Reviews for Uptown Girl
Wozzler chapter 2 . 8/11/2014
i have read this story before. i just realized something though. the going back and forth with the first person perspectives feels like they co wrote their love story. alternating points of view to make one big story. i could see them doing that.
Wozzler chapter 19 . 4/21/2014
ok so they break up, fine. but to go back to chuck? that is a fucking low blow.
lookwhostalking chapter 33 . 4/19/2014
I love love love this story. It made me angry, made me cry, made me laugh, and just about everything else. I really wished you hadn't done the part about Rufus hitting Blair. I really think Dan needed to know because if really believe losing a bay should be a serious offense. Losing a baby by accident is the most painful feeling for any woman and I kinda wished you took a much heavy stance on it. I still hate Rufus for doing that but the overall story was good. Good job!
Kathy0518 chapter 33 . 8/11/2013
That was a really good story. Thanks for sharing :-)
Guest chapter 23 . 3/1/2013
I just couldn't finish this story. This is so unrealistic. Dan is so completely love sick it is crazy. No man would willingly let a woman put him through the grinder like Blair does in this story and go back for more. Dan has been castrated in this story. Please write something to give the character his balls back.
LiverpoolRed chapter 33 . 12/10/2012
Favorite Dan/Blair fic! Are you ever going to create another one, without the additional characters like From the Beginning, Second Time Around, etc. I'm a huge fan of your stories!
Sylvie chapter 33 . 8/25/2012
OMG I just discover this story. I loveddddd it. I read everything in one morning. There are no word to describe the beauty of this story. If only this would have happen on the show. You wrote Dair so beautifully and so real. Nice job.
Guest chapter 33 . 8/24/2012
I am reading your story again while I am waiting for an update of Trinity: Family love and scandal. It became a ritual for me at night to read your stories. I love love them. You write Dair so beautifully.
junglesniper chapter 28 . 8/12/2012
Wow, that was brilliant. How you showed each and every villain get into their respective Range Rover. I think it's either Jenny or Chuck :)
frenchyy chapter 26 . 7/23/2012
"I'm not sure I can be in a relationship like this" I went on to say as my hands fell to her waist as I rubbed her back while she kissed my ear

"We should probably break up" Blair suggested before she kissed me on the lips

"Maybe. I mean we had a good run" I agreed

"Yeah. I can now say that I dated down" Blair teased

"Adding Blair Waldorf to my resume will be impressive" I told her as I slowly entered inside of her while I captured her lips

"Humphrey" Blair said as pinned her hands back

"What?" I asked as I grinded against her

"Shut up" Blair said before she leaned towards me to capture my lips in animalistic way.

hahaha just reading this wonderful story again...and gosh I LOVE your Dan and Blair. The banter you write for them is hilarious. and it reminds me of why I first fell in love with them. Thank you :-)
Natalie chapter 33 . 6/17/2012
OMG, I read this story in 3 days. I love it and actually sad that it's over. You are so talented and love all your Dair stories. I look forward to read your next Dair stories.
Julie chapter 33 . 6/16/2012
OMG I just discovered your story and I love ittttt. You are so talented I read all of your stories. Thank u, thank u and thank u
frenchyy chapter 33 . 6/11/2012
Great of my favorites. Even if I was confused a bit about the whole Chuck and Blair engagement thing... haha. You're one of my favorite Dair authors. I think what I love most about your writing is the fact that you keep Blair and Dan in character even when they are in a relationship. Thats what disappointed me about the tv show Dair...the writers pretty much made them lose their banter when they got together. But not youuu! The banter you write for them is hilarious and it reminded me so much of why I first fell in love with them! Thank you!
frenchyy chapter 23 . 6/11/2012
I'm confused...I thought Blair was only with Chuck because he threatened her with destroying Humphrey? so why was she giving him a speech about how much she loves both of them and saying 'I don't know' to Chuck fixing their relationship?
tlm chapter 20 . 6/11/2012
this was a very good story up until you had Dan and Blair break up. the reasoning for it was pretty dumb and I didn't like how it skipped a whole year. Thats my only issue with this
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