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Guest chapter 25 . 4/27/2014
MusicalEscape chapter 1 . 4/28/2012
When I read things, my mind has dofferent voices. This took on the dreamy, angsty voice like no other fic.

The ending always catches me a tiny bit off guard; I don't want it to end, but I know it must.

If you ever want to talk, send me a message. :)
MusicalEscape chapter 2 . 4/28/2012
Rereading this, and already my heart is breaking...

I was sick every Thrusday for 5 weeks in 3rd grade.
anderpson chapter 25 . 2/12/2012
This was beautiful. I loved it so much.
jylercrazed chapter 25 . 1/7/2012
wow...that was amazing. I read ths when it was a wip a few months ago. Reading it now, from beginning to end i just fell in love with it all over again. Beautiful.
Ehmi chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
This has definitely been a wonderful read. I especially loved how you portrayed Kurt's feelings for Blaine. How it progressed to something more that, as you wrote it, "hero worship". Thank you for this. :)

Sailor Grape chapter 25 . 10/25/2011
I pretty much read this entire thing in one shot...and I fell in love in an instant. It was pretty difficult not to. Even though the angst was pretty horrible and I wanted to cry at a lot of scenes. But the world you painted, it was so *real*, so imperfect, that when it all came full circle in the end, it was just...beautiful. I loved it more than I can say.
aridnie chapter 25 . 10/24/2011
This was amazing. Nothing else to say.
Inviktus chapter 25 . 10/12/2011
Im a little reluctant to review the story as I fear it will take me several hours to remember all the little details. Gosh, I wish I remembered to take notes more often.

Anyway. I dont mean to offend you by comparing you to others, but theres this style of writing that Ive met over my fangirling years (mostly in HP fanfiction, specifically Drarry) that is sort of light and pensive, laconic with an undertone of sadness. Ever seen? Well, you might have, it really doesnt matter. Really, this classification (made by me, so its not credible or anything..) could be shortened to 'makes me wistful'. Its like even when its about love and its all sunny and warm, its like on one of those summer days when the sun is high, like, all day long. Nothing ever changes, thats my point thats been overdue in being made.

Anyway. What separates your story from the others "that make me wistful" is that yours is with a constant undertone of strength. And no one dies (God, each time you wrote about Kurts family I was scared you wont mention someone). In your first AN you said you meant for the story to be Kurt-centric and about how Kurt finds his own strength. Well, I can say you succeeded.

On a sidenote, listening to 'Back to Hogwarts' while writing a review is highly distracting. Dammit.

My thoughts on the first chapter could be summed up to "Eh... What. Wow." I didnt expect the kiss scene to go the way it did at all. Kind of Kurt, I guess. I had just stared at the last line of the scene until the meaning finally sank in. And well. I hope that didnt sound like your writing was incomprehensible or something because it sure didnt feel that way. It was just unexpected in a very good way.

And then the Warblers scene was confusing too. For only, like, three lines though. I just thought that my English skills were failing me (lol, not a native speaker). The scene was unexpected too but that was because they were canon!Warblers. Ive grown so used to fanon! ones. But in retrospect, I liked the scene very much. It just showed the canon! Kurt/Warblers relationship so well. And boy was that sad.

Okay, it seems this review will be humongous because Im starting to scroll through the chapters to find the details Id mentioned before and Im still finding them. Feel like a Hufflepuff.

I really liked the phrase: Kurt's never been good at reading people, and he knows he will never discern the look in Blaine's eyes.

That last part has such a strong meaning. And in retrospect granted by having read the whole story, its even stronger.

Ill take this moment to say how much I enjoy the whole Blaines courage deal. Isnt it a great thing to play with? I feel like its more explored in fanfiction than on the actual show (Im hiding my head in the sand and not watching season 3 because Blaine as a junior has broken my suspension of disbelief). Anyway. Blaine giving advice on courage and being the coward is just too good to ignore. I dont mean hes always a coward, but I hope you get my meaning. I really should stop with this moment.

"And Blaine? Blaine just wants to be friends."

I liked how Kurt wanted so much and Blaine, well, just the above. Theres so much frustration in that sentence. Love it.

Also liked the Original Song reference. Which wasnt a reference because the episode aired waaay after the first chapter of the story. But anyway. The whole win the Regionals/win something else dilemma? Fascinating how you predicted the exact opposite, huh?

The part about Rachel on the roof was particularly heartwarmng for no reason whatsoever. Maybe Im just sadistic and dramatic like that.

Also, thats the first of two mentions of Puckberry in the story. One in the first chapter and the second in one of the last ones. I find this highly amusing.

And for the fear of sounding repetitive, I -really- like the Kurt/Warblers relationship. James and his motivation for joining and Pavarotti and how theres nothing to hold Kurt down and how the Warblers feel like strangers in this scene.

And then the scene of Kurt leaving. I feel like I have so much to say about it. Thats the whole 'makes me wistful' thing, I think. Anyway. The scene makes so much more sense once youve read the whole story. I LOVE when it happens. Like that Kurt was actually waiting for Blaine to stop him. Somehow I didnt think that until I read it explicitly said in the later chapters. I dont actually know if its a fault and if yes, then whose it is: the emotionally stumped me or you. Anyway, -thats- not an exciting topic, so lets move along and back to the scene.

The Blaines hug of latent approval. Im just so in love with it plus the "I just didnt know what else to do". Kurt leaving to become stronger and Blaine letting him go because hes not strong enough to deal with him staying. And Blaines older while being somehow more childish and its so- so- I-dont-know-what. It feels realistic. And it turns me on for some reason, but thats beside the point.

Anyway, thats almost 5000 characters on the first chapter alone (with several cuts from later on) and it took me one hour to write it. Why cant time stop whem Im reviewing?

And Im back to reflecting on Blaines courage. And the hug that embodies it. Its really not much, is it? Just a hug.

...God, I feel like a pervert.

Lets just say that the last scene of the chapter really excites me for a lot of reasons.

I actually didnt agree with Kurts 'not running away from new problems but learning to face the old ones'. I dont know why, dont ask me. Youre the one who makes sense in this, so... just letting you in on my internal monologue. I guess its just my impatient self talking. Im very much 'shoulder tons of problems and responsibilities and get drowned' kind of person. Taking everything in stride like Kurt did seems more productive. And sane. Good for him. *is not envious at all, nope*

So anyway. I hope Ill get back to you on the other chapters, but I really dont have any strength left now. And Im too self-conscious to continue because this review is just so long and jumbled and I cant even bear to reread it so Ill just send it now and be awfully embarrassed later. I hope I caught all the typos as I wrote.

Oh right! The typos! Your betas were amazing! I havent caught a single typo or mistake and thats totally awesome because for some unknown reason such stories are ridiculously rare nowadays. So kudos to them. And/or you. Whoever made this story so grammatically correct.

And Im wrapping up, so. Until next time. Hopefully sometime tomorrow evening (European time) but no promises as Im going to see the Three Musketeers (Yay!).

Uhh... So yeah. Great chapter and story overall! But Ill get to the story overall later, I guess... Totally going now, yep!
Une-fleur-m'a-dit chapter 25 . 9/11/2011
Such a beautiful story!
SweetestDisarray chapter 3 . 8/31/2011
Wow. I'm only three chapters in, and I normally wait until the end to review (if I do at all), but I had to pause here. This fic is amazing so far. Klaine authors, from what I've seen, always have a certain way of writing; like Glee itself, light, fun and commercial, with brief pauses of emotional depth. And yeah, writing like that is easy and enjoyable to read, and fits the show well.

But your writing is beautifully lyrical. You manage to add depth and profoundness in a way I haven't seen in this fandom. I'm in love with your writing style right now.

It's also great that Blaine hasn't fallen in love with Kurt in these first three chapters, and Kurt and Blaine won't spend 95% of the fic both liking each other, while others dance on the periphery, trying to get them together and getting frustrated. Again, not that that doesn't have it's place (I enjoy those fics a lot), but it's so refreshing to read this. You're allowing Kurt's character to develop further than other authors are.

I'm so thoroughly excited right now. :) Great job!
gooseberrie chapter 25 . 8/28/2011
oh my… just wow. this story is AMAZING! it's got to be one of my favourite chapter fics ever, actually. just… it's beautifully written, the chapters are just the right length, characterisation is brilliant… no criticisms for me to make, in short. astounding job, this was lovely to read! :)
sailorjupiterox chapter 25 . 8/23/2011
A perfect ending, with endless possibilities ahead of our boys.

I will always love this story, it kind of reminds me of a lyric from My Chemical Romance's 'Famous Last Words': 'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone.'

I love the bravery of Kurt and the sincerity of Blaine. You wrote them excellently.
sailorjupiterox chapter 3 . 8/23/2011
Ooooh, I thought I would review here mainly because I wanted to. I love the delicacy in which you have written this, but not only is it delicate, but it also has an edge of Lemony Snicket-cum-Thomas Hardy about it, it's easy to read and even easier to feel what Kurt is feeling and understand why he does these things.
Scary Vampiress chapter 25 . 8/21/2011
A wonderful story of growing up. An absolutely stunning slow-burn of awesome.
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