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MegaAuthor chapter 30 . 7/28/2013
This is going to be a short review, as I am giving you a review during my office break. It's good that you land yourself a firm job, and hopefully finish what you started before you start flipping the table.

I'm ashamed of you Ash, forgetting Pidgeot like that after you release her for five or so years. I'm actually glad the former Pokemon is beating you. Makes me warm and fuzzy all of a sudden. Latias however didn't share my view, since she believe that the Pidgeot is hostile, and even if she learn that the Pidgeot formerly belongs to Ash, she still attempt to defend him. I guess Latias never felt being left out befo- wait, wait, wait. Ash did '"sort of'" forgot about Latias up until the Charizard Valley. No excuse Latias; you should be strict to Ash, no matter how adorable he is! That is unacceptable!

Moving on - not focusing on the whole "Ash is now a Pokemon Hybrid thingy... Sort of" and "Ash is the Chosen One" and what not, because at this point it is a no brainer moment - We see Typhlosion recovering from his nasty battle. He won't be battling for a while as such as I can figure, being just heal and such. Is Leon getting sentimental on Jimmy again? His a soldier for god sake, no matter how low rank he maybe. But I guess I can't make a valid argument; he is being a shadow towards his most famous brother.

And speaking of his more famous brother...

Kellyn called - Leon scream and toss his communicator to bits, and yet it still calls! Oh the horror! - Leon's older brother call for a brotherly call, and so on and so forth. I didn't see anything major on this, other than to break or divert the people's attention from Ash and the group and telling a backstory on both front of the situation. Nothing too deep to swallow, I guess. As fir Kellyn owning a Darkrai, I'm not impressed. Raine's Spiritomb is more than a match for the Dark type Legendary.


As the chapter moves on, we see Latios is now concern about leaving his sister on the hands of Ash, since it is clearly a bad idea, but not to disappoint her deity love story, Latios is fine by her commitment. I'm very convince that Latios is fine; with the motherly figure of Pidgeot, the tiny, electrical 'brother' Pikachu and 'Belle' wannabe legendary Pokemon Latias around Ash, what could go wrong?

Lance: That Legendary Pokemon is mine.

Well... That kinda ruin the fun. Have fun Ash.

We then swift our entire view to New Island, home of the most powerful, Gen 1 Pokemon of all; Mewtwo. He has deep concern of the young heroes and already foresaw the enemy's growth, and yet Mew, the Legendary Genetic Pokemon goes all 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' moment... I can't watch how the outcome turns out... I just can't. Deoxy, the DNA Legendary Pokemon appears, bearing the name Epsilon telling Mewtwo, who I suppose become mutual friends due to both of their sinful past, are concern of the people on Earth and are ready to take matters in their own hand.

This chapter is slow, but outstanding. It manage to grab my attention despite a slow story progress. I won't add anything negative here since you have been too busy with work, so I understand. I give this fanfic a stable 8/10.

Still waiting for Raine to introduce Spiritomb to Ash, who he defeated the evil Forbidden Pokemon back in Sinnoh. You better keep your promise Soldier, or I'll send Spiritomb in your dreams.
Dustchu chapter 30 . 7/28/2013
Yet another UBERAWEPICDARY chapter. and I was a bit scared when Pidgeot attacked Ash, didn't want their friendship ruined forever. but they made up and now Pidgeot is back on the team. awesome!

And another mention of the famous trainer Red, seriously. he would make an awesome addition to the story but I won't be one of those people that complain and complain about in every review until it happens. I ain't like that.

And everybody is going to go their separate ways. that blows but they all have their things they have to do.

Epsilon? where that come from? not hating the name just wondering.

And Mewtwo... Slightly frightened? O_o

oh and I have a question for you, could you PM me about it? don't need to, just curious about something is all. its not that important.

Anyways. great work on this chapter, awesome work and amazing writing as per usual my friend. keep it up and don't stop being awesome. :) till next time! :D I'm Dustchu! :D :D :D this was worth the wait! :D
CDR2Magi chapter 30 . 7/28/2013
Another great chapter! Can't wait to see where this goes next!
CDR2Magi chapter 29 . 7/20/2013
This is just one of the best fanfictions that I have read on this site. Thank you for this!
The Gray Dragon chapter 29 . 5/19/2013

Oh, I can't wait to read what Latios has to tell Ashy. Wonder if it involves his Pigeot that he ditched,

Aww, Pikachu and Umbreon are going to be a good couple!

Sorry for late review, I have my finals tomorrow and Tuesday, then I'm out for the summer.
Overall, great job, even though there was a lack of action.
shadowrallen chapter 29 . 5/19/2013
I saw the little Fullmetal Alchemist reference there (Lieutenant Havoc). And Pikachu X Umbreon was hilarious. Keep up the good work! ;)
MegaAuthor chapter 29 . 5/19/2013
Ah, another chapter! …That was WAAAY too long for a wait. Hmm… I blame the flying spaghetti monster for that one… Hmm…

Right, down with the review.

For the first time, seeing a slow pace fic from the follow-up of the previous chapter, it is very enjoyable seeing our hero having some sense of peace and tranquillity. It was the first time when I said to myself, ‘what do you know, a slow pace fic which I can actually enjoy’. I don’t know why, I just felt that it was right. You are either getting good at what you’re doing in experience from your last slow pace story telling or you hired another writer to write this chapter up that manage to captivate me. Please tell me it’s the former rather than the latter, because if it isn’t, you are not honest my dear friend.

Haha, I like how Umbeon and Pikachu crazy relationship from the start of the story; Pikachu wins himself a ton of Pokémon before and he still has fear for Umbeon while the Dark-type Eevee Pokémon continue to pester the lightning mouse for a battle to the death, even when Umbeon clearly has a chance to win since Pikachu is totally exhausted. Even when Pikachu is back to full health, he still runs away from Umbeon in great fear. And Umbeon is a girl too! What a strange and interesting connection they both have, especially when Umbeon not only threaten the little rodent Pokémon, she also attempt to captivate him! I love to see you expanding this relationship more than seeing Ash and Latios again!

The other teams like Brock, Leon, Jimmy, Latias, Bianca, Blade, Raine also did a (minor) good job at this fic. Hehe, especially Brock, who is obviously suffered from a leg injury earlier before suddenly jump out from his bed to charm Nurse Joy! That, ladies and gentlemen is a truly desperate men wanting to have a relationship with a women. Extra laughs goes to his fighting/poison Pokémon Croagunk and his method of preventing his trainer of getting any girls XD. And as for Jimmy/Krakatoa, I bet he’ll be okay; a broken rib or two will not kill him after all. That, and a few nasty shots of Full Restore, Rare Candy and Protein pill should do the trick! *proceed to pull out a freakingly huge syringe*

Oh gee, Nurse Joy is not surprise about a talking Pokémon, in speech or in telepathically, I wonder whose fault is that? *stares at Raine Reddins*

Then we have another Twilight rip-off scene staring the dimwit Ash and the legendary Pokémon Latios! Sign… Poke shipping at its finest pokefans, so hate me all you want; it’s a Twilight rip-off. #Dealwithit

Gary ‘Mutherfekin’ Oak spill the beans telling Ash that he already knows about the UAAF true allegiance, which Ash Ketchum had no clue throughout the entire series before meeting with Leon… I wanted to either high five Gary or slapping at Ash at how much he misses with current political event. Maybe I’ll do it both. *Proceed to high-five Gary and deliver a single slap at Ash with one go* Ah! I feel better already!

Leon will survive… Err… Okay… nothing much to say about that, so yay to the OC! …what? I support Leon than Ash much? Well, Leon has a better character development than Ash is, now buzz off Pokefreak!

Really Blade? Umbeon and Pikachu’s rivalry is fiercer than your own? *Stare at Raine Reddins* Raine! What did I tell you about sharing that Rare Candy!? EV Training! Just because you earn so many pokecredit that doesn’t mean you can spoil it all on your Pokémon!

Well, at least we now know that the story end with by not being lame or boring. This chapter compliment its well written and yet slow, character developing section just as much as it was fast-pace and battle raging from the previous chapter. Don’t take this offensively Soldier, I like this chapter! And I have no negative aspect for this chapter either! Well-written slow pace story with interesting twist of character development with a hint of rivalry/romance is always good fun! …oh, and Twilight rip-off bull.

Ranking system: 8.1/10
Dustchu chapter 29 . 5/18/2013
WOOOOOHOOOOO! ANOTHER AWEPICDARY CHAPTER! :D:D:D:D been waiting for this for a while! and you did not disappoint my friend. this chapter was AWEPICDARY! Glad to see everybody is all right, got a bit worried. and Bianca is wearing jeans? love to see that. :D and I wonder how Ash will react when he finds out that Pidgeot is his old friend from years past. I AM LOVING THIS! :D :D :D and Pikachu and Umbreon, I ship. keep up the really AWEPICDARY work on this, can't wait for the next chapter :D:D:D AWEPICDARY!
Ardtornismyname chapter 29 . 5/18/2013
Great chapter!
Also I noticed that you took some ideas from ARCEUS-master's fanfic

Is Arceus ever going to make an appearance in this fanfic?
Tyber Zahn chapter 29 . 5/18/2013
Even more epicness, although it's no surprise. I've come to expect this quality from your writing. Given that, I really don't mind waiting for the next update, since the wait is always worth it.
Starlighz chapter 29 . 5/18/2013
Great chapter! I can't wait to see what Pigeot does about her situation next update! I really don't have any advice, sorry. I just don't have the eye for those kinds of things.
Kuro no Saisei chapter 2 . 3/31/2013
Idea seems interesting, will read the rest :P
Kuro no Saisei chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Type your review for this chapter here...
Kiwami no Sengoku chapter 28 . 3/19/2013
Hmm, I guess this review is long-overdue...but I suppose what matters is that I DID review, huh?

Ah yes, Krakatoa... Ever the conspiracy theorist, but I'm sure most of the protagonists would've probably come to the conclusion that the UAAF are orchestrating the entire events of this story by themselves sooner or later...except maybe Ash. God, can't people keep an open mind? Is it really that hard to imagine that some greater legendary Pokemon could be female? Talk about being sexist-minded...though I guess the fact that not having the opportunity to engage legendary Pokemon in direct conversation contributed to this way of thinking.

Ambush... Well, I think the protagonists had it coming. Given the state of the world, I'd be surprised if they made it through Viridian Forest without any trouble. So all the heavy-hitters remain behind to take the swarm of Corrupted while the rest make a break for it? Not the smartest of moves when Ash is assigned the role of protector but I guess he's better than nothing.

All I can think about when I started proofreading the fight was "Zerg rush." They just never stop coming and I end up shaking my head in exasperation more times than I normally would do. Okay, so a larger-than-average Arbok is threatening to swallow Leon whole... I know you recall my mentioning to you that Leon is a favourite character of mine so seeing all kinds of things happen to him, whether good or bad, makes me excited for some odd reason. Anyway, the scene switches to the aerial fighters. Hmm, looks like Latios inner killer has surfaced. He was slicing those fliers in an almost humorously fast rate, I wonder why he can't just produce some psionic blades from the top of his paws to aid him in butchering those scum.

I have to say that it was rather uncharacteristic of Ash to say the things he did, but his turning into a hybrid may have had something to do his Blood Knight-like personality. Luckily, Bianca was there to snap him out of it. Unfortunately, things when downhill pretty fast with the appearance of an old adversary. Thank god Ash's old Pidgeot was there for a Big Damn Heroes moment but would it have killed you to make him remember her? You've already overly-dramatisized his denseness so there's no point in making forgetful, even if it had been five years since they last met. Why, how about that? A mother-daughter team-up.

So back to the previous fight scene. Looky that, Baneling-like Koffings. The stuff that goes on in your mind. Haha. Part of my is sad that Arbok did not swallow Leon's head at least but I guess Latios's attack would have gone through Leon's head if that happened.

Anyway, have to cut this review short. Lectures are staring in an hour.

Score: 8/10

-Tendou Souji-
The Gray Dragon chapter 28 . 2/24/2013
Blood blood everywhere, not a drop to drink. Ok, I think Latios has officially gone to the dark side...
As always, another chapter well done. However, I did get lost during the Pigeot/Ferrow scene.
Favorite part of this chapter? Hmm, well, i guess it was brilliant Beedrill and their poison stings on Blade.
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