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SamonIllmantrim chapter 13 . 5/31
This is an excellent story, well written, and fun. I am sorry it ended so quickly, but hope all is well with you.
Crio Yaroi chapter 8 . 5/28
MERRY Christmas, not happy Christmas.
John Ciaccio chapter 1 . 5/19
Thank you for many great stories.
tammgrogan chapter 13 . 5/1
Hello, I truly hope that you are feeling much better. You are a wonderful writer. I hope that one day you can come back and finish writing this story. It's one of the better stories that I have read. Until then take care, and stay Healthy, Happy and Strong.
carpenterscotty43 chapter 1 . 4/18
somebody should do a story where hadrian(Harry) Miezyslaw Potter-Evans makes a Heir and Lord/Lady ring for the Evans magical bloodline
Yaw6113 chapter 13 . 4/7
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
tiffanythibedeau chapter 13 . 3/7
lobe the story please continue writing it
FriendlyFire59 chapter 13 . 3/5
Argh! Unlucky 13 with a climatic confrontation about to begin. I have really enjoyed your version of HPaPS. Thanks for sharing it with us while you were having to deal with your own and your computers sickness, I truly hope you are mending and that you have gotten a new computer.

Thanks for posting this fun story and would be overjoyed if you were able to return.
Lillibet2326 chapter 13 . 2/14
Just found your story. Absolutely love it so far. I do hope you have been able to recover from the illness before all this Covid saga started. Looking forward to reading more if you are able to post it at some stage. Thank you so much for persevering thus far.
Bronze chapter 4 . 1/12
I can see the shock on Good Ole Fumblemorts' face along with McGonagall's face if Harry sent a letter before second year stating he had withdrawn from Hogwash to attend a better school in America. Stating that Hogwash was supposed to be a school first last and always. That it was never supposed to be a high security vault system. Supposedly it was the best school in the world but didn't live up to that. Good Ole Fumblesmort would be livid that Harry dared to try to escape the destiny he had planned for him! McGongall'd be shocked Harry would believe the school to be unsafe. We don't even have guess what the Greasy Dungeon Bat would be doing once he heard. Now, if Harry's group were to follow him out the door so to speak, that would be a huge blow to the school. It might even be more than enough to force the Board of Governors to fire both Fumblemort and Snape as well as force McGonagall to get a thorough examination at St. Mungo's. Unfortunatle, not many stories want to have Harry Potter escape the Grand Manipulator and his Phony Prophecy. But this Harry might just get something changed for the better with his letter to Madam Bones as well as the Pensive Memory strand he'll enclose. Though, Good Ole Fumblemort will fight with everything he has to save his pet Death Eater. Can't have it proven that Snape's not truly a reformed Death Eater as Fumblemort claims he is.
Bronze chapter 3 . 1/12
I'd've thought that with Riddle's soul shard removed that connection would've been gone. I know why Vulturewurst is there and it's only partly because of the stone. Good Ole Fumblemort wants Harry to fight Vulturewurst as the first series of yearly tests. The old fraud would endanger every life within the castle just to test Harry. It's long past time to remove that old fraud from the living after, of course, flooding him with truth potion to get the full truth out of him.
Bronze chapter 2 . 1/12
I can't even imagine what Harry would be like if he was raised by Molly Weasley with MoooRon as a brother/best friend! As a best friend MoooRon was the worst! He's greedy, lacks any kind or type of table manners and is very easily angered. Now the last might not be so bad if it was always directed at other people but it wasn't. It was more often than not directed at his supposed best friend Harry Potter. Though, anyone with a working brain cell should've realized a little ways into book one that the meeting with the Weasley family was a set up. Molly attended Hogwash for seven years, Arthur, her husband also seven yrs., then there's their two eldest sons who likewise attended for seven yrs. So how is it she couldn't remember the platform number or that all but shouting " Packed with Muggles! " on the Muggle side of the station violated the Statue of Secrecy? No, Hagrid forgetting to tell Harry how to find the platform was deliberate on Good Ol Fumblemorts' part. Ron was supposed to ensure Harry went into Gryffindor and not any other House. He was also supposed to keep Harry mostly isolated and friendless. That's not gonna work this time around. Now whether or not MoooRon gets paid to do these things I can't say as it would depend on the author.
Bronze chapter 1 . 1/11
Oh, but Good Ole Fumblemort isn't gonna be a happy camper very soon! And he's likely blame Hagrid for it. After all, he did send Hagrid to get Harry his school supplies before making sure Harry returns to Durskaban. I'm sure Good Ole Fumblemort thought that he'd fixed everything by sealing the Potters joint Will. I really hope that Ragnok does a thorough audit of ALL Potter vaults and accounts to ensure Good Ole Fumblemort DIDN'T take anything from those vaults. It wouldn't surprise me if he's been stealing from Harry's Trust Vault for his own personal good.
Bjalf chapter 13 . 11/18/2021
That was quite the collection of tropes, clich├ęs, and wish fulfillment.
Bjalf chapter 1 . 11/18/2021
I'm getting really tired of the incessant "call me Harry" humility. It feels forced, fake.
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