Reviews for Pure Revelations
mirveil chapter 96 . 20h ago
beautiful story, full of suspence, mistery and...I loved it...could not stop reading it..
Camilla10 chapter 96 . 3/1
It took me a long time to decide to read a story this long. But I finally managed it and I am glad. Great, original plot that slowly unravels and surprise the reader.
TheConstantReader03 chapter 96 . 2/12
Wow! That was such an epic story. I had to log in to leave a review. I literally couldn't stop reading.
lesuse chapter 96 . 2/1
This was quite the story, and I really enjoyed every hour of my life I gave up to read it! I hope you are in touch with that new thing that SM and KStew are involved in - stories with these characters in it - allowing them to live on beyond Twilight! There are more than several vignettes that could be spun from this story - heck, a whole series could be borne! Appreciate your efforts, georgia and lion, and thank you for persevering to the end. Often, authors get distracted by RL and don't finish their stories. But, you two hung in there. That said, I am SOOOOOOOOOO GLADDDDDDDDD I didn't find this until it was finished! I've suffered thru lengthy stories - Wisp comes to mind - and it's so sweet when you find a good, long, story that is already finished. Great stuff - would love an outtake about Jake and Tanya, and Charlie and Renee - if that were to happen. *hint,hint* ;)
lesuse chapter 31 . 1/27
Oh, and I forgot to mention the hair! That was so funny in Wide Awake, how seriously damaged Edward got so entranced by Bella's hair when it was curly! He drew all those pictures of that hair and couldn't wait to go to sleep to get his hands in that hair. Great nod to WA!
lesuse chapter 30 . 1/27
Ok, I have a theory. . . I'm guessing that Bella is a shield here too, and figure that's why she had a reaction to the sunscreen. I see Alice and Jasper have carried their gifts into this story, and Rose is a tough cookie, Emmett is strong, kind, and funny, plus patient with Rose. Edward is thoroughly righteous, gorgeous, emo, and in this story, obsessed with his python. So, I assume that Eleazar was "feeling out" Bella's gift, as evidenced by his rubbing his fingers together. Obviously there is a cult here and the leaders are nefarious, though all their followers probably aren't, hopefully aren't. This story should be rewritten and heavily edited, but I'm enjoying it. Worried for Phil and Renee, and hope Carlisle and Esme will see the truth before their kids and others are hurt. They must be putting some kind of mood enhancing something in the food and body products, especially the sunscreen. Poor Bella and her disgusting uncle - hope he dies a painful death. James and Victoria are creeping me out, as does Carmen - strange woman. Speaking of "rape" and the way they define it, seems like that's just what they're doing to Edward.
cg39 chapter 96 . 12/20/2014
This story was a beast! But I thoroughly enjoyed it. It started off a bit slow, especially with the repetitive nature of the alternative POVs, but I get that you were trying to establish Bella & Edward's voices and perspectives while laying the groundwork for the story. Once it picked up about halfway through it became a really great read. Lots of nice plot twists and turns, and couldn't put it down for the last 25-30 chapters. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, and all the time and hard work you put into it! Love you ladies!
LivingFantasyx chapter 1 . 11/28/2014
check out my short story, pls. & great fic, i've read it a billion times.
AJ chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
This is just my opinion but, honestly, this story was entirely too long. The writing is awkward and stilted and irritating to read. While I find the premise of the story interesting, the syntax is just bad. Unfortunately, I could only make it through 13 chapters.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
This is just my opinion but, honestly, this story is entirely too long. The writing is awkward and stilted. While I found the premise of story interesting, the syntax is just bad.
Guest chapter 94 . 10/31/2014
If hybrid's can smell if someone is a virgin or not, wouldn't Ben and at the very least Garrett have been able to tell that Bella wasn't a virgin?
tekmlb06 chapter 96 . 10/20/2014
It took a few days, but read straight through the story. It is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing with us.
MillieD chapter 1 . 9/20/2014
Lol so far it's a win! Edward made me giggle all through the chapter.
cctwilight chapter 96 . 9/13/2014
Enjoyed the story!
DestinyBaker96 chapter 75 . 9/13/2014
Getting better and better ugh it's 12 AM and I can't stop reading! Oh, and it's Bella's birthday today (sep 13) :D
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