Reviews for For Family
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 22 . 15h
Was cool how Luke announced literally everything of his personal life to the entire galaxy (well, except the identity of his mother for which I'm glad).
MissyH316 chapter 3 . 1/21
Hey, this is GREAT! I'm also glad it's a long story; that means I'll have a longer time to enjoy it! :-) Thought I'd just do a quick review before I get engrossed in binge-reading and forget to say something so you know there's a new reader in town. ;-)
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 21 . 1/21
Aw man, nostalgia... Too much nostalgia.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 20 . 1/21
Glad that Mara finally did something worthwhile. And dayum, that last message by Vader was truly something! Emperor Skywalker won't be Emperor for very long I think.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 19 . 1/19
Oh nooooo, poor Anakin. What a beautiful way to go though. And it was awesome how Piett was able to sway the rest of the imperial forces to to his side.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 18 . 1/19
Whoa, Leia with yellow eyes sounds bad.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 17 . 1/19
Phew, boy am I glad that Anakin survived. That was a close call. Yoda? It must be a vision, a projection from the force or something...
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 16 . 1/19
Oh forgot to mention, in the previous chapters it was cool how Boba Fett turned on the Emperor, in favor of Vader. Anyway dayum, that lightning's got to hurt like a bitch, poor Leia. And now Anakin's experiencing it too. No good! Where the hell is Luke, darn it?! Oh, a new power in Anakin... This should be good.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 15 . 1/19
Ohohohoho Anakin's is here to rescue his little girl. Now that's rad. But can he do it, by himself? The Emperor is insanely powerful, after all. :D
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 14 . 1/18
Holy crap, Palpatine played his cards insanely well here, I have to hand it to that sick old bastard. And man, I never thought I'd say this, but Mara is such a bitch, capturing Leia like that, after Luke spared her life. Is she seriously serving that old scumbag, despite all the evidence Luke pointed out about his treachery and deceit. Like WTF?!
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 13 . 1/18
OMG I've forgotten to mention this the last two-odd chapters, but I'm cracking up so hard whenever Han gets jealous of Luke's obvious attachment to Leia xD. I can't wait till he realizes the truth. I'm sort of glad that daddy deferred it for Leia, speaking of, his words to her were really beautiful and heart-warming. I do hope that someday she can forgive him.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 12 . 1/18
Leia's reaction was pretty much expected but dayum, now the Emperor's on the Vader. This isn't good. Something must be done to tip those scales back the right way, aka the light way.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 11 . 1/18
Aw man, that was such a tender moment when R2 bumped into Anakin's leg etc. It was a beautiful reunion indeed. And man, now the truth's out about Leia's parentage! She's definitely going to make it. That girl's a lot stronger than most. Trann's an idiot though, him and Madine, both.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 10 . 1/17
I'm sort of glad that Boba survived. I find him and Jango to be pretty darn awesome characters xD. And man, seeing father and son fighting together like that was just rad! And I think it's possible that Anakin and Luke may figure out who Leia is. Awesome chapter!
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 9 . 1/17
I liked that fight with Boba Fett. Really cool. And yeah, this planet would definitely evoke bittersweet memories of Padme. It's also nice to see Luke and Mara develop, speaking of, he finally said her true name. I wonder how she'll take that.
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