Reviews for 68th
chapellefan chapter 1 . 11/8/2012
"So do you think this one will have a slapdash, hastily-thrown-together ending, or just stop when they run out of material with no ending at all?"

Oh, Dezo. Your little details and quips make me smile.
Hanyankana chapter 1 . 2/4/2011
It is real depressing how Reiko's career choice ended up turning her into a slave of something she now hates and drag her into situations where she hardly has a voice in the matter. Her editor would have pushed her into accepting the contrat and do with 'My bremen love' anime whatever they want.

On the other hand, in contrast with Reiko, is Corona. She clearly loves her career but has to go through this kind of casting and is aware of how people see her as a failure. It was rather sad her determination to show the world her 'Final stage' and not even that was able to do.

This act simpathy toward someone must have bewildered Reiko to no end, more so, the reaction Corona provoked in her.

I'm glad that after the sacrife ritual, all people, even people like Goto and Okuda, have better lives; free from burdens and pain. A path to a happy life or redemption.

I did'nt stop to think this before, but with the sole exeption of Tsubasa and Miyako, the rest of the orochi are under age, at least in the manga. Ototachibana Academy is like a coffe-tea-house where the orochi can gather together.

Reiko's snarkiness in the anime wasn't enough. Great one-shot.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
Okay, first of all, I absolutely worship Reiko in this fic! Her snarkiness reminds me a bit of myself, when I feel like doing sarcastic, biting remarks of being Surrounded By Idiots except that she's much more awesome. I especially loved her thought of how, if it made her want to vomit her publisher would love it. I feel deeply sorry for her, too, since it’s horrible to want to do so many things and find that you’re stuck doing what you wanted… but not being able to develop the ideas you wanted, or *developing concepts that you hate*. I can only imagine her frustration. Also, huge facepalm on Goto and Okuda(fine, so she was watching, it still amounts to the same thing) having sex at the office; typical, but still. I suppose Reiko would think something along the lines of "It's only fitting that someone that would be willing to produce that crap would be that kind of person." Also, thanks for mentioning from where it was that you got that her manga was called My Bremen Love; I was wondering about that for a very long time! I thought I'd heard the name somewhere...

Say, this gives a whole new meaning to Reiko always calling Corona "69th", doesn't it? Huh. It's amusing how you mentioned that Reiko would have drawn Corona as a magpie had she been more bored, since, if you watch the sketchbook Reiko has in hand when she throws her pen to counter Corona's lipstick in episode 2 of the anime, you'll notice *she was drawing Corona in super-deformed style*! Was this an intentional reference? *snickers*


Why do I now get the feeling that as soon as she became an Orochi, the first thing that Reiko did was get back at all these people? It would make sense, too.

Anyhow, Reiko's snarkiness made my day. Thank you for the hilariously awesome fic!
deathcurse chapter 1 . 1/31/2011
I just noticed an awkward sentence: "to encourage the efforts and morale of the voice actors"-shouldn't it be "and RAISE the morale" (rather than *encourage* from earlier in the sentence?)

And random sudden realization-Reiko is that young, only late teens/early twenties? O_o

The meta-humour about anime endings when the manga runs out made me laugh P.

The whole "art vs. practical job" is quite the nightmare for any writer/artist, and it's quite powerful in how you used it here. It's not even that Reiko is stuck in a menial assistant's job churning out work that isn't hers; it's the fact that she's indeed the author of her own creation, given quite a bit of artistic licence from the looks of it, but she's working on something she absolutely hates. That's in a way more tragic for me than if she had been doing art that isn't hers at all.

It looks like her editor is coming to understand Reiko quite well, and knows to cut her off before she gets started _-.

"She wouldn't have wasted the effort on it, either, if the choice had been up to her. Slap on some B-side fodder and use the cross-promotional aspect to prop up sales, that sounded about right."-It’s quite hilarious how demeaning Reiko is about her own work P

I really liked the part where Corona seems to have picked up the subtle insult. Not only does it show more of Reiko’s apathy and disdain for the whole proceedings, it also shows that Corona is not as shallow and stupid as she may appear to be (or that others see her to be). Subtle, and yet incredibly deep. Awesome!

Hm, where Reiko compared Corona to a magpie...One for sorrow, two for joy? A message here about Corona’s loneliness, or just a general snark on Corona’s character?

The amount of snark in this story is absolutely delightful. I can just feel the cynicism oozing through the words and out the screen, and seeping into my thoughts and daily life until the whole world has become a much funnier place to live in, in a black humour kind of way! _

"Hurry up, Kintaro. I can't wait to see if 'Miss 69' lives up to her name."-…I’m sorry, it’s very bad of me, but I laughed at that line ;;. It was very funny, in a terrible kind of way! And on a second read, it actually ties back to the ending very nicely, showing symbolically how Reiko wanted to help get Corona out of that position by bringing her sales up to 68. A small thing, but an unexpected bit of kindness.

"I knew she'd be grateful for a real break, a second-class idol like her, and..."-This line actually made me think that it was originally just Goto and Okuda on their own, as I thought that she wouldn’t actually make this remark in front of Corona. But now that I see what’s actually going on, it’s even more tragic…for Corona to hear aloud what was probably previously implied, in a situation like this (where it’s very clear how she is supposed to express her “gratefulness”), it’s even more heart-rending.

"Just because she thought it was stupid didn't mean that she wasn't paying attention."-Nice characterization of Reiko here—she may be cynical, acerbic and bored, but not inattentive. It shifts my thought about her character from someone who is more interested in her work (or obsessing over her lack of real work) into someone who does pay attention to the drivel in her life despite her disdain—that’s quite adult and responsible of her.

The ending shows that this short is clearly pre-anime D. Yes, kindred spirits of the “let’s destroy this stupid world and all the assholes in it” way…

Great fic, I love the black humour _.
Oaden chapter 1 . 1/31/2011
Amusing insight in the mind of the villain, I'm curious, do you ship these together as well, or do you consider them potential friends
shanejayell chapter 1 . 1/31/2011

It's kinda neat to see a piece on the 'villains' for once. Good job!