Reviews for It's No Life
Easionia During chapter 2 . 4/22/2013
Hi! I really, really liked this. You tell the characters so well, and I can really appreciate both John and Will's perspective. Do you think you will ever write one with Will and John and maybe Robin, after the fact has come out that Will is Robin's half-brother? John was, after all, pretty upset with Will betraying them to the Sheriff. Looking forward to any future stories! (Going to subscribe to you now.)
jasper'sgrl1287 chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
It was pretty good. I have a thing for Will getting hurt or tortured so didn't like it all that much.
silverwolfneko-chan chapter 2 . 8/4/2011
Uh please write more! I really like the way you make the characters nice work.

Thank you for a great story and again, please write more :)
silverwolfneko-chan chapter 1 . 8/4/2011
Uh I like it...well not the beating and hurt part...though, I have to admit that Will is somewhat asking for a fight when he go after John like that.

It is kinda how I saw their relationship (John and Will) that he doesnt trust Will because he has the 'every man for himself' vipe. That was a pretty good line.

Cool story, thank you
jemlou chapter 2 . 8/2/2011
Happy Birthday, m'dear! A few months late, granted, but here's your review, non the less! :)

The flashback was my favourite part as it showed John's softer side towards Will instead of just thrashing him all the time which was nice to see. And, I know I said it before, but I really like drunk Will and his rambles of apologises. I love him even more than before, if that's actually possible! Wulf and Will's friendship still makes me smile when I read it in your stories, and I love how much Wulf dotes on Will. You write all these characters so well done, my brilliant friend! Congrats! :)
jemlou chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
I think you've put across John's character quite well actually and I understand that he isn't abusing Will. John seems like the very protective kind of father, so his actions towards Will is understandable* after Will was responisble for him and Wulf was nearly taken.

* maybe not quite so understandable but you know... John doesn't seem like the kind of guy who lets people get away with stuff without giving them a good kick up the arse if you get what I mean. Kind of a, act first, think later kind of guy - in my eyes anyway.

Loved drunk Will by the way and Wulf's fondness towards his friend. Me, personally, agree that I think Wulf and Will seem like the may be/were at some stage close and I think you picture their relationship well.

Well done my friend! :) Onto the next chapter...
Ihni chapter 2 . 3/23/2011
Yaaay, you posted it! *does happy dance*

I know you still want a review after the other things I wrote (demanding, aren't you? :P ), but it's gonna be shorter because I have to go to work in a few minutes - I couldn't NOT read through this chapter when I saw you had posted it though - so here goes!

Poor Will ... waking up to the realisation that he's fought with just about everyone of any importance in his life. It can't have been fun, and then Wulf drags up something ELSE that can start a fight, when Will is CLEARLY not ready for another round with John. Poor poor Will. :p And yes, I put a ":p"-smilie there, because I'm evil that way and don't really mind feeling sorry for some characters.

The sentence "I do not take him hunting with me, not while I'm alone" makes much more sense now! Strange how a few words can change so much.

Also, I didn't realise that those lines, separating the different POV's, would be so ... useful! I mean, I didn't have any trouble seperating the different parts anyway, but the lines really help. Like, even before you get to one, you know there's gonna be a change of some sort.

I still think that Will is a very believable character in this story, being young and drunk and frustrated and proud (whoah, that really does sound like a recepie for disaster ...), and John's growing on me as well, even though I can't relate to everything he's ... well, thinking.

It's a good story, it was a good chapter (but you know I think so already) and if you DO write a prequel, no one will be more happy than me. But you know that already. :D

Also, PS: When did you laugh like an idiot in the middle of a serious conversation?

And PS2 (Playstation 2?): HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D :D
NotanAccountAnymore chapter 2 . 3/23/2011
Great chapter, I'm glad you made it more than a one-shot. Thanks :)
Ihni chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
I love it.

Will's my favourite character in this movie, followed closely by Wulf, Azeem and John & Fanny. What? The movie's called Robin Hood and he's not on my list of favourite characters? That's right. Moving on.

So, since Will IS on my list of favourite characters, along with Wulf, I really did like this story. And strangely (or perhaps NOT so strangely - we do hurt the ones we love, after all), I had no problems with John abu... assulting Will. It worked in this story, and of course he'd be upset if his boy was in trouble. Except, I would think that on some level he'd care at least a little about Will as well. And Wulf obviously like to hang around Will, and Will is obviously protective of Wulf ... so where does that leave Will and John? It's complex, and I like complex things. I'd love to read more about this somewhat complicated triangle. So, you know ... any time you feel like writing anything more like this, please, go ahead.

It was ... like a teaser, really. Like watching a TV series, but only the second half of a random episode, and finding that you like it enough to find out what it was called and what episode it was and you know ... buy the entire season on DVD so you can watch the whole thing.

I'd love the whole thing, in this case.

All in all? Loved it. The language, the characters, the relationship between the characters ... Very well done, and a new favourite of mine.
AnnaGhost94 chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
oh wow this is great! I like how you portrayed Will, it's how I imagined him and i don't think he seems OOC because honestly he was a minor character in the film :-( and that means we can pretty well think up any reason we want for him being how he is. Which is cool, actually. In the film he was against Robin, but that was pretty well all we saw of his character. Anyway, how you wrote him is how i imagined he would be when not faced with Robin. And Wulf seems ok-he always did seem both old and young for his age so you probably pulled that off perfectly! I love really how you're dealing with Will's deeper thoughts which the film didn't deal with and which are what really interest me. So great story! thank you!

NotanAccountAnymore chapter 1 . 1/31/2011
Thanks for telling me you put this up, I'll be sure to add you to my author alert. I really like this story. I think you got your meaning of John and Will, I definitely did not think of it as abuse, I thought that it fit for the time period. Wulf seemed fine to me, maybe a little young, but for 10 years old and just taken, it seems about right. The interactions are perfect. Thanks for a great story. Please write more soon. :)