Reviews for True Warriors Never Die
scaryorange chapter 6 . 4/7
Why is an immortal all powerful, essentially god-like naruto getting his ass kicked by everyone?!
scaryorange chapter 5 . 4/7
Can naruto not use ying-yang release, or any of the kekkai genkai (lava,magnet,boil release) he developled?
Guest chapter 4 . 4/6
You are stupid and watch boruto the movie or the last and say your bullshit again
uliquiorra chapter 34 . 4/4
OK, kenchi my man, I've read several of your fics and have decided to review this one seeing as it's my favorite but I'll be touching on all of them. first off, the sealed kunai was and still is amazing. you have a special ability in all of your fics where you get the characters themselves down pat, and that's a tough thing to do. better left unsaid is incredible and I'm waiting on an update almost daily, the creativity you've taken in regards to the characters abilities is simply astounding! shinobi of the high seas for a long time felt like I was reading one piece with an over powered naruto and a lot of good character development but the twist with the shinju just kinda blew my mind for a while, also, is akainu dead? and lastly, this gemstone right here. this is incredible. explanations that make sense for outer character appearance, balanced and interesting "what if" battles, humor and references and do much more, this fic is (in my eyes) the crown of your ability right next to the sealed kunai. I would request writing more, but you have a job and life so I'll just have to make due, I only sincerely hope that you pick these stories back up because they've accumulated quite the layer of dust on them. you're an incredible writer and I hope to see more of you.
Squarekiddo chapter 7 . 3/3
Ill be honest your a fantastic writer, I only wish you tried going outside your comfort zone and do something abit more original instead of forcing canon on your own stories by the facade you have Naruto under at most time.
Oh, and that you would stop spreading yourself way to thin, if you already dont have much time to work on fanfiction, why make so many different ones?
scout360pyro chapter 34 . 3/1
I really wish you could find the inspiration to continue this story, kenchi. It really is a good one with some interesting character development for everyone, even Naruto. Not to mention the potential conflicts you have lined up for the future, with Aizen thinking its a good idea to make Naruto lose control of the Juubi and all. If you do continue this, please, PLEASE let it happen in hueco mundo? No fucking way it would work happening in the real world. Karakura would be demolished, even if it was only partial loss of control.
I want see this story play out, Kenchi. I want to see Ichigo coming to terms with his first true kill, graphic as it was. I want to see Soul Society realize just how fucking dangerous Naruto is. I want to see Naruto publicly call call the central 46 out on their shit. I want to see Hidan realize his God is now just another slave to Aizen. There is so much you can still do with this story.
hallelujah I'm a bum chapter 18 . 2/25
thank you for the Dragon ball references
hallelujah I'm a bum chapter 16 . 2/25
THANK YOU FOR DOING THE 'Thousand years of death'! It was a fantastic addition!
Wouldn't it (in a sense) be easier to take Naruto alive than dead? I mean, he's a freakin immortal! Loved this chapter can't wait for the next one
Vanillastump chapter 34 . 2/24
This is totally random, but I would love to see Hidan and Kenpachi interact. 2 guys that battle-obsessed. I can imagine a friendly spar demolishing mother base.
TimothyLin chapter 19 . 2/23
A blast from the past what now! Thanks"
TimothyLin chapter 18 . 2/23
Thanks for the chapter! Huzzah for equilibrium? Name is sorta little lame...
TimothyLin chapter 17 . 2/23
Hidan is so colorful he definitely brightens the story where there is need for his brand of comedy! Thanks
TimothyLin chapter 16 . 2/22
Lol bin laden! Thanks for the chapter and for Harribel!
TimothyLin chapter 15 . 2/22
Soi getting some screen time and Gaara being Gaara! Thanks.
TimothyLin chapter 14 . 2/22
Gaara and Nel! Huzzah, thanks!
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