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Rumikotakahashi's1fan chapter 51 . 6/15
Hi! It's me again LOL. Looks like I just couldn't help myself. I HAD to read chapter 52. I waited a few months and the anticipation got the better of me. I just adore your writing3. I read it and was like OMG, not that I hate the almighty Takahashi-san or anything, but making Inuyasha and Kagome split up like that made a lot more sense because of the Kirara problem. One of the differences that I notice in IRWR is that Kagome turns human a lot more frequently than in Inuyasha did in canon. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, it actually makes the story more angsty and suspenseful that way.I don't even think "angsty" is a word any way, but you know what I mean. I actually like that she turns human more often, but like always, you keep a balance between keeping Kagome as a hanyo and as a human. My only concern is that time seems to be going by really fast lately. I mean I know it's already chapter 53, so a bunch of time has to have passed right? I guess I'm already never wanting this story to end *sigh. Maybe Inuyasha's training took up a lot of time? However, that's all the criticism I got for you. Everything else in IRWR keeps me interested and wanting more. I read on your profile that IRWR unfortunately, is on temporary hiatus again. But, I really don't want to push you to write a chapter. Obviously, yes, I would like to have tons more chapters to read but, all great things (in this case your writing genius) comes to those who wait. So I shall wait:). I'm sorry this message ended up being so long oops... Seriously though, never stop writing, be it fanfiction or anything else you want to do in your future. I wish you luck in everything that you do and I hope that you can get back to this story soon! Luv ya girl! (P.S. My name is Soledad or Soli for short ;) and I had to post the review in a previous chapter because I'm only allowed one review per chapter)
Rumikotakahashi's1fan chapter 52 . 3/21
I love your writing, the story, and how all the characters are well, in character! I had to stop at chapter 51 because then I'll only have one chapter left... I know you won't give up on this story and you may have lots going on right now, but please know that I love everything you've written so far, including your other stories. This is my favorite story and I hope you can find the time to update it soon. Thanks so much. Luv ya!
2 Lucky chapter 52 . 3/20
I'm caught up again. Is it wrong that I can actually see these events unfold? lol I'm enjoying this story far more than I expected, and possibly should. Apparently, from what I can gather, certain things and situations would have been a lot easier to deal with if the roles actually reversed. I'm patiently waiting for the next installment, although I can barely wait... lol
2 Lucky chapter 42 . 3/4
I remember you once told me that you would make this as long as the anime, but it appears you really just might rewrite the manga. lol. I'm anxiously waiting for the Koga/Kagome reunion, simply because I can't wait to see how you make InuYasha try and compete with my favorite okámi for Kagome's affection. Also, great job so far, as. I've literally couldn't put this down until now. I've been reading nonstop since Chapter 28 today. I can't put it down unless I fall asleep. lol Keep it up!
Strawberry Cocaine chapter 52 . 3/1
I'm so happy these eyes get to read a new chapter! ;_; It only took me a minute to finally review, huh? XD

*Laughs hysterically* I'm just awful for enjoying inuYasha’s dramatic reaction when he thinks Kagome wants to get rid of him! I swear that boy is more drama queen than anyone in the group. Although, I can understand how Kagome feels that InuYasha forced his way in her life, it rings so depressingly. I guess it might be for the fact that he bugs her from a good place…and also curiosity! XD The boy certainly doesn't know when or how to shut up most of the time.

Another thing, selfish or not, at the very least InuYasha is honest with himself. I like that though. I distinctly remember that he'd lied to himself but I can't recall when. Anyway, it's nice to see him ponder on his feelings and even if confused by the root of them, he's certainly grown up!

I’m considering this chapter (and probably the following) a ‘dialogue chapter’, not that the rest of your story doesn't contain important conversations, but I feel like this here is one of those that I’ll go back to and point out InuYasha and Kagome not being able to communicate adequately with misinterpretations that will no doubt affect them in the future. It’s once again what they don’t say that matters the most. Their body language is another thing that I keep poking at because it's so irresistibly telling. I don't know if I've said this before but if one takes out the romantic factor (not that it IS romantic but that we know where these feelings of attachment will lead to...perhaps for one of them sooner than later) it is easy to say that there really isn't much difference between a romantic and platonic relationship. It's the same love and affection minus the sexual attraction. Sort of like if one disregards the words and pays attention only to what their bodies are doing it is reminiscent of new lovers. Testing the waters, one gently probing and the other may show discomfort but acceptance and finding comfort in the touch. I just thought how intimate that whole scene was without it having to be necessary romantic.

‘Body torn to shreds and the bowels eaten?!’ Geez, thanks for the visual (ugh...NEVER drawing the Baku that's for sure)! Just kidding. ;)

OK, questions; were there really no witches in that universe? I thought Urasue was one…demon hag with spells, no? I'm wrong aren't I...LOL!

And what I've personally been waiting for; JINENJI! *Cooes Excitedly* Still pisses me off that Takahashi didn't revisit this precious baby and instead becoming a memorable one shot character. *Pouts* Absolutely ADORED Kagome sensing perhaps a kindred spirit. And the short interactions between them! *Happily throws confetti* She got him all flustered and everythIng! And the contrast was telling as well, one half demon a warrior the other a nurturer.

Kagome shutting down InuYasha with the ‘It's reality’ remark was priceless and I wonder if he can imagine even a sliver of what she's been through. Most importantly, how he'll react to the truth and how it'll affect him. Maybe the news will serve to be counterproductive, who knows.
Her sadness and empathy peaking was raw and I felt sad along with her seeing Jinenji being himself.

Opening and going back to the trust issue at the end was a nice touch, sort of like the song. Seeing them working together and planning together despite their internal doubts, worries, fears and the usage of ‘we’ like a cooperative unit tied some of the beginning’s tension.

Can't wait to see hopefully more of Kagome's interactions with Jinenji and whether or not she'll learn something about herself that she might have not realized yet. Also, if she and InuYasha will have a conversation similar to the famous one in canon!

Totally worth the year long wait and would wait even more if I had to! :3
Talawolfgirl chapter 52 . 2/1
Hey, I know I'm Writing years late (since you wrote this Jan 26,2011 and this is currently 2016) but, I really in joyed reading IRWR. And for you to stop at 52, saddens me ***cries anime tears***** PLEASE DON'T STOP NOWWWWWWWWWWW :'(
Guest chapter 52 . 1/6
I am so glad you're back! :')
LoveInuyasha22 chapter 1 . 12/30/2015
That was pretty cool. I've always wondered how a switch would turn out. I can't wait to see-er-read what happens when Kagome wakes up! Nya~
ksavvyx3 chapter 47 . 12/30/2015
Didn’t see this coming, did you? Good. :p So, I’m finally getting around to it, see? I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been suffocating under a pile of other things that needed to be done first. Actually, I probably should still be packing right now, too, but I’ve done enough of that lately. I need a break.

So onto the review, right? I mean, assuming I don’t say anything completely stupid because I’ve forgotten about half of what’s happened in the story thus far and all of what I’ve said in previous reviews. *sighs* Oh well. Thank the gods for the previous chapter summaries, I guess, and actually, reading the beginning of the chapter which slowly has started to jog my memory about certain things that have happened LOL

Anyway, to begin, funny Inuyasha. He who thought he was all that at the beginning and he still subconsciously latched onto a protector, huh? ;) Bet he’d deny it a thousand times, but I guess that just goes to show how magical the subconscious mind can be in telling us what we really want. I mean, according to Freud, anyway, and a fictional story and my own silly perceptions. :p

Also, I guess I totally forgot about the close relationship Kagome had with Kirara in this story, and further how I still haven’t and may never know how that came to be LOL although one thing I didn’t expect was for her to lose her kitten form. :/ I mean, first of all its damn adorable. Second of all, I kind of always considered it to be more a part of who she was and nothing to do with her aging, but maybe that was just me. Hm. I guess I’ll have to think on that for a while to see if I like it. Oh, and um, Kirara’s not supposed to be younger than Kagome in this story, is she? I mean, considering she was around way back before the creation of the jewel (and apparently old enough to transform then, too) and all… but the way Kagome spoke implied that Kirara was younger. :/ Maybe I’m forgetting something, though.

Moving on, this chapter has one hell of a lot of dialog, doesn’t it? LOL more so than in others if I remember correctly, anyway, or maybe it’s because it’s all collected into one place, either way, I’d have to pick the day to read it to be the one where there is constant drilling and hammering going on inside the house… I might have to read that particular part through another time or two to understand everything properly, because right now I feel about as lost as Kaede and Kagome seemed in the middle, although maybe that’s what you were intending? Or maybe it’s because I’ve forgotten so much since I’ve read the last chapter, or the last few chapters. Or, well, I mean, it did help to read on, but I’m pretty sure I’m still missing out on a few important pieces, be it because I’ve forgotten, haven’t noticed or because they’re things you’re waiting to reveal. *sighs* I hate that, by the way, not knowing…

What I can guess, however, is that this dark energy that has supposedly been the effector in Inuyasha’s condition, thanks to the damn jewel, has been because of something that has happened already. Well, I mean, that’s actually obvious, isn’t it? I think so, anyway. It had to have started somewhere since, like Kagome pointed out, Inuyasha had been previously purifying the jewel just fine. Question is when and by who, and I was going to say it was in thanks to that stupid sword which Naraku gave to Inuyasha in order to possess him much earlier, but… that was a long time ago. I don’t remember him having such struggles that early on (although, you know my memory, right?). So maybe, whatever that dream-eater or whatever you called it, was. That was more recent, although I hardly remember anything at all about that incident, either, aside from a few summarizing facts. Maybe it’s something I’m totally forgetting happened, however. Ugh. I’m so bad at keeping up with this. Oh well, I’ll figure it out one way or another. I could be totally off track, too, I guess.
Oh, and I love Miroku’s line when he enters the hut. :D Fits him perfectly, and his lacking appreciation for Inuyasha’s often stupid behavior (can’t say I blame him one bit, either). And his perverted antics are no surprise, either… *sighs* is it weird that I’ve kind of missed him? Or more particularly, his humor, I guess.

And then we have some Inuyasha and Kagome fluff. Sort of, anyway, I guess. One sided fluff, since Inuyasha is the only one with the feelings at the moment and Kagome seems to reject them completely. I seem to remember this part, too, so maybe I’ve read this chapter before. But… I didn’t review. Weird. I don’t know, it could just remind me of what happened in the actual manga (although it’s obviously been switched around to suit Inuyasha’s human-ness where needed). It could be because I feel like I’ve said this before, too… two people can like being around each other without having love-feelings, you know? ;) I mean, I get that in this particular situation it’s SUPPOSED to be that Inuyasha has those feelings for Kagome (even if she’s realizing it sooner than he is, go figure), but it’s true. I, for example, have several guy friends… in fact I think without counting I have more guy friends than girlfriends and that’s probably because I can relate more to guys *grumbles* most of the time, anyway. Still, I’m perfectly content and happy to have friends, that are guys, that I spend time around and enjoy hanging out with, that I have absolutely no interest in being with romantically. ;) I’m just saying. Maybe that’s just a little pet peeve of mine, though, so I’ll stop bitching about it and leave it be for your sake LOL

On another note, I wonder if, in the future when Koga finally shows up and there is potential turmoil between Inuyasha and Koga, that knowledge of Inuyasha’s feelings will help Kagome understand and forgive him. I mean, she’ll probably get frustrated anyway, because people do that, but… I wonder if she’ll be able to see things from his point of view more clearly. Even if he can’t. In the manga, well, Kagome might have had a hunch that Inuyasha had feelings for her but there was Kikyou, and at least when she got jealous Inuyasha seemed to understand and forgive her easily. Later, anyway, when he wasn’t quite as much of an idiot. It’ll be interesting to see if the tables are turned now, later in this story, now that the situation is different. Well, and when Inuyasha will ever figure out for himself why he’s jealous in the first place. ;)

Oh, and I enjoyed that entire thought process in the end, too. Not only the rundown of previous things Inuyasha had said and Kagome had sworn to kind of prove their feelings for each other, well, of whatever they are in either case, but to kind of prove that, want to or not, Kagome can’t really go anywhere. That… I feel like that might come to bite her in the butt at some point in later chapters. *thinks* I mean, she’s not going to willingly throw her honor away, right, but if she’s promised to protect Inuyasha and the jewel but, in the same way here in the end of this chapter but to a greater extent, she has a reason to need to leave, like Koga or something else, I think this is going to come up again. *sighs* Poor Kagome, I can relate all too well, and not just there, either. Although, I’m not immortal or anything close to it, thank you, no matter how nice the idea COULD be, I guess. In some aspects.

I do like to the brief little moment where she realized just how close she’d grown to all of her new friends. Close like she was to Kikyou, although maybe not to such an extent quite yet, but nearing it, I’d guess by now. It’s nice to have friends after all, yeah? Especially when one has been so lonely… so her fate will always be to have people leave her because she’ll outlive them. No wonder she’s so damned determined to protect them all above her own life. I wonder if Inuyasha, or anyone else really, will ever piece that together or if they have enough related experience to do so. Or empathy. Or whatever it could be that would do it. I’d imagine Inuyasha could, at the very least, anyway.

Alright, and that concludes another monster review (as usual), although I have yet to actually take this from Microsoft word to see how long it will be on FF. Still, just over 2 pages is pretty good, right? :p This is exactly why it takes me so long to review in the first place though, I swear. This right here. Ugh. But as usual, I always have a lot to say. Funnily enough, I’m NOT usually this talkative in person. *shakes head* Oh well, one more review for you. :) Although fair warning, I wouldn’t expect any more reviews for a while. I have a very busy couple months coming up, after all. Not that I’m complaining, exactly. :3 I'll be eagerly anticipating the next chapter in mind mind though, anyway. :D

xXKillorbeKilledXx chapter 52 . 12/7/2015
Wow, this took me forever to re-read but I loved every minute! Absolutely adore this story and this new chapter!
Neo-Crystal chapter 52 . 11/26/2015
You're alive and you updated! I'm so thrilled! I also had that thought in that episode and am glad you had Kagome remember it for your story. Could you not wait so long before updating a new chapter? Pretty please?! So will you have Inuyasha return in time to see Jinenji falling for Kagome? Bring on the jealousy! And speaking of that, BRING ON KOGA!
LordCybot chapter 52 . 11/25/2015
I absolutely hate to say this, but its been so long since I even knew this story existed that I've completely lost track of whats going on and everything. To the point where I'm not sure I'm capable of jumping back into things.
I really dont want to impose, but maybe include a chapter soon that just sums up everything thats happened so far?
inuyashalvrtoo chapter 52 . 11/24/2015
Thank you for finally updating, its a great relief that you didn't abandon the story(many authors do) can't wait for the next episode,er.. chapter.
twinbuster2 chapter 52 . 11/22/2015
Hi! I'm so glad you haven't abandoned this story! This story is so refreshingly done and such a unique take on Inuyasha. You've fleshed out the possibility of what if...very well.

So there's just a few mistakes. You were right, your continuity was shot in a few areas, and there were abrupt stops to some scenes, but overall very negligible. (Also too much of starting your sentences with And. I used to do it too so I know;)

The growth of Kagome and Inuyasha is incredible, though if Kagome is both compassion and strength, what does that make Inuyasha? (since in the series, Inuyasha was passionstrength and Kagome was compassionspirituality, debatable I know).

Anyways look at me, so into your story that I'm sitting and making analyses on them.
I hope you update soon! Keep up the amazing work!
Guest chapter 52 . 11/22/2015
I'm glad to see you didn't abandon the story. This was another awesome chapter and I look forward to reading more.
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