Reviews for On Bended Knee
FuN FiFi chapter 4 . 1/27/2015
Great start for a "Roswell" story...I used to love that show so much! I wish you'd continue this one day. It's too good to be shelved like this for years :-p
extingman chapter 1 . 3/24/2011
I didn't review your 1st chapter and right now I am so glad, cause I didn't know I could leave more than one FB.

I miss this story, it's been over a month, Please COME BACK SOON! I love this story and don't want to see it go unfinished. You are doing a fantastic job... So Please give us a bone and let us know how u are and when you plan on posting next.

Thank you in advance. Please know, if I could I would bump you daily, but this sight doesn't allow that. So this is my only chance, just take from now on as my daily bump until you post again and I will be checking back daily. Hope to see you soon...:-)
marzmez chapter 3 . 3/24/2011
This just keeps getting better and better!

marzmez chapter 1 . 3/24/2011
OOOOoooooo! This looks promising! I think I'm going to enjoy this story!

extingman chapter 4 . 2/16/2011
Interesting chapter. Lots of History. I loved Ava here as I did in the show. She really has a good heart. What the hell happened to Tess? Nasedo can't be blamed for it all. Look who Ava grew up with.

Won't Michael be surprised to find out he in fact does have a family of his own. Speaking of Rhia, she seems to be a drawn towards the crown no matter what life time and it's forbidden, which makes it all the more appealing and confusing at the same time. And it looks like she will be blessed this time or at least according to your pairings.

And I gotta say

"Canon—Max/Liz, Isabel/Jesse, Michael/Maria, Past Max/Tess (all other past canon pairings apply up to the start of season three)

Non-Canon/OC—Zane/Rhia, Hadara/Kyle Valenti, Nathan/Ava (dupe)

******* "There may be more and these are subject to change at any time. Writer's prerogative, you know." *******

Makes me think Liz is on another collision course for a heartbreak. I hope I'm wrong but the way you have painted Max and Liz's relationship is just giving me bad vibes.

I have the feeling Max is going to want to go back to Antar if given the chance and Liz won't be invited or allowed or wouldn't be able to survive it. Yet Max won't stay for her like Michael did for Maria. Hope you make me eat my words. Believe me I will gladly do it. I just want to see him put her 1st without being asked to or resenting her afterwards because he did. I realize he put her 1st when he asked her to marry him, but I digress and go back to the dock in S3. But hey you did say S3 didn’t happen with the exception of I/J. So maybe there is hope.

I look forward to Ava meeting the rest of the new Hybrid group and maybe Nathan will be a really good guy for her. She deserves it.

Thank YOU for sharing your talent with us, Please come back soon, you are doing a fantastic job. Would you consider posting this over on fanatics too? I think you would have a few more feedbackers. I feel like you are writing this story just for me and while I feel very special and fortunate that you are continuing to write this, It is very well written and oh so unique and interesting. I just want you to be rewarded and appreciated more than from just me.
Silently Tearful chapter 4 . 2/16/2011
Love this story and cant wait for you to update. Loved how you described some of Rhia's past with Past Zan and how she feels about Zane. I cant wait for all of them to meet. Hope you update soon.
extingman chapter 3 . 2/12/2011
I am not surprised that Max still wonders about his son, it’s only natural. I am disappointed that Liz still seems to be his second thought. Honestly after all the crap he put her through trying to find his son and then for him to ignore her need for a child makes me believe he is still as selfish as he was during his initial quest. I guess he didn’t really mean his speech on the rocks after Tess blasted off or the one he gave her at the end of his quest.

The way he is still brooding about it after 17 years leads me to believe he feels he made the wrong choice. And if this is true towards the show only that Tess never came back. His speech on the dock made me want to hurl. He wasn't over it and looks like he never will be, which will continue to make Liz second. And that is just not right or fair. Will he open his eyes before it’s too late or is he that consumed with guilt that his marriage isn’t that important to him any more? Will we get to hear Max’s POV?

Some of Maria’s advise was good and Liz should take some of it to heart and act on it. Cause the way I see it, denial will not make it go away, if they don’t confront these issues, they may not be able to save their marriage .


BTW What is Max's profession?

I am sorry for rambling and that bashing but the 2nd half of season 2 and the 3rd season killed the Max and Liz we had come to love. I went into denial and hope for it all to be a mind warp. And maybe part of it was but after so many years Tess's hold shouldn't reign supreme. He asked Tess in the Chamber how could he have ever loved her and on the dock he told Liz that it was something he had to explore and he was over it, yet his actions, like sitting outside in the middle of the night looking up at the stars could give a person doubts that he wasn’t just thinking only about his son.

I love your story so far, the fact that Zane is on earth and just about to meet his mother’s dupe, who will probably lead him to Max is awesome and scary at the same time. I just don’t know where it will leave Liz in the equation. But I have faith you will make it all work out. Look forward to your next installment. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
extingman chapter 2 . 2/3/2011
Wow. Great Start. Look forward to reading more and where you will take us.

I was wondering though, will we find out if Jiuro was trainging and preparing them to return to Antar? If so how? Did he tell them about their heritage? Or about Zane's father being on earth?

I hope you share this with the readers roswellfanatics.

If you don't, I keep coming back often to see if you have updated.