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sharinganavenger chapter 29 . 2/21/2011
The answer to the first part of your author's note is "brilliant." In case you had any doubt.

Their reunion... you show so much, so excellently. Yori's views of Tron's behavior, the ways he's still touched both by Rinzler's code and by the overwhelming guilt of the memories. But at the same times, the little things that make all the difference to her-how he walks, the patterns of his circuits, the same small half-frown Tron's got through 90% of the first movie. Their hesitancy at first, the awareness of other people in the room before they leave. I can't help wondering if none of those programs really suspect anything-Yori's shift of attention and emotion has to be noticeable, and coming right after her story and the speculation that Tronzler's still around... a few of them might wonder about the cloaked figure Yori reacts so strongly to. Not anything to go running through the streets about, but... probably a good thing they headed out.

And then his discs. That she has them... well, I suspect her story-continuation will explain a lot. It's not so surprising, given her earlier ruminations about Tronzler and his absent discs, but still. The color change is interesting to note. I suppose if she creates false disks and suchlike, she would know how to tinker with his disks-though if she's been poking at Clu's repurposing code, I'd think they'd both change.

And her story continues. The idea of destroying Flynn's disk is so impossibly perfect even as it makes me laugh. Because really, even though Flynn would never have thought of it... that would do it. Flynn's disk has crazy power, but it's most powerful to his enemies. He can still manipulate the grid-code, even programs' code without it. Going by his "sprint for the portal" plan, I'd guess Users can get out without the master key. Which makes sense. It's a backup of him, it stores data and information and access that he has-but that doesn't mean he doesn't have those things without it. So if he'd agree to destroying it... Clu would be stuck.

Shaddox and Radi's alternate plan, while brutal, seems understandable. It's war, and though they knew of repurposing, the fact was that Clu's servants were a force of oppression, derezzing those who tried to resist and warping the system to a cold, destructive order. And Yori's case notwithstanding, they didn't have a way to fix the rectified programs. All they could do was fight them-kill or be killed. Or worse.

Yori's sympathy, though completely different in perspective, is likewise understandable. She's not a combat-focused program, and despite all that happened to her, she wasn't changed enough to support that kind of slaughter. Derezzing Clu's forces was the necessary move, the logical one, and doing it with the least casualties to their own side made sense. But Yori had been in their place and wouldn't want to see them killed, not like this. I'm a bit surprised Tron agreed with her, actually-while not brutal or even amazingly ruthless, he is a warrior, and would recognize the need to remove threats to the system. Moreover, given his clear guilt over his existence as Rinzler, I'd half think he'd support deresolution as an alternative to enforced, consripted life as Clu's servants.

Their interactions were amazing. His frustration at her willingness to sacrifice herself. All their little issues. Him holding back, leaving it to her. Her careful touches, and then her moment of panic at his response. Gaaaah. So much there.

...your fic is eating my day in the best way possible. :D Onwards to more.
Sakura123 chapter 33 . 2/21/2011
I'd read 31 earlier and was quite surprised to find two more chapters in my inbox as well. I will admit that I got so caught up in Tron/Yori, that I forgot she was telling a story until she was murmured "I was telling you a story wasn't I?" and did a mental backtrack (lol).

Resumed, I did enjoy Yori's retelling of the final moments of her attempt to intercept Rinzler, Quorra (and to some extent Flynn) to no avail, the eventual retrieval of Tron's discs and her escape. Overall, I like how this ended. If I read correctly, Tron decides to maintain the dual-discs as a reminder instead of forgetting completely?

sharinganavenger chapter 26 . 2/21/2011

So much awesome.

This chapter tied a lot together. Radi and Shaddox's involvement (curious where Shaddox is now, but there's no reason everyone would be in the same bar at the same time), Yori's recent skills and functions in the broken system. And of course, Tron's presence. The way you wrote that... seeing Yori's view change like that, her attention on the other listeners falling away, until well before the others actually left, it was just the two of them in focus. That was amazingly done.

And oh gods, the chapter before. So much there. Yori's repurposed perspective is interestingly layered, since while she's very much in character with the flashback, it's also tinged with the knowledge of her future self retelling it.

She seems to have a lot more autonomy left in that state than Rinzler did (though as the chapter made clear, Tronzler has his moments). It makes sense, though. Clu mainly just wanted Yori out of his way; while he was clearly sadistic in his chosen victory, once he'd won, Yori seems to have just been stuck in a corner and told to do her job. Tron, on the other hand, was made into Clu's primary enforcer, his weapon on hand. Clu needed complete control, and was always there, watching, able to adjust or reinforce the command protocol when needed.

But then Tronzler goes beyond his programming, reaches out to her and brings her back, seemingly with no small effort on his own part. And she... leaves him? *facepalm* Gaaaaah. It was the correct survival choice, and probably the best way to respect the gift of freedom he'd given her. But really... this is the most Tron-like she'd seen Rinzler yet. He's actively working to help her, not just refusing to kill her. And he's doing so despite the pain it causes him-he's clearly working against Clu's orders.

She knows Tron's in there. She refers to him as being part of Rinzler, trapped inside the corrupted code. And in this moment, when he's clearly fought for her, gained as much ground against Clu's control as he's ever done before... she leaves him! His circuits had even begun to change back just from contact with her; it's clear something was going on in his head. Honestly, Yori...

Her perspective both puzzles and frustrates me, because it's clear that on some level, she's taking it for granted that Rinzler can't be fixed. Despite all evidence to the contrary, despite the steps that he's made so far for her sake, despite the fact that she was just cured from a similar state. It's a strange sort of denial that seems incredibly harmful-or at least incredibly removing the chance that she could help.

Her comment about being glad for the helmet was just painful, because it seemed to me she wasn't glad for his sake-just for her own. It kept HER from seeing Tron's face; it kept her able to separate Tron and Rinzler in her mind-because while she might owe it to Tron to help him, Rinzler's just a tragic abomination. She can thank him and leave, because he's not really Tron. And that kind of delusion would be much harder to hold onto if she could see Tron's face.

Graaaah. I'm not actually angry at Yori, and you've written her completely consistently. But it frustrates me that she continues to have this perspective, despite everything. And even as her own freedom is something to rejoice at, she's leaving Tronzler behind in an even darker hell than where she was trapped. Without TRYING to reach out to him. Without trying to bring him back.

:) Excellent writing. If I can get this worked up about a scene... you're doing a lot right. And considering their reunion cycles later, Yori and Tron clearly aren't done. The spectators may be done with the story, but I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Oh, and I need to read "Perfect". :D Too much awesome to catch up on.
sharinganavenger chapter 23 . 2/21/2011
Heh. I wondered how long it would take Yori to be curious about the present-time Tronzler. If there were enough hints in the story for we readers to externally put it together, then for Yori, who lived it and knew Tron far better than our brief glimpse... it would be hard to remain completely ignorant. This kind of half-hope, half-denial is very true to the scene, and true to who they've become. Yori's strong, and honest enough to question herself... but there's a difference between strength and readiness. She's not prepared to deal with Tron's presence, what it may or may not mean. Not yet. Looking forward to what happens when she finishes the story.

The reaction of the other programs to the repurposing is nicely described, and also provides more information about this present-time world. They know about repurposing, yes... but more than that, they know specific individuals who have been repurposed and aren't better. Whether they're still brainwashed or just incredibly damaged (Greshim?), the rectified programs are still a major issue, not solely as a threat, but also as a tragedy. That Yori seems to have recovered so completely (for a given value thereof) is shocking to them, and even as the hope she spreads is positive, it's almost painful from an external perspective to realize that this is a first for them.

Oh, and the references to her previous control by the MCP are excellently inserted. That gets forgotten a lot, that Clu wasn't the first to use this kind of tactic, although he seems to be much better at it than his predecessor. Your description of the actual repurposing was short but effective. The mention of Rinzler silently watching was a powerful reminder of just how overwhelming Clu's control was. One would hope that he could break free and do something, reach out to help Yori as she screamed and fought... but the best he could do was refuse to kill her. Painful, but well done.

Onwards, to more excellence... :D
Spacebabie chapter 30 . 2/19/2011
This scene with the two of them together just makes me melt.
Silvara chapter 30 . 2/18/2011
I am always happy to read a now chapter from this/these tales, and I wondered, if the plot wasn't kind of becoming slow since the beginning of chapter 30. Not that I complain about the cuddly nanos, but Yori's tales seems a little ... strayed when I'm not sure that really help keeping the narrative rhythm spiced up. Anyway, I love the idea of this story, and especially the four first chapters! SO thanks!
theyhadadate chapter 30 . 2/18/2011
HAHA I KNOW! At least I get Avenue Q with naked puppets... And I have the actual play it was based after! And I LOVE JON AND LEA. Even though they aren't there.

asenath83 chapter 29 . 2/18/2011
"At the time, I'd been repurposed to believe Clu was the most glorious ruler known to program kind, but something in my code must have seen him for what he was, because It was no compliment of my part to relate anyone to Sark"

While your portrayal of Yori through this whole story is phenomenal, THIS proof that even reprogrammed Yori had a great sense of humour kept me REALLY entertained.
Arami Heartilly chapter 29 . 2/17/2011
Yay! So I loved that, how she started to tell the story and then well... I liked the end part of this chapter very much and look forwards to what comes next.
theyhadadate chapter 29 . 2/17/2011
:O YOU GOT TO SEE SPRING AWAKENING! *is sad* Daddy wouldn't let me go... I'M SO JEALOUS! D:
done.sorry chapter 29 . 2/17/2011
This? So not a bad idea. It makes sense that after so long they wouldn't just be able to sit idly by as Yori tells her story for chapters.

I also like your explanation for why Clu's Rectifier looks like Sark's Carrier. There's no real reason Clu should know much (if anything) about Sark, so he's got no real reason to admire him. However, Yori designing it that way as a subconscious insult is fanstastic.
Sakura123 chapter 29 . 2/17/2011
If your author's note is referring to the final bit of the chapter, I found myself wondering for a second why they just didn't bear-hug each other as opposed to ...uh, almost having sex (assuming I read any of that properly), but overall effect of it was great.

Overall story on the other hand, is one I've been enjoying for awhile now. Not enough Yori-centered/related tales on ffnet (I dunno about elsewhere, though), but this fandom hasn't been a terrible active one until recently. I'm glad to have stumbled upon one as long and involved as this one is.

tyrantqueenofcons chapter 29 . 2/16/2011
Ok...where to begin?

Let's see here...all right, I have no idea what to say. Words cannot express how awesome this story is. I give up! xD

Yeah, I really can't think of anything. Darn.

Oh well.
done.sorry chapter 28 . 2/15/2011
Rinzler bringing her back was brilliant. I love the parallel to the original film, and Rinzler's thought processes in the companion fic that show why he has to override Clu's programming. You made it so that bringing Yori back is in-character for both Tron and Rinzler as separate identities, and that was amazing.

Also, not gonna lie, the part where Yori says that forgiving him isn't simple, but that she will always LOVE him, had me crying.

Also, I totally wasn't expecting her to have the dual discs. I expected that the story would wrap up at their reunion and that maybe she'd give him a blank disc or something so that he could back himself up that way, but this is even better. Because it means there's more story, and it's going to be more complicated than I was expecting. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Arami Heartilly chapter 28 . 2/15/2011
This is brilliant, I look forwards to reading more of it. I didn't see the Disk's coming at all, that was a nice touch.
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