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Guest chapter 16 . 12/12/2014
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. - And as much as it shocks me to realize it But you have made a bigger mess than she did. You fumble at writing like a 13 tear old at a pair of panties.
Well at least you made it so Jacob is not a willing participant. It's "The Imprint"
Guest chapter 16 . 12/12/2014
Jake: "I wasn't stupid or ignorant." Uh ..sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings cupcake. In this world Jacob is as dumb as post and ignorant cant begin to describe the la-la land his head inhabits
Ratatouille chapter 18 . 12/11/2014
Soo who is more fucked in the head? Bella who really thinks she might have remotely done the right thing for anybody but herself when in fact Bella has only ever done right by herself and nobody else or you for factoring that into your story. Your Bella is one of the ugliest characters I have ever had the displeasure of reading about.
Heartless, hateful, twisted, selfish, co-dependent, immature, narcissistic, dishonest, insincere - I could go on for hours describing the negative aspects. Yet I cant think of one positive. Not that Meyer's version of her is sweetness and light. That Bella though grossly immature and selfish is really a straw-person meant to stand in for Steph and while she makes from a grossly selfish and delusional place, she isnt as nasty as YOUR Bella. As for Jacob you have turned a strong, sunny, positive character that was in no way willing to accept Bellas bullshit and was fully prepared to walk away instead of accepting what ever scraps Bella deigned to throw him into a male Bella light who is unrecognizable as the character that readers have come to know.
Pequot chapter 17 . 12/10/2014
Soooo...Lemme see if I got this right..
Your ..uh..."story is that after over a century of Bella mistreating Jake in every stunningly cruel hateful way that she possible could that Jake, doing nothing more than detailing the truth of who and what Bella is and some loud talk has brought on this "epiphany" for her, that is what is what finally turns it all around for Bella? Thats really, really really ..stupid. Jake, Leah. Embry has been telling her this forever and Bella laughed in their faces. In fact Bella has essentially blamed everybody BUT herself for any misfortune that has EVER befallen her. Bella has an amazing capacity for both self deception AND self-delusion.
Not only that but Bella has pretty much let everyone know that she could care less who she hurts or how. She told everyone in your narrative that her ENTIRE reason for seeking a "cure" for vampirism was to have a chance to make up for all the Horrendous, hateful things she did to JAKE. JAKE was her entire motivation for seeking that cure. The moment she is no longer a vampire (I cant call it regaining her humanity. Bella was NEVER human. You have to have a soul. Bella certainly doesnt.) What is The very first thing she does? Bella screws Jake over AGAIN Thats right folks. RENEGES on her promise to make things "right" with Jake. Her concern is immediately for HERSELF and her "promise" to Edward. Her promise to Jake? Well that aint worth a pile of shit to Bella. Her word is worthless. Jake of course says nothing because in this story he is a huge emo pussy, even worse than Dedward, whom upon being cured, shockingly has found some balls. Edward quickly finds himself tired of Bellas crap and finds another woman. It only takes him a year or so. Bella of course blames Jake since she is unable to accept responsibility for her own actions and failures. Jake who has absolutely no spine and no pride in himself finally has five seconds of sanity, of mental clarity ,and manages to speak a whole 5 or six sentences of simple truth to Bella and promptly almost has a nervous breakdown because Bella squirted a few tears. (when is this dopey, insane female NOT weeping?). In this clusterfuck trainwreck Jake is on his knees apologizing and whimpering for doing no more than speaking the truth to Bella about what she has done to him because his "wolf will not let him? WTF?. He is imprinted on Nessie not Bella. THIS is supposed to be a love story? This supposed to be romantic?
Guest chapter 17 . 12/9/2014
You really fucked that up... of course you did. After all this is written for you.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/9/2014
OF course Bella cant walk away from Dedward. She still thinks that he is going to take care of her like a puppy And ANYTHING to throw Jake under the bus. As many times as possible. Yeah this fic is just..the most pathetic, contrive sickeningly saccharine dreck. Just the worst thing ever!
Bella is actually gonna blame Jake for her empty soul and Jake is GONNA let her. Not only is Jacob gonna let her treat him like a human door mat, he is gonnago out of his way to let her hurt him. Thats fucking sweeet.
After a century Bella has finally got around to saying I didnt do nothing wrong. NOT ME. It was YOU Jakey. IF you did not exist I might have been able to get edward to do everything for me..even shit for me but now Im alone..and clueless and stupid and nobody will be nice and let me treat them like crap.. Wow This chick needs to be in a padded room. Bella sweet Bella spreading misery and pain were ever she goes.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/9/2014
If the sick, twisted foul thing that Bella and Dedward had was love than. I'm gonna pray nothing like it ever happens to me. They at turns where cold, manipulative and deceitful to each other. Totally dishonest about the basis of the relationship and they completely objectified the other. Bella treated dedward like something who was put on the earth to do everything for her. Think, breath, make, decisions, tell her who she was. AS long as Bella could exist without having to make decisions or have no responsibility, she would not have cared who or what he was. The problem is it could have been anybody. Dedward treated bella like a rather unintelligent pet. As for Bella doing what was right or even trying to do what was. I guess that was the comedy line? Bella is incapable of doing whats right. Except for herself of course that she will try the shit out of. She wouldn't know "the right thing" if it came up and bit her on the ass. Disgusting. This Bella is without a shred of redeeming qualities. In fact all of your characters are so poorly behaved that I find myself wishing that some horrid disease would overcome them and they would die ...pinfully.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/9/2014
Bella in this lovely story is a freakin wakadoodle doo. She basically has shit on Jake for over a century but now that Jake has might finally have found someone that just simply loves him with no complications and none of her headcase sick bullshit, she is going to do everything she can to ruin it for him. She is going to start the weeping and nashing of teeth. I could have, ?I should have. Edward of course has been abusing the crap out of HER for a hundred years treating her like his pet ferret and even he is fed up with her crap. Bella of course is too stupid too get that Dedward NEVER loved her but Bella knows that Jake will never treat her as badly as Eddie so of course since she is a masochist she needs that in her life and doesn't want to let the ex-corpse go (even though he seems as cold as ever or maybe - it was just Bella?)
This piece of shit useless subhuman trash has no right to feel bad or sad about anything. NO ONE did this to her but her. Also I think you did a very poor job with Jakes character. there is simply no way an non institutionalized(leaves out a lot of twilight followers I know) person with even a shred of dignity anda grap on reality would deal with this insanity. Given Bellas self-loathing, and the obvious mental pathology she exhibits in this story ( as a minimum she is a sociopath, narcissistic, completely self-absorbed I could go on for days) it is not an act of love or faith or indeed even remotely romantic for Jacob to stick around to try and win Bella over any more than it was an act of love for Bella to choose Dedward to begin with. They were both acts of utter lunacy with complete disregard for reality. Bellas choice of Dedward was done out of shear cowardice and avarice. Bella simply wanted an existence that would carry no risk of the possibility of dealing with the risks and consequences of having to live life on its own terms and Your Jake has a complete idolized view of bella at a total dissociation of who and what she actually is. I find myself reading this and wishing that they would all die in some horrible manner.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/8/2014
THis one of the most pathetic, yet silly things I have yet had the displeasure of reading in a piece of hurl-worthy fanfic. Its so bad that it could only have been written by a female trying to force female characteristics on what is supposed to be a heavily male character. Jake is supposed to be a testosterone fueled man-wolf and the first chance in a century to get laid and your take is his wolf is going to stop him? So he PURE? For Bella? Thats the most absurd, ridiculous piece of plot that I have had the displeasure of trying to read. On what planet does human male mind work in that manner. That you would make jacob feel like he is cheating of all things on Bella who the minute she gets a second chance to be human, a second chance she supposedly took to make it up to Jacob, our sweet pious Bella without a seconds hesitation fucks Jacob over AGAIN. YOU have made Jake a weak, whiney, simpering, delusional, dickless, spineless, clueless. This is the only twilight story where just about every character is without a single redeeming quality. I am hoping they would all die...horribly. I have never read a fic quite like this or quite this bad.
YOUR Jake is literally a 100 plus year old virgin waiting around for a girl that has by turns, used him ,lied to him, rejected him, pushed him away, treated him as if she could not care if he lived or died ad treated him on countless occasions in a stunningly cruel and hateful manner. Even the freaking dead, cold, pasty reanimated corpse wants to be done with this witch
Guest chapter 2 . 12/8/2014
Oh boy...yep keep pounding that "best friend" non-sense into everyones head. Jake was NOT her best friend. Thats a term Bella used in her sick, diseased mind to run away from her feelings, so she could be a coward and avoid living life on its own terms. You make Bella sort of a victim here and she wasnt a victim. Bella was cold, selfish, self centered and vain. she was willing to be abused, manipulated and controlled to get what she wanted and what she wanted wasnt an eternity with Dedward. She wanted that escape that only Dedward could to have all of her lifes supposed problems solved. No one would ever leave her. She wouldnt have to risk her feelings and she wouldn't have to be responsible for anyone else. she would never have any responsibilities. The sparkling corpse treated Bella like a little doffieBella didnt have a clue what love was until jake showed her THATS who Bella is
Guest chapter 20 . 12/8/2014
So Jake gets fucked over by Bella time and ad nauseum for over a century. Every cruel, hateful thing that Bella can do to Jacob she does. Then Bella comes up with a "cure" for vampirism supposedly so she can make things up to Jake (your words not mine) The minute she is human, rather than keep her word she immediately throws Jake under the bus and makes sure all 8 wheels run him over. Even though Dedward has treated Bella like pet poodle that shits on the rug to much from the beggining and continued to do so throught their time together - Bella uses the excuse of a "committment" to fuck Jake over- meaning whatever she said to him holds no weight for her. Jake being built and looking like a greek god who could have just about any female on the planet. of course wants Bella. Mousy, skinny, whinny, selfish. coward Bella. Who choose an abusive relationship with a walking corpse over Jake. Who every time she could have set things right with Jake ...didnt. Jake ate her bullshit with a spoon and asked for a second helping. AND all Jake had to do was...yell a little and Bella swooned.
Wow ..thats really..uh wow.
Cara Mia chapter 20 . 10/17/2014
I can't say enough wonderful things about this story, so I'll just say thank you for writing it and extending the privilege of reading it to the masses. It was amazing.
Guest chapter 17 . 9/23/2014
Pitiful. Peoplke who cant write a coherent story that at lkeast attempts to make sense shouldn't.

But this is what happens when people who think they can write but cant do..
alixandria chapter 20 . 8/24/2014
Whoa:-) :-) :-)
alixandria chapter 19 . 8/24/2014
Anout time she deflowered jacob!
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