love watching so it is only fair that I am happy to have others watching a session that I am in.
Strapmenow chapter 25 . 4/11
Thanks for letting me know that Chapter 25 was a filler chapter. I don't seem to be quick on the uptake, I just read the story to see what happens next. Yes it was good to see Bella and Leah together again. I just cottoned on that Leah is not in the scene. She is a lovely friend for Bella to have. It is great to see that Jake trusts Bella to drive again after the accident. He is not at all a mean Dom but a really caring one.
Strapmenow chapter 24 . 4/11
Well I just go to say it now! Here I am on Chapter 24 of your story. The story is really beautifull. Thanks. Vanilla people I am quite sure would not understand how such a story could be beautiful. But if they are vanilla what would they be doing reading so much of this story, or even on this site for that matter. Jake is certainly possessive. By the same token Isabella finds her perfect freedom by being submissive. I understand the concept as I am submissive. Now they are 24/7 WOW WOW WOW! I am not 24/7 but having been in the scene for quite a while I am very accepting of the different people and types of people in the scene. I attend monthly Play Parties. The crowd currently attending are really great. If I wish someone to use a particular discipline implement on me, even if I have never played with them before they are quite happy to oblige, they just ascertain if that is what I really want. I don't know where the story is heading but I will read on to find out.
Strapmenow chapter 23 . 4/11
Oh yes what a lot of frustration in this chapter! The paddle sounds pretty interesting. I have not had much experience of a paddle, even though I do posses one - a lovely thick varnished one with delightful pictures on each side, pictures of a woman receiving either a strapping or the instrument could be made of wood, a bit hard to tell though the instrument was not very wide. The other side has a picture of a woman with bum raised very high in air, obviously in preparation for a spanking. I brought that particular paddle primarily for the pictures which are realy beautifull. Keep up the good work author.
Strapmenow chapter 13 . 4/11
I loved this chapter. I love the cane, not as much as the strap but to have the strap after the cane is absolutely delightfull.
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