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Spacebabie chapter 27 . 2/13/2011
Gorgeously written as always. The way Rinzler brought Yori back was great and a nice reflection/nod to the first movie.

and I love the reunion, so sweet, so real. Am I hoping that where she is taking him will end up being similar to a certain deleted scene?
Arami Heartilly chapter 26 . 2/12/2011
I love this, the narrative, the way you weave the past into the present and the way you've written the characters. I kind of hope that there is more to come.
done.sorry chapter 24 . 2/11/2011
This just gets better and better. You've got Clu down to a T - that closed-mouthed smirk that is so amusing in Kevin, and so chilling in Clu. I love the way you use the sound Rinzler makes to set the mood of the scene, and I absolutely love Yori yelling at Tron that he's "better than him."

I really liked the insights into Rinzler's character and how he's not a machine that Clu created, but simultaneously the best and worst parts of Tron at their simplest. It gives me a whole new perspective on Rinzler and how/why he does the things he does.

And the bits with Yori being repurposed are so creepy, and so sad at the same time, because she's remembering what it was like last time this happened. I'm really curious to know what Clu had her doing.
Nadreth chapter 23 . 2/10/2011
More please!
anoblevolunteer chapter 5 . 2/10/2011
LOVE 3 I'll read the rest later :)

VERY good! You write very well! I like that confusion from the progams around Yori. I haven't seen TRON only Legacy, so it's nice to explore Yori and her story.

Golden Oreo for you! Keep writing!
Spacebabie chapter 20 . 2/8/2011
This was a powerful chapter.

This had to be painful for Yori to have to face her lover in that way and I enjoy the reason why she tried to get Tron/Rinzler to stop, not for her sake or because they were in love but because she didn't want him to be something he loathed, now that is dedication and love.

I alos love how Rinzler said "Different" and the descriptions that were used. I could hear Bruce's voice in my head and that was the best part, just hearing his voice.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
sharinganavenger chapter 20 . 2/8/2011
Another excellent update-and (understandably :D) more filled with perspective than your other recent fic. Reading "Different" definitely added to this chapter, though, and it made Rinzler's viewpoint much more understandable. Plus, it added amusement value (and resonance) to his choice of spoken line. :)

Interesting (and intelligent) that Clu decided on a private execution rather than public. Killing her openly after she'd managed to tie the fight would piss off dissident programs and send a message of weakness-their best wasn't able to take down this one old program without her being held down and helpless. Not to mention what Tronzler's refusal would've done. Not that Clu expected it, but I strongly suspect he had a slight edge of doubt as to why his immensely effective, efficient enforcer was so ineffective against a program who, while agile, isn't even primarily combat-trained.

Yori's actions... eh. She was undeniably effective, but I'm not sure I agree with her motives. She doesn't try to talk to or connect with Tronzler when they're mostly alone in the elevator). Only when he's told to kill her. And she thinks how she's doing it for Tron. But what she chooses to do... she's begging for her life. Literally. Talking to him, trying to shake him out of it-sure, I understand that. But if she thinks it'd be "twisting the blade" in Tron to have killed her... how much worse would it be to have killed her as she begged for him to stop, emphasized how they *had been* in love, and tells him not to be "a monster"?

It worked, so by an end-justifies-means scale... yes. Better that she's alive, and he not have to know he killed her. But if she thought he was gone enough that he'd do it, if she didn't think her words would be enough to help bring Tron back even a little... begging like that would be useless for her and intensely more destructive to whatever of Tron's trapped inside. And if she thought her words could make a difference... why didn't she use them earlier, in the arena or the elevator?

Eh. It's all much easier from an outside perspective-in the moment, she's doubtless busy being horrified by Rinzler's existence. And if her need to stop Tronzler from murdering her comes from terror and a desire to live as well as not wanting it for him, who can blame her? Her justification just seemed a bit sketchy to me: killing me would horribly traumatize Tron, so I should make it very clear just how monstrous and terrible his actions are as he kills me-because MAYBE that could stop him. Of course... it did. :P So complaining is somewhat silly. Bah.

I did love your description of the characters involved. Yori's composure turning to panic and then shock. Clu's complete and total evil bastardry-but especially that moment of monstrous fury and menace towards Rinzler after he pulled back.

And Rinzler... gah. I know he's got pretty much no mind of his own in your universe, but I can't help feeling bad for him-and not just the buried-Tron-part. Yori's description of his emptiness was painful enough, although highly perspective-tinged with comparison. But then when he's slowly trying to follow orders... and not follow orders... *shakes head*. The look into his brain in your side story added a lot; I could picture his frustration and confusion even better-not that your descriptions here were at all lacking. His functioning is so basic, but it still reminds me of a (warped) little kid, not used to the emotions or experiences he's running into. He's not supposed to feel anything or care about anything beyond efficient destruction and absolute obedience, but he is, and he doesn't know how to deal with it. And as this encounter really drives home... he's capable of learning, of moving past the command directives and doing something he knows he's not supposed to. It's not Tron taking back control-it's Rinzler being enough affected by Tron leaking out that he grows independence, even this smallest kind of rebellious action.

...and then Clu's going to go back and wipe it clean again. :( *shakes head* Probably make it worse for Tronzler if he can, given the sheer malice he was exuding at the disobedience. Sadness. Much of it.

'Course, Clu's got his own evilness planned for Yori, and I suspect it won't be much different. Curious to see how she gets out of it-or if. All we know about Yori's future (apart from "survives to bar talk") is that she knew Tronzler wasn't on Clu's Rectifier when it blew. That could either mean she ran into him after... or that she was nearby, maybe even on the ship, and saw him leave it. We'll see, I suppose. :) Looking forward to your updates.
done.sorry chapter 19 . 2/7/2011
These last few chapters have just been heartbreaking. But I'm glad she keeps fighting, even though she can't seem to bring herself to try and derez Rinzler. And I really like that she knows how to grapple user-style. It definitely sounds like the sort of thing Flynn would do.
Spacebabie chapter 19 . 2/6/2011
This isn't Superbowl Sunday. This is Super Tron Fanfic Update Sunday.

I felt so awful for Yori, having to go against the one that she loves, seeing the horror of what Clu had done to him. I do like the fact that she took him out with a headbutt thanks to Flynn's upgrade.

I have also been enjoying the interaction with Yori and the Bar Patrons. They seem very real to me.
sharinganavenger chapter 19 . 2/6/2011
O.o So... I leave the internet for the evening. Maybe 6-8 hours? No more than 12. And I come back to find... a six-chapter update? You are freaking amazing. :D

Lotsa stuff... I liked the bit with Clu; his evil bastardry came through well. I was surprised at how much sympathy Yori had underneath her hate for him; I wasn't previously under the impression that they'd interacted enough for her to really know/care about him in that much depth. I approve of the fact that even if she saw him that powerfully... she still hated him with everything she had. :) 'Cause really. It's easy to sympathize from the outside, but from Yori's perspective, the pain and cruelty Clu inflicts is personal. It doesn't matter if he's a hurt little kid inside when he's torturing and derezzing people you care about-delightedly.

:D And finally, Tronzler. Well, flashback-Tronzler; we've had him being all mysterious-sad in present-time. The stages Yori goes through are nice: from "crap gonna die" to "freaky enemy, fight it", to "he looks like Tron-Clu being a bastard?" to "...Tronzler". That it clicked for her when he stood to his full height was a neat touch also. 'Cause while Tron's clearly tall, Rinzler's almost never at full height-either he's crouching in battle or hunching over submissively around Clu.

One thing that really took me by surprise was... well, that the news took the present-era programs by surprise. I suppose I got mixed up between what Yori was storytelling and what she was thinking; her earlier references to Clu's repurposing and stuff, and how she "assumed" Jarvis meant Tron was derezzed made me think Clu's brainwashing was common knowledge at this point. While maybe it is and they just didn't know about Tron, some of the reactions (most notably Ti's) make that seem unlikely.

The other thing that seems a bit strange is Greshim bringing up Tron's continued existence (or the theoretical possibility thereof) out of nowhere. Yori's telling her story. She's just revealed that Rinzler, Clu's most effective tool for murder and enforcement over a thousand cycles, was actually their former hero, warped and twisted in the worst ways possible. They're shocked and alarmed. So Greshim brings up... current events? Tron's been presumed dead for forever. Rinzler has presumably not been seen since the reintegration-and no one (but Yori?) would know that he regained his old self. So looking at it from these programs' perspective... they've got no reason to believe Tron still exists. They might think Rinzler could be around... but given that he hasn't been seen in who-knows-how-many cycles, he's probably more of an intensely bad memory at this point. So this is a past tragedy, a warping of ideals and heroes and former hope. I just don't see how Greshim connects it at all with "There's this guy running around being helpful, by the way." As far as these people know, Tron's dead or gone forever, and Rinzler's a brutal horror who, if newly tragic, is still thankfully absent. It just seems strange for them to assume this recent event is in any way connected-especially if they have no reason to think Tron as Tron still exists.

But yeah. That fight thing. :D Really, really awesome. I loved Yori's mid-battle freakout, and its quick conclusion. The idea that her calculation abilities allow her to dodge with increased skill is also a neat one; it's the sort of thing you wouldn't think of for a human, but since her code and her physical nature are really the same... better processing is going to manifest in reaction ability. Her comment about being toyed with helps explain how she didn't derezz (amazing dodging skills or not, this is Tronzler), although I can't help seeing it a bit differently than she did. It seemed like Tronzler wasn't going full out-not (solely) because he didn't go for the kill, but because she was able to get in and grapple him. 'Cause really-skilled combatant with weapons versus someone without? Even weapons like disks give you some reach, and it is near-impossible to close in on an armed opponent with a frontal attack without being eviscerated in moments-even if they're unskilled. Plus once grappled, he dropped both disks... even if rolling around might've endangered him, first rule of combat is "don't drop your weapon". :) Dunno if Tron was resisting enough to hurt Rinzler's skills (the combat routines would be part of Tron's base code) or if he was operating under suboptimal conditions, but Tronzler messed up badly. :D *shakes head* Yori's final move was brilliant, though. Screw pretty combat styles! Grapple and headbutt!

Ridiculously long review-rant is at a close. Your combat scenes are beautifully done, and the emotional impact of the other ones is powerful. And, of course, your update speed of awesome. *shakes head* :D Thanks for writing.
done.sorry chapter 14 . 2/5/2011
That was chilling, and it destroyed most of the pity I normally feel for Clu. Also, Games. Rinzler plays the Games. That's just cruel.

The patch sequence was really cool. I liked the visuals there, with the yellow thread invading her code.
DawningStar chapter 14 . 2/5/2011
And Clu appears! Nicely creepy.

Typo, though: "Your Tron's Yori," ought to be You're. Sorry to pick, but it's an important scene!

*waits for more*
Spacebabie chapter 14 . 2/5/2011
You had Clu down perfectly. He sent shivers up my spine and made me squirm and there was this creepy feeling of what he might have done to Yori while she was off.
done.sorry chapter 12 . 2/4/2011
OK, this was just a kick-ass chase scene. And, of course she didn't just get away...that would be too easy. I have a feeling Clu is going to be PISSED.

I love how, even in the midst of all the chaos, when Yori's just trying her best to survive, she's still consciously thinking, "Don't kill." It shows that she keeps the innocents in mind, and that she fully understands the consequences of everything she's having to do.
sharinganavenger chapter 12 . 2/4/2011
O.o Right. That thing I said, about how the timeswitching made it hard to be completely drawn into the between-movies Yori and what she was doing?

I unsay it.

:) Her escape tactic amused me-not because it was invalid, but because it LITERALLY involved taking down a guard by means of fluttering eyelids. I was a bit surprised she didn't let the other programs out, if only as a distraction for her own escape. But she was pretty rushed, and given how she felt when she got dragged in, they might've done no more than lie there unhelpfully.

Indoor lightcycle use... I have a feeling Clu might implement some security upgrades after this. That was way too spectacularly effective. I suppose more reactive guards could've rezzed their own cycles and put up a wall to block her, but given the close quarters, that likely would've taken more skill (and more initiative) than most of Clu's lackeys possess. Definitely new protocol needed.

And then explosions. Explosions are excellent. The term "light grenade" amused me a bit, though it's reasonable-what else are you going to call it? Can't help wondering what would've happened if she'd collapsed the lightcycle-would she just have a bomb attached to a baton (which could maybe be chucked), or a bomb and a baton? Or would it just detonate? Reasonable for her not to take the risk, especially rushed and immediate as her actions had to be.

And now she's a bit blown up. Unfortunate, that. And she didn't get all that far. And (as far as we know) only those with admin privileges are able to mess with a program's code enough to fix injuries like she seems to be describing. Hm... that leaves two people who she might wake up to. I wonder which is more likely? :D

Could be that she's not all THAT injured and might be able to get up or recover on her own, or with minimal assistance. That's not quite what I'm getting from the descriptions, though. :) We shall see.

One thing I'm definitely impressed with: she's not a combatant. She's got basic training thanks to the combat upgrades, but it's not her core code, and it's not something that comes naturally to her. You express that very well, and it makes her a more compelling and realistic protagonist. :D Yay for updates.
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