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Gyreflight chapter 33 . 9/3/2014
I wouldn't have expected the storytelling format to work so well, but I really like the way this plays though – and I really, really like the way you flesh out Yori's character. If she is to have survived to a post-Legacy system, she must, perforce, have done it without Tron, and if she has done more than keep her head down, then hers is a story worth the telling – as this is.

Yori the resistance fighter (even before there is a resistance to fight with), is awesome :-)

Having her face down Rinzler in the games was a most effective surprise – and having Rinzler react to her as surely as Tron might have (in his own very distinct way) was thought provoking.

I liked the whole build-up-to-the-reveal of Tron in the audience, because of course Yori could see as much as the reader, and if she has more reason to hope, she also has more reason to doubt, so the fact that her hopes are gradually solidified by the little things that the stranger gives away is a nice touch.

The reunion itself is perfectly in character and beautifully observed – so much feeling, but again, a knowledge of each other that speaks most clearly through the unspoken and understated reactions to each other that the reader is invited to be a part of.

Very nice work, thanks for the read.
tanithlipsky chapter 33 . 4/9/2014
whatdidyasay chapter 29 . 3/6/2014
its brilliant it's wonderful and i shall not say anymore for fear of driving you insane with my rant of how brilliant it is then you would not be able to write any more brilliant stories
see ya!
neosun7 chapter 33 . 12/24/2012
Such a beautifully written story from Yori's point of view! It was a great way to include her and continue the story!
Shayne Pratt chapter 33 . 4/17/2011
I absolutely love this story! It's refreshing to see things from Yori's point of view. But oh the cliffhanger is going to kill me XD

Great job!
Sakura123 chapter 34 . 3/25/2011
I'm going to be outvoted on this, but I as fancy as the idea of a sequel sounds, I don't there should be one for this particular tale. I think it stands fine on it's own and while it's ending leaves plenty of possibilities of "what happens next" in the readers mind, it doesn't need a aftermath tale.

DaniHyrosha chapter 34 . 3/24/2011
I think a sequal would be a great idea. I would certainly be there to read it :) a prequal of them before Clu turned Tron into Rinzler would be fun too.
ABritDaneYankee chapter 34 . 3/24/2011
I would defiantly interested in a sequel if you had a few ideas and you wanted to write it. D
CopperMinted chapter 33 . 3/17/2011
Would you possibly consider doing a sequel to this story? it was fabulous and I'd really enjoy finding out what happens to Tron/Rinzler and Yori. :) Great story.
Silvara chapter 33 . 2/23/2011
You can't... how can you... can it? Urgh! X/

(I love the end. )
Arami Heartilly chapter 33 . 2/23/2011
I love the hopefulness in the ending, that they would be together and there to see it through with each other whatever happens. I thought the idea of the Disks resetting themselves was pretty cool and the description of it from Yori's perspective.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of this story from start to finish.
done.sorry chapter 33 . 2/22/2011
This fic has been everything I was hoping it would be and then some. It shows how ridiculously awesome Yori actually is, and all the potential she has as a character (take that, fandom!). She's totally a BAMF, who has progressed beyond the early days when she wanted to just give up after it looked like Tron was gone. Lots of fantastic action, and just the right amount of romance for Tron and Yori, because seriously, these two are my OTP.

I liked how Yori's presence on the Rectifier is made plausible enough that it doesn't conflict with what we saw in the film. It makes me feel like, of course she could have been there, and of course Sam/Flynn/Quorra wouldn't have noticed. She was disguised and hiding in the turbines, duh.

And for some reason I really like that Tron kept both discs, rather than just going back to the original one, because Rinzler IS part of who he has been, and it's an interesting and realistic choice for him to openly accept that.

Overall, just so much love for this.
sharinganavenger chapter 33 . 2/22/2011
:D Awww. That was... well, as happy an ending as one could hope for. And an excellent conclusion to an excellent story.


Curious how Tron learned Quorra's name. I don't think it was ever spoken in his presence; Sam didn't even say it when rescuing her. I suppose he could've picked it up from records (if there were any?) in Flynn's hideout, but he didn't seem to be staying long enough, or looking hard enough, to find anything when he was there with Clu.

:D Yori still frustrates me. She admits she should've stayed, should've tried to do something to save Tron. But then she goes right back to the "he's Rinzler, Tron's never coming back" attitude. Which... gaah. She got fixed. As she put it earlier, she's a living example of the fact that mild repurposing at least can be overcome. And though Tronzler's reprogramming was anything but mild... the fact was that he did act against it for her sake. Whether Tron actively breaking out or just his priorities leaking through to Rinzler, it was clear that some part of Tron was able to affect things, to an extent he wouldn't normally manage. I can agree with most of her (fairly depressing) flashback assessments-if the rebellion succeeded, Rinzler would probably die; if Clu succeeded, Tron would be even worse off. But she keeps operating from this base principle of "no matter what, Tron's never going to snap out of it; he can't be fixed." :D *shakes head* I suppose it's easier to treat it as fact than have to muddle through maybes and likely-useless hopes. But really, Yori...

:D And then her "I could get captured!" idea. Heh. I think her missing Tron might seriously be warping her logic center. Let's see, you could follow plan A, which has you going in all sneaky/disguisy-like, and will almost certainly get you there unnoticed, even if you can't get out safely. Or you could go and try to get captured and led near your goal. Not to mention Tronzler was the one who helped her get away the first time. So either he remembers that and doesn't want to capture her-which could result in all sorts of wacky fun likely ending in Clu having to personally come over and deal with all of them- or he goes ahead, captures her, and brings her up there-in which case she now has to escape from him and destroy the disk under his nose. Not to mention that best-case scenario (it all works), she guarantees the possibility that Tronzler will have to kill her. Yori, your planning skills... I have more faith in them than this.

'Course, then that fails, and her backup plan involves the phrase "run up the side of the building". :D Wonderful idea for the self-described non-athletic program. I like her gadget use, though. You did a fairly amazing job with this scene and the whole setup surrounding it with describing Yori's actions. They make sense, they're in the midst of things... but nothing she does breaks continuity. That takes a LOT of work. And the details included-the pixel from the derezzed guard, the sequencing of the fight above and how it would look from below... that was nicely done.

Disk-grabbery. I'm mildly amused at how her purpose changes so completely. After all her ranting about how she would never fail her system, and nah, she's given up on Tronzler already... this changes it all. Not that I blame her-as she puts it, it's become more of a user's battle, and Flynn's disk being gone means Clu doesn't have it, at least. Still a bit amusing to see the complete flip. Then when she nearly syncs with them... yeesh. I would've thought as a program who regularly uses fake disks, she would have come up with some kind of barrier to stop them actually syncing with her system. But I suppose if she designs the decoy disks, she doesn't have to worry about any problematic code affecting her. I liked the part where even once she gets past the inital rush, Rinzler's code is bugging her to let them take control of the flying. :)

I was surprised Tron's disk reverted color without him syncing with it first. I'd have thought it would need a direct connection to register the change, but apparently not? I suppose that fact also gives them a lot more hope about him reclaiming them. 'Cause really, I'd be a lot more anxious than eager. Clu's code is presumably still heavily present in the disks, and while having a backup could make his own configurations more stable, it could also be a refresh for Clu's programming that Tron's worked so hard to suppress. They seem to be somewhat aware of this; the disk is mentioned as a deciding factor, not an enabling one, in him remaining free.

Wow. Amazing story. Amazing characterization, plot scripting, descriptions... lots of things. Reading your other stuff as soon as I've time to. Thanks so much for creating this-and for spending so much time producing it the way you have.
Spacebabie chapter 33 . 2/21/2011
A perfect ending to a perfect story. I love how Yori risked a lot to accomplish her goals and the fact she kept Tron/Rinzler's disks with her.

The last few lines seem like a sequel hook. Will there be one?
theyhadadate chapter 33 . 2/21/2011
NOOOOO! It's over! *sad face*
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