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Guest chapter 3 . 4/12
Yoda knows Luke and Leia are twins. Can't be just 'tell him that.
TheRoyalLibrarian chapter 25 . 4/2
Well done.
reppad98 chapter 25 . 2/22
The epilogue! And it's not even that long, sadly...
I really like the way you use made-up characters to show us something from their perspective, and how they have pieces of the puzzle but only we, the readers, are able to see the whole image. I kinda liked Dhur as well, even though he only has one scene haha. I'm happy that Luke forgave him as well, though of course Luke wouldn't have done anything different.
Oh wow, I definitely did not see the last scene coming. At first I wondered who the Padawan was, but then I realized that it was not important, but that it was about Anakin and the role he and his story will continue to play in the New Jedi Order. That must definitely be the toughest trial of all, and the idea of losing yourself is pretty scary to me, so I suppose this just shows that those Jedi are really quite impressive :P
Anyway, thank you so very much for writing and finishing this amazing story, you can be very proud of yourself! It's a really great piece of work you have created with your determination and creativity, and I'm very happy that you shared it for use to enjoy it. Thank you so very much, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 24 . 2/22
Time to read this very last chapter and then there's only the epilogue left, awww... Still, it was a great ride, and I'm sure the ending will be wonderful :)
Luke reaching for his Force powers and saving them all is definitely something I had expected, but it was still very cool haha. And ha, Han's reaction. Luke definitely proved himself right there.
Ah yes, a talk between Mara and Luke was a long time coming. I can't imagine how completely messed up Mara must be, or really almost anyone who had a part in the war, PTSD will probably be very common. Still, both Mara and Luke seem to be able to handle things pretty well so far, considering what they went through. Maybe the Force is able to help them with that.
It was very interesting and amusing to read from the attendant's point of view of what happened, and who bought the apartment is a safe bet haha.
Force ghosts! I'm really happy that Anakin will be able to visit Luke and Leia from time to time and that they will have a way of talking. Poor Han and Chewie for not really seeing what's going on, but I really have to admit that that scene was so very sweet and heartbreaking...
Of course Luke and company would manage to put the Galaxy back in working order with a democratic government, but it's realistic that it took two years. They really had to rebuild a lot.
I had almost forgotten about the Jedi Temple, and I'm impressed that Luke was able to wait so long before starting to heal the temple. And now the New Jedi Order is born, and hopefully there will be a brighter future ahead for all of them.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll read the last chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 23 . 2/21
And time for this chapter!
It's good to see that Wedge seems to be handling well, and let's hope more people think about it like that.
Oh dear, it looks like that Luke's informal coronation party is interrupted by something unexpected, even though Luke saw it coming for a while so it wasn't that unexpected. The wait between the alert and the actual event made me almost wonder if it was some hoax and Luke had fallen for it, but the Force doesn't allow itself to be fooled. The Reg Guards definitely have something planned, and their leader might be insane, but it seems that they do have some sort of a plan... And damn, they want to kill /everyone/ with one big explosion. I had not expected so much trouble with Palpatine gone, but his hand reaches far, even in death.
Aww, and there we have the confession! Oh, and the fight, but mostly aww, Han and Leia! Leia's response of 'I know' was very fitting, but I do hope we get some more romance from her part sometime.
Aha, and Mara Jade makes an appearance again. I was already wondering when that would happen. She can definitely be very useful in this situation, and coming to their aid will at least improve some people's opinions of her, hopefully.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll read the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 22 . 2/21
Hello! It's been years since I read this story and followed it, during your twenty month hiatus between this chapter and the previous one, and for some reason I never got to reading the remaining chapters. But, better late than never, so here I am :)
Luke's reaction to becoming Emperor haha, oh, poor boy... But it was still pretty amusing to imagine :P
The reactions across the Galaxy, wow, so many people will be so confused and happy and still unsure what's actually happening. This is really a whirlwind of events, all happening in a matter of hours... And for those who knew Luke personally it's even more odd, I'd imagine.
God, poor Luke. I really wanted a happy ending for this story, especially since Leia was coming around, to see Anakin surviving... This is so sad!
Hopefully Han will get his explanation soon, though. Poor guy is still in the dark, because Chewbacca seems to have already figured it out. But I'm really happy about the way Han reacted, no overreaction or anything, and I'm very glad that Han and Leia seem to have somewhat gotten together...? Neither of them really spoke about it, but it was cute anyway.
And of course politics don't wait, though it'll be very interesting to see the meeting with Pooja. I wonder if they're going to tell her... And that gift is indeed really touching, Pooja doesn't even know how special it is.
Damn, that speech! Luke sure dropped some bombs there haha. But I agree, it's probably better to tell them now than to wait for the information to leak out at some point. Oh, this is so exciting!
Thank you very much for updating, I'll go read the next chapter now, and keep writing! ! !
Lilith chapter 25 . 2/10
That last sentence hit me harder than the entire rest of this awesome story. I loved it, totally made me cry and laugh and cry again. Good job. :)
QuicksilverWitch chapter 25 . 1/25
This was a magnificent work of fiction-I wish the future sequels followed your path! Well done and all the best with future works.
Jedi Alex Colbent chapter 25 . 1/22
Huh... I was GOING to say that I would have preferred for Anakin to have lived towards the end, but that ending... that was different. The fact that the "Old Masters" are still present among the Jedi even in death, still guiding new generations of Jedi, probably better than they would have physically alive... I DID NOT see that coming. This was certainly a new and interesting fic to read. Thanks for the experience.
Dinogeek chapter 25 . 1/18
Took me three solid days to read this, but oh my goodness was it all worth it in the end. You even threw in Qui-Gon! I love Qui-Gon. This was... wow. This was wow. That's pretty much all I got. You should be very, very proud of this story.
Dinogeek chapter 17 . 1/16
Gonna be honest, I spent this whole chapter chanting "Yoda! Yoda! Yoda!" under my breath. I have a real love-annoyance relationship with him. XD
LionshadeSC chapter 1 . 1/7
yeaup now i'm going to re-read this fic, don't mind me xD
The Hope Lions chapter 25 . 1/4
What? WHAT? That... that... I can't. I loved it. I can't. How can that be the end? to quote Empire Strikes Back NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Loved it.
LionshadeSC chapter 12 . 1/4
*quietly screeching* AGH there were so many good things about this chapter!

Leia's reaction to the truth is just SPOT ON, i feel like it wasn't addressed as well in the movies so it was great getting to experience it through writing in this way. All of the emotions piling up together and the overall response, especially relating to the Force -ACH- so perfect!

ever since it was mentioned Leia having ties to the Force and everything (which we knew already) and how she would need to learn more to shield herself from the Emperor, I could feel a small part of myself dying because I can feel what's coming, hoping i'm wrong hahahaha everything is going to hurt please don't hurt leia omg i'm anticipating this but also fearing it at the same time OH MY GOSH

this whole chapter hurt, but in that good way that gives you emotions xD

I love how you write the Force, depicting both sides. We don't get to experience that through the movie so it's great being able to read and experience it. I kind of imagine it like two seas meeting and the way you describe it like a warm mist for the Light or like curling darkness -AGH- I love it all so much. We don't get that kind of connection through movies, y'know? We're feeling that AS the reader and you do it so well I can almost feel it myself i love all of this!
LionshadeSC chapter 11 . 1/4



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