Reviews for True Warriors Never Die
Guest chapter 28 . 9/18
Gaara:" I swear she was an adult just seconds ago."
soupking chapter 2 . 8/26
So naruto has been nerfed into the ground, through the crust and mantle, through the core and back outside of the planet and into space. "not be a naruto super-fic" is right, holy shit. He's biologically immortal and has lived thousands of years being a jinchuriki. the amount of yang or yin chakra(both of which grow IN TIME AND WITH EXPERIENCES!) would be enough to shatter fucking planets dbz style. Then you didn't let him mature at all, somehow make him slower than yoruichi(with fuckin swift release in use?) and gave him the rinnegan and he gets a nosebleed from using it? I have no words to express my disdain and disappointment
Luffy112233 chapter 34 . 8/22
rudomeka chapter 15 . 8/10
man im fucking loving this
rudomeka chapter 6 . 8/8
the best naruto bleach crossover ive read so far
MrDisplay chapter 33 . 7/24
Wep the next chapter of this should be god like
acowles02 chapter 8 . 6/2
I got the feeling that Naruto was like 5000 years old, cuz if he was older than the correct calendar system I’d take that as a the things In bc as well. Cuz the “current” calendar is the Gregorian one which went into effect in the 1500s.
Ashera fanfics chapter 1 . 4/5
funny intro chapter
Guest chapter 34 . 3/29
What a great story. I had no real prior impression before of Fanfiction in general, but now I'm pretty excited to be able to experience more like these that are able to use the existing elements so well as well as add new and interesting elements and twists into the mix, all tied together with funny and engaging dialogue and a clear understanding of what makes those elements tick. The battles were pretty great, the blending of Naruto's abilities and power level with the bleach universe was acceptable and the training scenes, especially with Tatsuki learning to fight like a shinobi, were handled very well.

This has to be peak Shounen Fanfiction.
NiteKiD chapter 34 . 3/26
Damn. Even though there is no chance in hell that this will get an update, I can't help but want to read this over and over again. I love Naruto's relationship with Bleach's characters.
kevinthegoat0304 chapter 2 . 2/10
Really, a being hundred of years old going to School?
ashen abyss 00 chapter 8 . 1/24
hey your under selling naruto's age there by a lot, in Naruto cannon naruto was born 2000 years after kaguya was sealed (the moon was created) and the only continent was the elemental nations. thus even if you make that worlds age and time span much shorter than ours Naruto would at least be several hundred thousand to several hundred million years old.
kevinthegoat0304 chapter 5 . 1/6
Naruto is so weak…so underpowered. I don’t think you understand how strong he is.
Mercwthamouth92 chapter 33 . 12/18/2022
so with the new TYBW arc dropping, is there gonna be a Revival on this story?
Arashi Uzukaze chapter 8 . 11/28/2022
I see, he doesn't have the Kurama chakra cloak then because of the Juubi. But right now he's not like Obito or Madara either. In any case, it means he still wasn't going all out against anyone.
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