Reviews for May Induce Side Effects
SWORDJ chapter 1 . 5/24/2011
Wow...brilliant. I was immediately attracted by this story's summary. And i'm sure glad i read it! I've always liked Ryouko x Yuki (for some reason), and this story of yours made me love Ryouko even more than I did. I would truly appreciate it if you could write more stories on this particular pair. XD
Elder of the Lycanais Clan chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
I've actually read this story several times before and it has only now occured to me that I should leave a review. Anyway, I really enjoy rereading this oneshot; it is well written, believeable, it has humor, and at certain points adorable. Although that last one may have been heavily influenced by my favorite character(that being Yuki), I am sincere about the rest.

I am curious though, have you ever considered adding a few more chapters about the same events told from the point-of-views of the other two? Just thought I'd toss that idea out there in case you're interested.

I'll probably be reading this again soon.
Another Duck chapter 1 . 3/14/2011
This was an interesting story. I've always liked Ryoko, and you do capture her fairly well. I'm not really a YukixRyoko shipper, but this wasn't unpleasant anyway.

I think the best part was Ryoko's, "I've died already and it was no big deal," since it highlights that she doesn't actually understand death. It's actually ironic, since despite that she actually claims not to understand it, the way she uses her own experience to compare only shows that she's even more off the mark than she thinks.

Also, her immediate agreement that she's disobedient and corrupt strikes very close to her nature.
superstarultra chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
Anything that deals with the interfaces sparks my interest (they are my top favorite charcters), so seeing the summary pulled me into it immediately.

I was not disappointed at all.

You got everyone completely in character for starters. A feat that I usually struggle with when it comes to writing Yuki. It was kind of nice to see Ryoko and Emiri bicker over the condition of Yuki's health. Shows that they really do have hearts and feelings over some issues. I frankly loved the entire fic.

But what really stood out to me was a part of this one paragraph:

She may have been terrible in the field, but in other ways, she was the perfect subordinate. She cared for Yuki, and did her best to give her everything she needed – sometimes things she didn't know she needed. Yuki hadn't realised how much she loved it until Ryoko was replaced by Kimidori, who was the very picture of obedience, but without a trace of love.

I have to say, that was my favorite piece out of the entire story. It just makes SOOO much sense now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us. It's one of the better Yuki/Ryoko stories, if not the best.