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done.sorry chapter 11 . 2/3/2011
Oh, Yori you minx.

This is what I love so much about Yori: she's SMART, and this fic portrays that so well. She doesn't have to be a warrior to kick serious ass, and I can't wait to see how she's going to get herself out of this. :D
DawningStar chapter 10 . 2/3/2011
Aw, I really like this bit. And that smile, of course. *waits for more*

(I have posted that story, if you're interested.)
sharinganavenger chapter 10 . 2/3/2011
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Your update speed shames me-though I'm immensely grateful for it. :D Ah, the writer's block... *shakes head*

I'm liking your Yori better and better. It's interesting, because you're describing her at three distinct points, and the differences are notable. Her flashback to her/Tron/Flynn working against the MCP, her more recent flashback/storytelling, and the present-time her that tells the story. And in all of them (though especially the middle time period) she's going through changes as we read... so you've got triple character development going on. :D Impressive.

I'm somewhat surprised that you wrote her as knowing what she was doing with kissing Flynn. The more common depiction as I've seen it is that Flynn was basically introducing kissing to the Grid; that it was a user-type of romantic interaction that he passed on to Yori, and she passed on to Tron. I'm mixed about whether your version or that one makes more sense-if I remember right, she responded to Flynn fairly well, but when she kissed Tron, his response seemed equally confused and happy. Still, your way creates an interesting dynamic between the three of them. It does a good job of explaining why Yori might not have interacted with Flynn so much in the new system. I'm a bit surprised Tron wouldn't forgive him, but... *shrug*.

Takeover-time-period Yori is fun. I love the flashforwards, but they keep leaving past-her in a cliffhanger spot! Highly curious to see how her combat attempt goes; I can't imagine she'd get far, but she is innovative enough that she might pull something interesting. Of course, the ominous statement that she'd find out about repurposing "soon enough" doesn't exactly bode well. Unclear whether she'll face repurposing herself or if she'll just run into Tronzler or someone. Either way, not likely to be fun for her-although as a reader, I look forward to it greatly. :D

The flashforward bits are fairly awesome. The various characters listening in are really being filled out as they comment or react. And of course, we have mysterious-corner-dude: probably Tron(zler?), but maybe Flynn or someone. Could technically be just about anyone, but...

The story feels a bit weird, since the future-time/storytelling tone is so dominant that it leaks largely into the flasback parts. It's not a problem exactly, but it makes it harder to get into the moment with the past-time parts. I strongly suspect that'll be less of an issue as things escalate, though-the more immediacy and trauma in the takeover-era timeline, the less likely the future references will distract. And somehow I have a feeling there is much trauma in past-Yori's imminent future.

:D Right, long rant over. You've got an interesting style, great characterizations, and a ridiculously awesome update rate. I also look forward tot he helmet-wearing badass, but what you've been producing so far is easily holding my interest. Thanks for creating it!
done.sorry chapter 9 . 2/2/2011
I love this so much. There just isn't enough focus on Yori in this fandom, and you've done a fantastic job incorporating her into the new system. Her original personality is there, and the "upgrades" to it feel natural. I like the back-and-forth point of view, so that we see what Yori was doing during Legacy, and what she's been doing afterward.

And Mr. Hooded-Man-of-Mystery in the corner is a certain security program we all know and love, isn't he? ;)
DawningStar chapter 8 . 2/2/2011
I like your take on Yori! :) Looking forward to more.
Spacebabie chapter 7 . 2/2/2011
Excellent. I love the set up of he story with Yori telling about how she survived. She doesn't get enough mention in post Legacy fics.
Ayala Atreides chapter 1 . 2/1/2011
Wow. This fic is off to an excellent start. It's a very brief chapter, but it says exactly what it needs to say. Very well done. Looking forward to reading the rest.
sharinganavenger chapter 5 . 2/1/2011
Nice. :D I'm normally not a big fan of the story-within-a-story method of telling things, but you make it actually augment the already interesting perspective. The descriptions you gave of the present-time Grid feel haunting, a dying world. It sets a tone that makes the flashback bits almost seem positive-even while Clu was conquering, the Grid was still vibrant, full of life and anger and motion.

Yori is also... interestingly done. She doesn't get nearly enough characterization in general; you've filled her out with a personality and mindset that's unique. I like the bit about how she misses Lora's precision. It's not a mindset most people (or likely most programs) would have, but it fits her well.

:D I find it amusing that Jarvis would be as honest as he is in the crowd-scene. 'Cause really, telling people that everyone they've trusted is now either wanted or dead isn't a great way to handle things. And saying Tron was able to take down all six guards is a pretty poor way to inspire fear or respect for your new security forces. Clu should give his own speeches; he's much better at it.
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