Reviews for Grease Monkey
Kleinerteufel chapter 1 . 4/24
Listen. I dunno why I started reading this, but hey. THX God I did. First of all, let me say this is fucking well written; I mean, usually I don'the read ooc AUs 'cause characters are most of the times so poorly written that I cannot bring myself to give a shit 'bout them - they are mainly flat and don't look, seem nor sound human, therefore I cannot bond emphatically with them. So it was a true surprise for me to read your work. Cause I could imagine the ppl you were portraying, could get a hint of their thoughts and emotions and everything just sounded freaking logic and real.
Therefore you got me. You totally got me.
And then I was so happy to read a sex scene with two MEN involved FINALLY! No queer feminine Sasuke and puppy loving Naruto, but two PROPER MEN having fun. I would be glad to kiss your forhead for this.
Many thanks for sharing!
AlyssaOtaku69 chapter 1 . 11/5/2016
That was erotic and strange. But I cant say I didn't like it but damn. I was confused who was who for a while but caught on in the end.
NotJustAGirlJustMe chapter 1 . 2/2/2016
The end always makes me smile. It's a very good lemon but the cute part at the end where he flops onto his bed like a love struck school girl makes me think, "Yes, that's my Naruto!" I wish there was more of this AU. It's pretty interesting. Sasuke is never something as plain as a mechanic & I like this.
Casmut chapter 1 . 10/19/2015
This is brilliant and original and sexy as FUCK. Thank you for the pleasure of reading this! My new kink is now butch NaruSasu. FUCK.
Night-Being chapter 1 . 9/5/2015
Oh fucking finally... *_* I've been looking for a good lemon today. I was originally aiming for something with Itachi, but then I clicked my way through all the fics and ended up here, and I knew I've just hit the jackpot.

I won't comment on any OOCness, it's an inevitable part of most AUs and lemons. We all do it. It's normal and sometimes it can make the characters look even more interesting than in canon. I actually liked both Naruto and Sasuke here.

Anyhow! I loved how you weren't sweet or fluffy about the initial scene. It was raw, vulgar, kinky and obscene and I worship you for that! The fic is perverted and beautiful in its own way and your writing is very intriguing. It's spot on and there is no extra or unnecessary talk. Just the right amount of thinking to calm my poor, soft soul of a romantic and let me know that Sasuke got under Naruto's skin. Just the fact that Naruto called and took Sasuke out is enough to make me at peace. Heck, it's actually a tiny 'happily ever after'.

Alright, enough rambling. Naruto is an exhibitionist and Sasuke loves it rough. Sexy combination and you've made it work. With all the filth and talk and... damn, now I've made myself horny... :/

All in all... It was great! I wish you luck with your own personal writing and I'll save your poor ass into my favs. One day there will be a time when I actually read all the awesome fics I want. :)

(A side note: As a fan girl obsessed with Itachi I give you a huge plus point for mentioning him here, just because! That outfit, that's going to haunt me! Yes!)
blurryfaceimagines chapter 1 . 1/27/2015
... Holy Hell... I can't-!
I should be studying for my Math and Eco tests tomorrow, but here I am, reading dirty OTP smut.
Ahaha...actually I'll get to post my review tomorrow (28th Jan) coooz I don't have internet . Shhhh! I know I know, "what a loser".
Gosh! Sasuke makes the hottest bottom and ... I never thought I'd be into dirty smut but dayum... if there's more such NaruSasu from you then I probably will!
Lol when you warned "dirty" in the A/N, I wasn't sure what kind of dirty, and honestly i didn't care haha.
Aah wth I'm sure you don't need me telling you buuuuut this was an awesome piece of work, thank you very much3333
Geez...I'll just...get into the shower now ;)
Haha Naruto-baka contradicted himself and immediately claimed Sasuke as his even though he doesn't wanna get into any relationship thinggys. That was funny. And poor Kiba's car lolololol
Moon Light Fire Kitsune chapter 1 . 11/15/2014
np tpbad its not a story do u have any more that are like this? cuz that was kinda hot
Guest chapter 1 . 9/2/2014
OMFG! That was really, really hot! Perhaps I don't really like the hole 'I-am-the-motherfucker-who-fucks-your-mother' attitude of Naruto, but that lemon make up xd
goddessHAX chapter 1 . 4/15/2014
I dunno what to say. I felt like I just got raped... but in a good way ;) We need more dirty nasty one shots from you. Oh gawd that was hot. I mean, what else am I supposed to say?

Would Orochimaru and Madara mechanic-chans like to come out and play?
ThirstyForKnowledge chapter 1 . 11/23/2013
Hehe great story. :) I realy like how u described the sex scine they where Hot . When I readed the first sex scine I throught. " oh this is like porn but better " and I throught that that was it but I was pleasantly suprised when he said lets make love I love it that u put an emotional part there and that it wasn't just ducking the second sex acumen was very lovly beautifly described. In the beginig the hole situlacio with the baritone coming at saskes work and using such pick up lines was unrealistic,I could see all the scines that u writed happening but that one was werid . Also I very much liked that end . I enjoyed reading this story :D
Lzay-Niight chapter 1 . 11/15/2013
I have to admit, I LOVE your raunchy stories. :P
Keinyan-chama chapter 1 . 6/6/2013
Love it. *w*a
Wordy Blackbirdy chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
O.O I feel bad for Kiba but that was hot.
Demoninmysoul chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
It wasn't that dirty... Not worse than some others in your longer fics. But definitely hot! And yummy! The concept of this butch-duo - and the psychology and reactions - is mouthwatering. Not to mention the juicy lemon!

Thanks for the feast!
Garmiet chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
XD Naruto's slow double-take had me laughing. I'm guessing he recognizes whoever he's looking at. _ _ _ _ "A first-rate bulge", just a few paragraphs in and we're there already. (And I just realized that the 40,000 feet is in reference to UP IN THE AIR. When I heard the title, I was thinking "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", lol.) _ _ _ _ Yup, he recognizes him. _ _ _ _ Ouch. They're definitely not on friendly terms. _ _ _ _ Ah. Talking to the new partner when the ex-partner's right next to him. Ouch again. _ _ _ _ Hmm. So that's the rough break-up. Moved to the other side of the country? Sheesh. Talk about overkill. That "too into women" thing has me curious. Does that mean that Naruto flirted on the side and it annoyed Sasuke? If so or if not, that's an interesting combo: clingy, yet too into the other gender. _ _ _ _ "Might as well annoy him while he had the chance." What the hell. He tries his damnedest to put distance between himself and Naruto and now he's trying to get into his space? Especially when he's got someone else at home? I'm very confused. If he misses Naruto, he has a weird way of showing it. Maybe he doesn't want commitment and he's doing the same thing to Sai now.

"'Zilla". Cute. If only it didn't hurt. _ _ _ _ Sasuke's not making any sense to Naruto either. So it's not just me. _ _ _ _ Heh - serves you right for being a dick, Sasuke. Naruto, you stare him down. _ _ _ _ "What on earth could he be nervous about?" You've been staring razors into his eyes for what, 10 MINUTES? Maybe that? _ _ _ _ "He wondered if the man felt triumphant over the accusation of cowardice and its apparent success in keeping Naruto seated." Probably isn't sure about it. He might've been for a moment, but is now like, "Now what?" _ _ _ _ As usual, the suspense is killing me. I'm sitting tight, waiting to see what's happening. Just the bit about their "pinky fingers just barely grazing" really draws it out. All the minute details that they're both aware of. Noticing pulses, very slight twitches ... every movement carries meaning. I love the way you write body language in your fics; it's always fascinating and never ever tedious. _ _ _ _ Heh-the knee-bounce. I do that too sometimes. Though it's more out of boredom or coldness when I do. _ _ _ _ Was the chocolate mousse automatically given to him by the stewardess? _ _ _ _ "... as he muttered Sasuke's name over and over again." Heavy obsession. Everything on his mind right now keeps coming back to Sasuke. And there's some psychologicalish sadomasochism going on here. Not exactly healthy, that's for sure. Neither of them are secure around each other, so there's some chaos.

One change in your writing, I notice, is your use of the phrase "the blonde". There's less of it in your more current works. Which I really like. It's not overused here, though - I think I only noticed it twice - but it is something that annoys me a lot in fanfiction, particularly when the person who's referring to the other as "the blond" knows their name. I haven't been annoyed at it in this story, though, I just noticed it. _ _ _ _ "He found it mildly interesting that they were communicating like this, without words." It's always fascinating to me. _ _ _ _ Even if they do screw each other senseless, that's not going to resolve their issues between them. _ _ _ _ "... could almost be seen as an apology, one made for the hurtful things that had been said all those years ago." I dunno. The thing about body language is that it can be misinterpreted. And Naruto might want Sasuke to feel bad about that; there could be wishful thinking involved as well. And this might just be how Sasuke's retaliating toward Naruto. _ _ _ _ Or not. _ _ _ _ As far as things are going right now ... I'm really curious to see how things will resolve between them. Or if they will at all. I hope so. _ _ _ _ (*snicker*) I'm listening to music while I read this. Right when things are getting a little romantic (Naruto's undoing Sasuke's cufflinks), some really pretty music came on. _ _ _ _ "He let his questing fingers feed an image of Sasuke's skin to his brain, the way radar fed images to pilots of planes or submarines." Really cool description. Makes it so much more vivid. _ _ _ _ "Black ops mission," lol. No kidding. _ _ _ _ Veeeerrry steamy. _ _ _ _ I can tell this is going to be really awkward. It's interesting how they're both very aware of their surroundings and are trying to keep it as discreet as possible and at the same time get as far as they can as possible. I also like how the public isn't just disappearing. _ _ _ _ Oh jeez, he dropped the bottle. That could attract attention. (And that'd be EXTREMELY ironic, considering what they're trying so hard to do quietly.) _ _ _ _ Sasuke's losing it. _ _ _ _ "What were the attendants doing prancing back and forth so goddamned often?" XD Good question. They're probably bored. _ _ _ _ "Seven hours" Sheeezus. He wasn't kidding when he was saying "Very, very slow." Dang. Just one hour is hard for me to believe. õ.õ _ _ _ _ "If Naruto could refrain from making use of the lavatory, then by god, so would he." I'm surprised he hasn't figured out that Naruto already used it once. Okay, that was before this, but still. _ _ _ _ Poor guy. Unfulfilled sexual tension. He deserves it, though. _ _ _ _ Heh-now who's the frantic one looking for the guy he was just with?

Wow. I'm amazed Naruto did that. Understandable, but still. Now Sasuke's the one in shock. _ _ _ _ OHHHHH, so THAT'S what happened. Idiot. Why the hell didn't he just tell all that to Naruto when they were on the fucking plane? If he was so desperate...! God. That ARROGANCE.

Hmm. I don't blame Sasuke for being angry and hurt, and I understand that he's lashing out, but that's not fair to Sai at all. He didn't do anything wrong. And threatening him like that...

I'm amazed that Sasuke's able to keep at it this many months.

"The thought was brief." Yeah ... yeah... _ _ _ _ "I'm being robbed at gunpoint!" I can just visualize his panic there. _ _ _ _ Waiting to resign ... that has nothing to do with Naruto's silence.

Very masculine. _ _ _ _ Thirtieth floor ... whoever's looking has to have pretty good eyes. _ _ _ _ Even in this universe, Naruto's stamina is legendary. _ _ _ _ I figured that's why Naruto was holding his silence. Serious risk, though. Sasuke had his brief moments of suicide; and then there's also the possibility of causing more hurt between them rather than trying to heal what was already there. _ _ _ _ "You better not ever let me leave you again, asshole." XD I misread that at first, but retyping it just now helped me catch it all. That's pretty funny what he just said.


Okay! Wow! That was another intense one! While I don't approve of their ways of trying to fix things between them or how they handled certain situations, it still made for a very good story. I still forsee some rough times in their futures; if they're going to do things like that to each other ... well, there's no way this is the last time. They're not very mature.

The lemons were VERY hot. And ... this was fun to read. Painful, because of the hurt they were going through, and their idiotic choices, but ... worth it.

I feel bad for Sai, though. He might be far from perfect, but ... I kind of feel bad for him. Plus, the only description I have of him is from an angry and hurt Sasuke who just threatened to immasculinate him if he didn't leave on the spot. I know Sai's not the issue AT ALL in this story, but I feel bad for how he was treated. Since things were so vague on him (as they were supposed to be), I'm already trying to imagine what their relationship was like. I get the feeling that Sasuke was the seme; and not only that, but the one in charge as well. I don't know who approached who or how the relationship started, but Sasuke probably went out with Sai BECAUSE he was "everything his blonde Viking wasn't." Seemed like he wanted an escape hatch from the memories when they were starting to hurt. Either way, Sai & Sasuke definitely weren't meant for each other, that's for sure.

Also, this was tagged as "Romance" and there was that, but I'd also call it a "Drama" as well. So much drama! ;
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