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Creetic chapter 13 . 8/14
King Edgar chapter 43 . 7/30
1 chapter left of Bleach...
Spartan DJB chapter 43 . 7/27
Man I've been chomping at the bit for a update this just made my day.
ChaoticAscension chapter 43 . 7/25
Okay, so I already liked this fic quite a bit since I first found it (back during the SS invasion arc I think), but this chapter sealed the deal. Absolutely LOVED the SK's reference to both the author and readers in their speech to Ichigo. Anybody who, with a few lines, can make me feel guilty for both reading the story and reading/watching the Canon, because the characters are put through Hell merely to satisfy us (literally in the case of the fourth movie), deserves props and any awards they can possibly get as a result. You even made Aizen more sympathetic than he was in Canon for me, which was already fairly high up there from Ichigo's detection of his emotion or motives during their fight. You are truly one of the top authors I know of on FFN. If you ever get into writing for Code Geass, (or really just about any other fandom) know that you'll have at least one dedicated reader regardless of if you take a while to update- the wait is worth the quality of the chapters.
Keep up the excellent work, even though we are monsters for doing so :)
Impstar chapter 43 . 7/24
Woo, another update!

My only criticism of the chapter was in Senna's part. So she's getting cut off from her human life because they can't think of a reason she'd disappear for a year. This is kind of funny coming from people who can manipulate memories. Make people think she headed off to another country for a year. Or got really badly injured and went into rehab somewhere else for a year. Or hit her head and fell into a coma. Or literally anything but making her effectively disappear.

I'm glad to see that she'll be alright eventually, though a small part of me (less than half) wishes that Senna's injuries would never actually fully heal (kind of as a marker of what the group's lost to the war).

I really liked the in depth look at the Soul King, it fleshed him out as more than an uncaring God. I mean, he's still that, but he's more than it now. And I really really hope that Ichigo doesn't become Soul King, I feel that it would ruin the life he's building in the Soul Society (because a "good" Soul King is a completely full time job, something the current Soul King doesn't want).
SomethingAncient chapter 43 . 7/24
It's nice to see another chapter from you, it was nice. I loved the character interactions and it was different (in a good way) to see the motivations of Crucci being pinned against the wall as hatred based and not sexually based (they were trying to make her screw up) - it really helps put the feelings of the shinigami into perspective while also being a step away from cliche.

I didn't actually understand the connection (to the rest of the scene) of Byakuya saying "I am ashamed." I get the meaning, and I think I know what you were trying to accomplish aesthetically; but those words could have been replaced by so many other words and made the same sense. This is, of course, just how I felt about that one line: which happened to be an important conclusion to not only the scene, but also to both Byakuya and Kukaku as far as their loss is concerned.

And being completely honest, I'm surprised that Ichigo felt that way towards the spirit king and was unable to understand the issue of restricting free will. Annoyed and disgruntled at the inevitability of the situation, sure. But Ichigo's arguments were... bad; illogical even. And this leads into your question.

"Who's really the monster here?"

If you were asking about real life you'd get a significantly different answer in terms of motivation and somewhat different answer in terms of why, but let's stick to the story.

Aizen is still the monster. I mean, yeah, the soul king's motivations seem flat, one dimensional, and immature; but they're really not.

The soul king had made people with no free will and found it unsatisfactory, so he gave them free will - which not only was more interesting, it also meant people could become individuals who acted differently from one another and have likes and dislikes.

So what happens if the soul king decides to actively participate in his creation? People would stop thinking for themselves. It may not be completely or right away, but given the knowledge of "the spirit king will strike you with lightning immediately if you try to start a war"; then a corrupt leader could get away with who knows how many individual atrocities without fear of civil war because civilians are too scared to stir up trouble to protect themselves.

So then, eventually, as things are restricted to keep things fair, the spirit king would start killing people before they do evil... so now no one wants to do anything in case it becomes evil to the whims of a god.

And it has to be kill - and not disable or take away thought, because if those are done there is no choice; no free will; no drive to do anything because "the spirit king will just stop me".

And culture will prevent their children from thinking or exploring emotions because it's too dangerous to let that happen.

There, humans are now thoughtless robots and are bored themselves. And boredom breeds bad ideas over time if it's not relieved... you'd have a race of ticking time bombs. "Daddy, why did that man just disappear(/drop dead)?" "*sighs* Well son, he was going to do something bad. So don't try anything bad." "Daddy, what's bad?" "*sighs again* We have a list of rules that tells you what we're not allowed to do. You'll learn about it soon in school." Life becomes a boarding school where expulsion means death.

With that said, I hope you see why I have trouble with Ichigo and his view of the soul king... which is unfortunate since a large portion of this chapter is based on this misconception. Oh well, it's not all bad: if Ichigo comes to that understanding in the year he's given to observe, then it could make a great plot point.

Now, before I finish this review, I want to state that despite my two possible issues with the chapter I did not find anything "wrong": just odd.

Oh, and just some food for thought in the future. Have Ichigo, Shaolin, and Senna go on dates as a group. You said you wanted their relationship to be perfectly equal: so maybe their relationship should be thought of as a group and not pairs. Like I said, food for thought. You don't have to change anything in this chapter either, not everyone does what they say and a simple acknowledgement of that in the chapter where the date happens will go a long way.

So, there we have it: nice job. Have a good week/month(s) and God bless,
Generation Zero chapter 43 . 7/24
Wow...such Epic aftermath
Lobisomen616 chapter 43 . 7/23
We need to have a bonus chapter at the end of this that's just one big nonsensical wrap party for all the characters. Maybe toss in an award ceremony for certain roles, like best comedic performance or most impactful death scene. And to top it all off, everyone plays 'beat the crap out of Omaeda.'

It's fun for the whole family!
Robotdocter chapter 43 . 7/23
its great to get an update from you, because they are super duper amazing, and most of them are really long, keep it up, also, i hated the ending of senna's movie, because the actual romantic relationship ACTUAL POTENTIAL between ichigo and someone was shown through that movie, but then they say, NOPE SHES GONE AND YOU GET TO SEE SOMEONE WHO REMINDS ICHIGO OF SOMEONE. sorry about my rant, that movie made me cry at the end. great chapter, cant wait for more:D
NinjaFang1331 chapter 43 . 7/23
Awesome job
ShadicZX chapter 43 . 7/23
I love this fan fic
Desultorynights chapter 16 . 7/21
Meh the sister/twin thing is weird.
justsomerealguy chapter 25 . 6/28
Incest, threesomes, reference to and Perfect Hair Forever? Insta-fuckin faved!
Cain 3399 chapter 42 . 6/20
love this story. Been a fan since 2012 when I first came across it, just never hit the follow button wish I had tho. Keep up the great work.
bjorn aleswiller chapter 8 . 6/14
Or she-no-bee because her zanpakuto spirit is like a hornet
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