Reviews for Espy
Nenalata chapter 1 . 1/30/2011
Ahahaha! I love you! I don't know what you were so concerned about, for this didn't disappoint!

I gotta say, I loved the bit about her journey through the halls-how it started out as something vrysrs, then turned to her idly wandering around, exploring.

Oh, and this: "She considered going back to either of their rooms and waiting for him to show up, but that would feel like defeat. And Talysse Surana never lost. Ever."

Yes. 8D

I also wish to applaud your T rating, by the by. I appreciate the suggestive dialogue, not because it's suggestive (mostly), but because you broke free of personal limitations to write it. How thoughtful of you!

Ahem. Anyway. Zevran was in character very prettily, and Talysse was, too, as a whole. To clarify, there were a few things that weren't OOC, per say, but just attitudes that are different from how I think of her (like you said for yours). However, that's just your thumbprint, and it was nice to see.

I could ramble about how happy I am about this and how excited and pleased etc, but all those things are not constructive. I've already rambled quite a bit, anyway.

Well! Loved this. Yay! Wanna do another one so I don't have to? 8D (Okay, I'm not that cruel.)