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GoldenPiggy chapter 51 . 7/4
Y-you... you're killing Kirara! You are evil! Freaking evil! The worst part is that I don't know if I should be proud... or go and lock myself in a closet and cry. Probably the former. It's more me. So, I'm proud of you, because you managed, with the summary of the First Part, to get me hooked on this story. The fact that it only took me about two and a half days to get to this chapter is proof of that. It took about... im not sure, but I think that's around nineteen hours of straight reading.

The fact remains that you are an excellent writer, and I agree with the anonymous reviewer whose name I can't remember. It feels like you're writing a script for an anime. This is a good thing. Any person who feels that way when reading this, has to feel like they're watching an anime, which means your use of description and imagery are spot on. Either that, or I'm looking too far into it, and my praise for you is clouding my judgment, which I know isn't the case here.

What is amazing, though, is the fact that here, with this story, you have almost seven-hundred thousand words. All done in the span of almost four years (though a little less, considering the time you last updated; not that I blame you).

Actually, I'm going to have to cut this review short, but be well aware that your update schedule shouldn't [doesn't] bother us (the people who read). It is amazing, as stated before, the fact that you are able to balance your school work and studies (though you probably did pay for it), and get as much in as you have (and if that doesn't make sense, its your fault). I think in one of your A/Ns, you said you were taking medical classes? (Med school, obviously). And god knows how much work one must put into that. Even if you aren't working your way to being a doctor or surgeon or nurse or whatever, kami bless us all that you've been able to update.

Against my own will, I will end my praises now, for it is late, and what I want to tell you and talk to you about is really not best handled in a review. And way to long. Just know that I keep your story in the highest regards, and my opinion of you isn't far from there.

Giving an unwilling goodbye and a review without criticism,

[The] GoldenPiggy
Anon chapter 51 . 4/27
Chapter name, you scary...

Besides which, great story and characterisation! I can tell this is going to be a thing I follow...
ksavvyx3 chapter 46 . 4/20
Hmm, bet you weren’t expecting this, were you? :p Well lucky you, I decided to give you a little surprise… my classes might not be over for another week or two but the most important (not to mention the most challenging) one is over and done with as of today *happy sigh* and that means I got a little break. See? I told you I hadn’t forgotten and I didn’t. :)

Now, onto the actual review… it’s a good thing you have those story summaries because I totally didn’t remember what happened last time LOL anyway, you still have me wondering who this Tomiko character is. At least, I think I’m wondering about it. I honestly don’t remember if any hints were given earlier as to her purpose and if there were, well, I’m not going to look it up, sorry. Actually, I have the sudden impression that she might not be a ‘somebody’ at all rather than just a filler character to play in to the stories plot a bit. As in a ‘hey look, I found somebody, I haven’t stopped looking.’ Not that she fits the bill, apparently. In fact it seems she’s only a bit better off than Inuyasha… well, depending I guess, because at least he can hit things… sometimes. You’d think she’d be better at considering she’s probably been practicing for longer. Way longer. And smarter about all that strength that she was using (I was going to say weak, if her stamina is really that bad that she can get tired from shooting a few arrows (it isn’t THAT hard to shoot an arrow, geez, more work in fact if you use a compound bow like mine) but I’m guessing you were going with the approach that using her spiritual powers could make her physically tired, too… not sure if I’d agree… I would think it would have more effect on one’s mental abilities… maybe I just have to think on it more *shrugs*). Maybe I’m just assuming too much, though. There’s something to be said for one’s natural ability with certain things after all, I guess. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out, you know, assuming she ISN’T just a briefly visiting character. I’m kind of caught between the feeling that she is, just because of how you’ve written her, and that she isn’t because she’s so powerful (low endurance and talent aside, I guess). I guess if she IS not going to show up you could always let me know, right? *insert the puppy dog eyes here* Well, enough on that topic, anyway…

Damn. Sango and Kagome still are still a work in progress (though much better than they were)… I guess they’re kind of in a stage of still tolerating one another at this point, yes? At least that’s what I’d expect. Despite their little friendship agreement I don’t know that I’d be able to expect things to go perfectly. With how stuck Sango was in her ways before and all… I don’t know, maybe I’m not giving her enough credit (and before I thought she should just relax already, ha). Anyway, it seems awfully strange seeing them like that considering what I’ve been reading lately. I’m looking forward to seeing how they manage to get from where they’re at now to the point that they’re meant to be, best friends, maybe even nearly sisters… just, obviously not in blood. Not that that matters. I’m also looking forward to seeing it there and experiencing it through IRWR. I always enjoyed that closeness in the series. Their little battle was pretty entertaining, anyway. Sango’s stronger than I expected… although I have no idea why. She was pretty kick-*ss in the series, not sure why I was expecting her to be anything less than at the top of her kind here, too. She was always kind of my favorite, too, what with all of her secret weapons and all (having Kirara as a sidekick didn’t help, either). Sorry, Sango. :/

Not to mention the whole thing with Tessaiga… especially since, from my perspective at least, you seem to have taken it a bit further than it ever went in the series. Not that it is a bad thing by any means, just interesting to me, since, demonic or not, I never would have imagined a blade or weapon or whatever to have such an obvious voice. It the series the two swords were pulsing on occasion and such but it always seemed pretty… I don’t know, instinctual I guess, like Kagome herself specified here. Then again, other swords had much more to say I think. I might not remember their names… definitely don’t… but I would say the one in the 3rd movie (or was that the little creature that came with?) and one that took over that sword smith apprentice of Toutousai. Maybe I just don’t think about things enough… or more specifically things related to the series that I watch. I should probably work on that, especially now that summer is nearing. :p
And of course Inuyasha’s long awaited training can’t go through without a few bumps… or ditches as it seems is more the case here. As always you leave us hanging and I have no idea what is actually causing it (if there were any clues I probably missed them because I’m so tired, I don’t know what, it’s only 10 pm LOL)…. Though, considering I’m so many chapters behind I guess I haven’t ACTUALLY encountered a cliffhanger. :p One of the benefits to not having the time to read, I guess. Or the only benefit. Damn.

Anyway, Inuyasha must be in pretty bad shape (I mean, he obviously is) if Kaede is considering such extreme measures, like sealing Inuyasha’s power, I mean. Hopefully that’s not what she’s going to do right now, in fact. Though, if she does, considering his position in the story and all I know he’ll find a way to counter it and come back into play somehow. Hopefully not TOO far down the line, either. Even as sick as he is now I don’t think he’d be an easy one to submit. Well, he wouldn’t if it wasn’t for what Kaede explained about his powers cowering. I guess that’s probably what was going on with the jewel, huh? Hey look, I’m coming up with ideas on the fly, now… even though I’m tired. Maybe I’m getting better at working through all your little un answered questions that you like to leave all over the place… or maybe not. Anyway, I can only imagine how to poor guy is going to respond if Kaede does end up sealing his powers. Something tells me it won’t go over well at all, especially since he’s already got such an obvious connection to Kagome (sounds familiar LOL), though I haven’t figured that out, either. It’s nice to see him back on his own feet… even if it’s only for a second LOL if I recall correctly last time he was busy recovering from near hypothermia, wasn’t he?

Oh, and of course my last pondering… and probably the one I’m most curious about is what Kagome’s nasty reaction towards the ‘binding’ that Inuyasha unintentionally did was all about. Maybe I should go back and read the part where it actually happened, though I don’t remember her having any sort of weird reaction to it. I have a feeling that loss of the bind or whatever might have something to do with Inuyasha’s need to have Kagome around… and the rosary that will probably make its appearance at some point or another… *tries to look patient*. That and Kagome’s demon are probably my top two things I can’t wait for, though. :3

Alright, and there you have it. My review, which is really just giving you an idea of what me thinking out loud… or on paper… is like, because that’s all this is. It’s a monster, as usual. Good thing these review boxes don't seem to have a limit. Or maybe they do. I feel like I've mentioned this before. Maybe I should make a goal out of it... write a review so long that the review box can't hold it... *ponders* Anyway, I hope you enjoy and can somehow forgive the fact that I haven’t reviewed in I don’t even know how long. :p OK, nearly 6 months, I just checked... I'm sooorrrryy! D: Though I did have classes, so I feel as if I have a pretty good excuse, right? :/ Alright, that's enough blabbing, I'm out.
Ivellios chapter 51 . 3/26
Great story. HOpe you can update soon. Good luck with all your endeavors, but do come back to this one once in a while. :D chapter 51 . 1/11
Well, I finally caught up to Chapter 51...or what I like to call the most EVIL chapter so far! LOL! Glon Morski is a queen for having such a beautifully crafted and planned slow burn between our main protagonists. Its enough to be romantic but also for it to be taken as a wink for their future lovey doveyness. She always gives just enough. ;)

On one hand, I am LOVING the InuxKag! Yay, they're physically getting closer, meaning there's more proof of their strengthening of their friendship (crying in PURE joy)! But I also I would like to grab the kannushi by his pretty silky hair and bash his head in concrete. *Smiles Sweetly* InuYasha is...ugh! Can't even put into words all these contradictory fangirl feelings!
*Goes off the draw Kouga xKagome fanbabies*

You know, the echo in Kagome's head got me thinking that the three most important men in her life have tried (or will try) to change Kagome's mentality about herself. I immediately thought of not Kouga or InuYasha, but her father. Kagome didn't have a figure who was able to protect her and her mother was barely able to protect herself. I feel that this stayed with her all her life, 'I'm a half demon...unworthy of protection.' So she in turn dedicates her life to becoming the PROTECTOR not only to honour her parents but because she feels she is deserving of that end. It makes sense for her to have such a difficult time being 'worthy of protection'.

Jinenji on the way, so excited! :3

Round of Applause! chapter 50 . 1/8 lovable fool. :(

It was funny seeing Kagome chiding Miroku even as he is in pain! LOL, tough love.

I think Kagome feeling something as InuYasha was worried over her was cute but her reaction to Sango worrying was precious! Oh my gosh, Sango's heart is swaying and it was sweet to see her so concerned. :)
Can't wait to see their 'lady romance' blossom. chapter 49 . 12/30/2014
This stage set up for the Miroku arc was such a pleasant surprise.

And again, even though I've always been pretty neutral about Kaede, you've managed to make me see her as truly more than an older 'mediocre' priestess. I think having her more involved and understanding of the characters ages has made her more of a grandmother figure and that's definitely something the group will need in the future. And even though it was alluded to that she had that role in anime, I wish she had said something along those lines to both Kagome AND InuYasha. I feel like IRWR InuYasha has a better realistic relationship with Kaede than canon Kagome.

I'm still enjoying that struggling relationship between Kagome and Sango. I applause that they aren't BFF yet. Love like that always takes time. Oh...Sango, I see your brother's life on the line in future chapters. :/
Mystfied Dreams chapter 51 . 12/25/2014
Oh my goodness, I literally SQUEALLED when reading this chapter, like I could FEEL the feels :)

This would honestly have to be my favourite chapter so far as I feel like Kagome and Inuyasha worked out a lot of things concerning their relationship and what they actually are to eachother (and they now are one step closer to eventually becoming a couple...right, right?) :)

I rarely leave reviews but this just deserved one (even though I read this chapter 30mins after you published it and im just NOW leaving a review...)

But anyways, hope you update soon and have a happy holiday ! chapter 48 . 12/17/2014
Just realized there were new chapters out! :3

I like how you started out the chapter with Kagome chaperoning InuYasha. I love their continued little banters. Watching her sort of mothering him is quite funny.

You've also allowed us a little glimpse of Kaede's powers. Something we might have seen once in canon. LOL and I REALLY liked seeing the lesser demons being accidentally being purified by InuYasha.

I also liked the tie in with the first chapter, where IRWR Kagome ponders what price InuYasha will pay in the future for his spiritual gifts later on. And her concern for his further entanglement to her world...well we can guess where that's going.

The 'conversation' about their fathers was really heartbreaking but I think these types of misunderstandings will lead to firmer friendship once they actually form a stronger communication that is. These two are exhausting as a couple (even in canon!). Also, I'm sensing Jinenji in the near future! :D

Naraku is in on them. It's spider webs time!

Now, there is much sadness in IRWR but I feel one of the most prominent tragedies (so far) is Kagome's denial about herself. When she stepped in to protect her baby cousin and got slapped in his steed, I felt like she subconsciously BELIEVED she deserved it. Kagome's journey to loving herself is something I will enjoy seeing improve. She's a self sacrificial lamb and I can't wait to see InuYasha (and possibly Kouga? ;D) confront her about it.

I think Souta is my favorite minor character! 3
Inuma Asahi De chapter 51 . 11/28/2014
I called it, I called it. Friends first and then you break through the barrier. Look at that fan service beautiful, beautiful. I could go on and on about it but honestly, I think less will be more this time.

You have made your initial push to explain how inuyasha will win over kouga. I was worried in the beginning of the fiction because kouga was a very intricate piece of kagome but now it seems that we are learning that isn't the truth. Even though their connection was deep (I still think forged primarily from loneliness) it was not by all accounts a pure love. Kagome, aS she's realizing, did love him but not to the depth for which you can love a person. Love is, truly, more than the end of loneliness and first acceptance (aka kikyo and inuyashas relationship). Love is perfect honesty as well as being willing to dig deep into another person. Unitarians, even though he doesn't realize it, can really dig deep into kagome. He pulls at her psyche and worries in a way no one has ever really worried but, kagome just realized that, so only with time will he be able to dig deeper down. After all, she is stubborn...isn't she.

That aside, the next arch sounds amazing already. I can't wait to see how being near another hanyou influenced our girl. I can only imagine we are working towards her next big secret. I mean, inuyasha has cracked a figurative barrier so she is probably at least somewhat emotionally ready to let him within that crack. I do worry about her mental state with that, however, but I think this trip will be good for both if them. I'm so excited to see where we go next and what will await them now that everything is opening up.

Even more so, however, please bring kouga in soon. The turmoil for her at this delicate point would just be plain delicious, don't you agree? It also might be a great way for her to see the difference she was recounting earlier. After all, it seems that kagome really doesn't understand what love is yet, just as anime inuyasha didn't. He really didn't get it until final act in many just as these two are teaching each other about love and emotional health, kagome in the anime taught inuyasha how to laugh, smile, love, trust, and overall live a good happy life. So, it will happen but the drama in between us soooo awesome.

Can't wait for more! I'm loving where this fiction is headed, it promises to be mind blowing.

Inuma Asahi De chapter 50 . 11/28/2014
First I have to say I'm glad. What for? Well I was worried kagome was going to be the one to yell at miroku and fuss etc but, thankfully, you let inuyasha keep that right. At times I feel lime he is really be I g undercut (for obvious reasons mind you). Still, I always felt kagome was undersold in the anime too. She was really weak for too long, a fault I have with that script. Here, at times, it feels like inuyasha is getting the same treatment but not in this chapter. He us being given that fight back and is starting to gain true, well, use. Kagome does need to be a hero, don't get me wrong but I also like chapter evolution and at times (I'm guilty of this in shikuro to be honest) he gets held back for kagome' s time the spotlight.

Don't get me wring, I live our kickass female lead but I would like to see his fighting success more often. That being said this chapter was brilliant in that regard. He fought, she fought, they both kicked butt and did their best. I loved that he didn't hesitate to grab the jewel and head out, I love that he falls and kagome stumbles afterwards showing she is still more coordinated but not without slip ups. I love how he unleashes his power and then has no idea if he can do it again (just like the anime, I love it!) And most of all, I love that she is so confident in his abilities! She doesn't doubt that he can, believe it or nit but that is a positive step for both. He needs to hear that as much as she needs to say it out loud.

And the end, still my heart glon morski! She is so precious. "I don't need anybody...friends are dangerous...but I love how he worries..what's this feeling in my heart? Ahhhh!" -kagome I'm choosing to take this as more evidence that she is starting to lean towards the, I want my friends side. Now, romance, I'm always hopeful, but this is just a little tiny indicator that she might feel something back (this is pessimistic for me). Of course...I could just cover my eyes and say...that feeling in your heart is him...but I won't. I think kagome needs to feel friendship without strings or question before she can accept more. (Putting that whole kouga thing aside, that is).

Right now she is still afraid of just opening up, although recently with inuyasha she has been.I've noticed their being much more opened with each other the evolution has begun, insert mad scientist laugh here.

Well, onto the next chapter I go!

Inuma Asahi De chapter 49 . 11/28/2014
Well done as always.

I'm going to, sorry about this, make this quickness so I can jump into that next chapter!

So, like always, inuyasha needed a good kick in the teeth to get hi but back in gear. This being said, his fear really is understandable and not too far out of character. I just have to remember back to the time he killed those people on accident (demon transformations kick ass) and it is apparent that he is the type of person who feels his guilt very deeply and, like a knucklehead, hides it so deep even he can't acknowledge it. I guess this is a form if mental protection like a child that pushes down memories of abuse or humiliation still, it is nothing he needs to hide from as kaede was saying. Acceptance, in this case, is the key to untapped potential. Luckily for him, kagome is great at turning the key when he is unable to reach for it himself (extended metaphor working for you?)

Still I have to wonder with this one if it will play further into the next saga. It is too convenient for a sudden change of heart after kagome ass/mind kicking. I expect he will continue to have some residual problems but he will grow from them. He is still, in many respects, a child whether he likes it or not. I can understand his feelings of wanting to be an adult but...he's still mentally in his infancy stages for brilliance. With time he will become wise but only with time and opened eyes. I. That regard, he is his anime counterpart, it took anime inuyasha almost the while series to gain wisdom (emotional wisdom that is). So, he has some time.

On another note, if I haven't mentioned it. I love his back story with his father. I would really like to see that developed more, truly. It is so interesting to see him and kagome relate and or in this chapter not relate on that level. I don't think they realize that both if then are actually similar in regards to father issues. Yes, inuyasha at least remembers the man but only as a child. It is hard to be a boy without that figure in your life just as it is hard fir kagome to pack her one demon parent. That would be fun to see. So would kouga for that matter, just bring him in for the fun! Please, I want to see that male pride contest with inuyasha human. It would be hilarious...

To the next chapter and miroku!

Inuma Asahi De chapter 48 . 11/28/2014
I was wondering when the story would pick back up and here we are!

Well my initial thought on inuyasha' s control problem is now void. So it was just the jewel, although it does seem he has some issues with barriers...interesting. it is good to see the power/ability I crease for him. He is going to be in a hard place from that amount of power.

I will admit I had forgotten about him wanting the replacement for the jewel (I haven't reread like I wanted to so I was missing that bit of information). Still, it seems that he does want to be in the feudal era more than his own world, a fact kagome is missing simply because of a proximity issue, poor things. It seems like, just as kagome undergoes her own personality shift, he is changing. One day, he too will fit in there better than his own world...wait...he already does! Awkward boy. I think that was done in the manga with kagome more than the anime but it was apparent that she slowly grew into being more comfortable in the past than present. I do believe for inuyasha here that shift is a bit easier. After all, his home is not as inviting a place as kagome' s. He has no brother or 3 normal friends or desire to do well in school. Without his mom, I'm pretty sure he would (without the jewel to tend to maybe) be happy in this world with these friends.

As a side notes I love how inuyasha and kagome react. "You'll tell me later" -inuyasha "like hell" -kagome. Well played you too well played.

Anyway, moving on, naraku is attacking the well huh? I find your naraku to be very devious and I love it. With the right moves he will give them a great run for their money, little spy. Still, I wonder what his plan is. With naraku (and the author controlling him) it is hard to tell just exactly where he's going. I mean, I know, you laid the foundation. Still, it's just a little too simple yet...there's always something else, right?

Now I hate to cut this short but I really want to know what happens next. Awesome job!

Guest chapter 47 . 11/28/2014
Sorry got cut off...weird.

I'm interested in establishing the concrete reason nit my hypothetical ones. Anyway, that aside I'm glad they realized it. Once inuyasha is back on his feet I'm sure he will be able to train once more without difficulty. I really want to see the expansion of his power. I know these things can't be rushed but as kaede is suggesting, he is exceedingly powerful, maybe even a rival for the creator of the shikon. That makes me long to see where he can go and what kagome will think of it. Btw I find her insight into his power very well played. I mean, she hopes he lacks power (not helpless but somewhat normal) so he can live a normal life. This is very much hoe kagome was treated in the anime at Times. However, kagome to a certain degree longed for her world and normalcy, inuyasha doesn't seem to want that to the same degree. He is an outcast and a loner as kagome realizes, he needs her not just because of romantic feelings but because she is his first friend. That makes him far different than anime kagome for many reasons. It also means he will object for different reasons about her thoughts here. I will be interested to see how that plays out even if kagome does not have romantic feelings at that time it would be fun...haha.

2. Well kagome hanyou is not as emotionally dense as inuyasha hanyou was...that's for sure. So she realizes his feelings and respectfully proves it is a one sided love at the moment. Kouga is in the background still but there is an interesting twist here. Maybe I'm reading into this but her relationship with him, I can agree she does love him, but the depth of that love does not appear as deep here. I'm not sure what you were initially shooting for but kagome' s pride and duty clouds her love a bit, doesn't it? I'm really starting to see kagome and Kouga as being very similar (only in certain ways) to inuyasha and kikyo. What I mean is the love is there because of deep loneliness. Kagome admits in this chapter that she wants to stay because she enjoys the group. Evidence that she doesn't want to be alone. Her relationship with kouga seems similar. She was lonely and love blossomed from first acceptance and loneliness, which is truly understandable. It will be hard for her to let that go because for a hanyou acceptance and understanding is rare, exceedingly so.

However, I see her starting to step into a new world here. She is accepted by others, friendships are being formed. She is no longer alone, that is not enough to destroy her relationship with kouga but it is enough to open her heart just a bit towards a friendship with inuyasha. I think her realization about his feelings will make that difficult but the end of the chapter gives me hope. She's happy about it, not because of burgeoning feelings on her own part but because it shows she can be accepted by others and needed regardless of heritage and that is a beautiful feeling for her, so selfish but so needed. Poor kagome, open your eyes and see the light!

Anyway, this chapter gives me hope and a lot of insight into kagome and how this relationship might blossom. I wish to see it unfold quicker though. I'm impatient! Still, how long did it take in shikuro? Then again there was nit alive triangle to agonize over in shikuro...

Well done and now onwards,
Inuma Asahi De chapter 47 . 11/28/2014
Well that was a very interesting chapter indeed. I think for the sake of my analness I'll divide it into 2 parts

1. So I was right the jewel is the one at fault for messing with future inuyasha there. I can easily see how his lack of control lead to the Shikon deciding now was a good time to attempt to fight back. Still his lack of control itself intrigues me far deeper. Maybe I'm missing something (entirely possible I tend to read too fast when I'm excited and my brain doesn't fully process all the little nuances of information) but I'm not entirely certain as to the reason he is lacking control. Also it has been a while since I read the previous chapters leading up to this, so I might have forgotten something h ing, however, regardless I am very interested in astonishing s
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