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MasterShadowAssassin chapter 1 . 10/16/2013
well for the last question "why isnt there any muggle influence at all?" that can somewhat easily answered because if you remember the pure-bloods(stale-bloods) are in control of the government so squibs arent even looked at and banished to the mundane world never to return and muggleborn/-raised are looked down upon and seemingly never get high enough in the government to add any mundane influences to a world that at least in britan is stuck in the 17th to 18th century and dont forget we never see another countries magical side so we dont know if that is the truth for everywhere. but the other questions are acctualy good however there is at least one question you missed the one that comes to my mind is "why didnt Madam Pompey tell dumbles about harry's injuries after his first time in the hospital wing when got hurt the first time?" i can understand the doctor/patient thing but still the headmaster should be told that there is evidence of abuse.
Tactition101 chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
all very good questions
ARedHair chapter 1 . 9/12/2011
Good questions. An enjoyable read.

You've done a good job of keeping the questins simple and avoided (here, for now) the temptation to write a paragraph or more on each. For instance, "Why did Dumbledore have James' cloak" is a simple question that is easy to answer - Dumbledore was curious why it didn't wear out and whether it was one of the hallows. However, that begs the further question, why did James let Dumbledore have it when it would serve as a backup protection (Lily could have silenced or stunned Harry and hidden under the cloak).

In most cases the real answer is "hey, they were supposed to be children's stories and you're not supposed to look behind the curtains, just accept the setup for each story and go with it".

I think its the flaws in canon that make it such a great medium for fan-fiction; each flaw is a potential starting point for a story to either point out the implications of the flaw or 'correct' it and deal with the fallout of that.
ssjgokillo chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
Short Answer: JK Rowling, for all her claims to have had a plan and everything created since the beginning, just wrote whatever popped into her mind, plot holes and contradictions be damned.

Long Answer:

Explained in HP Deathly Hallows

Possibly, but not when he went out, as the wards protected him from Voldy when he fought Quirrell-mort.

Hogwarts is a school, ran by a Board of Governors. While possible, they would have had to made an exception for Harry to stay during the summers.

In DH, it's hinted that he did suspect Quirrell.

Because Snape was too important to let go just because of his grudge.

This one is tricky. In Canon, it seems the Dursleys are more likely to be charged with neglect then outright abuse. Remember, in the period of the 80s-90s, we didn't have the same outlook on child abuse we do today.

If memories can be modified or deleted, how can you trust a penseive?

He probably wasn't, but for sake of argument we'll say he just wanted some fresh air.

Explained in DH, Dumbles wanted Harry to test himself.

A major terrorist had just been disposed of, as head of two parts of the government, I'm sure Dumbledore was slightly busy.


The story is told from Harry's POV, so there's that. But also, Harry is the Chosen One, and Dumbles needs to be part of that.

He claims to love Harry (like a grandson I hope), but I think it's more of the trying to ingrain himself in Harry's life thing.

Secrecy. In a world where people can read your mind just by looking in your eyes, and the only defense is a rather obscure branch of magic, it probably didn't pay to just let anyone else know that you knew the secret behind the Big Baddie's immortality.

To put more focus on the Tournament I suppose.

Moody is eccentric and paranoid. Once you got that down, it'd be pretty easy to impersonate him unless you started asking him super personal questions.

I think the hostages gave their permission, or they just took them, I mean, they were *hostages* :P

Part of the challenge was to work out the clue.

I cannot think of an acceptable answer to either of those.

Ms. Figg was probably not privy to what happened inside the Dursleys, and outside, well maybe she did.

Voldy was back, and had a direct connection to Harry's unguarded mind. A better response would have been to screen Harry's letters, and remove any mention of what the Order was doing.

How do we know they didn't? I don't believe it was ever covered one way or another, and mainly seems to be a Fanon invention to blame Dumbles for something else.

Sirius' will was read, Harry just didn't attend the reading.

Maybe they didn't get the chance. Remember, Voldie was willing to spare Lilly for Snape, that might've given her the chance to become the sacrifice needed.

Don't know, maybe they do and just obliviate everyone?

I'd say neither, it's probably cast over an area, which might explain why they can't tell who cast what.

It was stuck in a chamber only accessible to Parslemouths?

Shenanigans thats how. JK Rowling needed a way for them to destroy the Horcruxes without the sword, and it made Ron seem not as lame. This is false, no matter what Ron does he is a prat and should be fired into the sun.

In my school days, my teachers didn't often approach me and strike up a conversation, I assume it would be similar at Hogwarts.

You're talking about Harry's first Hogwart's letter? Because he never got it, and I guess there's some kind of magic that lets them know that.

Spell-O Tape. Worked for Ron didn't it :P

Don't have a good answer for this one, other then Dumbledore had "complete faith in Sev- er, I mean Rubeus Hagrid".

Because his head of house pulled some strings because she wanted to win the Cup.

Snape knew who did it, so nothing to investigate.

It doesn't seem like the MoM can track apparation, or else DH would've been way different. As for the mail theivery, who knows where Dobby took the mail at? He could've been waiting three miles away from Privet Drive to snatch it.

Once again, I believe the blood protections were more internalized then an actual set of wards. But they could have also only been set against Voldy and those with his mark.

Snape to abuse children, Lockhart cause he's a pompous ass. I think Flitwick realized what a farce the thing would become with Lockhart in charge, and wanted nothing to do with it.

Can't phoenixes "flame" anywhere? Honestly, it was another test for Harry to prove himself.

Because life debts weren't created until the third book :P Once again, JK Rowling and her famous "planning"

It might have, since Harry left shortly after. But I believe in OotP they mention that Fudge waived the whole incident, so there's that.

They had just found out Harry had a bout of accidental magic and then disappeared, he probably had people stationed all over the place looking for him.

And say what? Hey kid, I'm a transforming dog who just happens to look like that mass-murderer that everyone's been talking about, and I'm your godfather! Surprise!

He was "caught" red handed, and even Dumbledore thought he had done it.

Could you imagine? Hello Mr. Dursley, we wanted to discuss young Harry's inheiritance. He has a vault full of gold and silver and... what's that? You want us to convert that all to Muggle pounds and you'll be by in an hour to withdraw it?

Control... dementors? It seems like every teacher in the school (well, maybe not Hagrid or Trewlaney) could cast a Patronus, so wouldn't that count?

She was a very responsible third year. Brightest witch of her age and all that.

Absentmindedness brought on by the fact that one of his former best friends was trying to kill the son of his other best friend? Can't answer the last part.

Because JK Rowling couldn't be troubled to invent a home life or characters for Hermione's parents.

Since Arthur had to set up a temporary floo connection to the Dursley's, perhaps they just assumed the magic being done there was by him (and they'd be correct)

Mr. Weasley works for the ministry, and besides, the whole "too dangerous" bit was invented by Death Eaters to keep Harry locked down.

Because Moody is crazy, and therefore able to do whatever he pleases?

While this *should* be true, they only said that you had to be 17 to put your name in the goblet, which was a rule they instated and should have enforced. Once the name was in the goblet however, a completely different set of magic was in charge.

Because she was a journalist, and Harry never hired an agent to deal with that kind of stuff.

I'm sure "Moody" kept a watch on it.

You touch it, it takes you to graveyard. Portkey magic!

It was a big maze, they probably kept rotating around it as they patrolled.

He was lost in the shuffle. Besides, nothing that strange about a teacher leading a distraught student away from a corpse.

It was all rigged to make Harry look bad/expel him.

Umbridge was backed by the Minister. Besides, no one actually tried to bring the blood quill up to anyone in authority, they just dealt with it.

She was, after DH. It was in an interview wtih JK, search google for JK goes beyond the epilogue. As for her crimes in OotP, aside from the Dementors (which was never brought up to a law official) she was within her sphere of authority in all her actions, as messed up as they were.

I don't believe it is. No one in canon ever mentioned it, and I'm sure Sirius would have. Hell, Draco probably would've brought it up just to taunt Harry (Oh, look how far a anceint house has fallen etc etc)

For the same reason Draco was in Slytherin, where else could you put him? He wasn't hardworking enough to be in Hufflepuff, smart enough to be in Ravenclaw, Cunning or ambitious enough to be Slytherin. And while he wasn't exactly brave, he had some amount of bravery (hung out with a known werewolf, spied on the OotP for Voldie, etc)

He didn't see it, he closed his eyes really tight. This is a joke, as I don't know the real answer.

He didn't want to, he was bored with living and decided to go on to the next great adventure.

Who's to say there isn't? Remember, nobody magical knew about Tom until he started at Hogwarts, and Harry was purposely removed from the magical world by Dumbledore.

Probably a mean-spirited rite of passage (you know, older students think "well I had to learn it on my own" and so the tradition perpetuates itself)

You could apply that same question to the real world. The answer is, it's human nature. We're more likely to be polite/friendly/lenient/helpful to those we associate with.

Why would you need muggle influence in a school for Magic? Besides, the magic world seems to purposely remove itself from the muggle world.

So there you go, keep in mind these are mainly my own thoughts or interpetations.
Hurin3 chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Sometimes it is difficult to discern canon from fanon in some of your questions. I think some of your questions are valid. I think a lot of the problems in the books come from JKR originally intending the series to be a light, humorous children's story and and the darker, much more serious later books are stuck with that foundation. I think these holes are what makes HP fanfiction so rich and varied. Some fanfiction stories (a few) are as good or better than canon, if ironically, not as valid.
passionforwords chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
A lot of these "inconsistencies" are actually addressed in the book, if you had been paying attention while reading them.

Dumbledore had James' cloak because he wanted to see if it was the cloak mentioned in the Deathly Hallows story.

Dumbledore didn't want Harry to stay at Hogwarts because he wanted him to have some semblance of a normal life. Also, the Dursley's house was impenetrable by Voldemort/Death Eaters because of the charm that was placed on it until Harry came of age. Therefore, it was every bit as safe as Hogwarts.

Harry and Dumbledore didn't know that Voldemort was on Quirrell because Quirrell always wore a turban.

We don't know that Harry never received a check up while living with the Dursleys. Also, how is that relevant to anything?

Why would Dumbledore need to use his pensieve for the third and fourth years? Furthemore, you don't know that he didn't use it. Irrelevant.

Dumbledore was flying to the ministry because he was a very important person, so the Ministry just consulted him for business in general - not just matters dealing with Voldemort/Death Eaters.

The three first years were able to get through the traps because they were three very extraordinary first years who were able to use the tools that were given to them to their advantage. Hermione's brilliant, so she knew how to get through the devil's snare and the potions. Ron's amazing at chess. Harry used his Seeker skills to get the key.

Dumbledore sent Hagrid to get Harry because he trusts Hagrid.

The twinkle isn't something that Dumbledore tries to do. It just happens.

He meets with Harry because Harry is the Chosen One. Also, it's entirely possible that Dumbledore meets with other students - the books tell only Harry's story, not that of every student at Hogwarts.

He shows Harry/Gryffindors favoritism because 1) Dumbledore was a Gryffindor and 2) Harry accomplishes incredible feats - so it's not really favoritism as far as Harry is concerned.

Dumbledore wasn't 100% sure that all the Horcruxes even existed, or that any existed at all. Also, in those incredibly trying tiimes, he didn't know who could absolutely be trusted, plus he didn't want to burden anyone.

Quidditch was cancelled because they needed the Quidditch area to make the maze.

No one recognized Crouch because he LOOKED like Moody (polyjuice potion), and had become flawless at impersonating him.

Not sure what you're talking about with hostages...

What clue? There are several.

Not sure what you mean by letting Harry leave sooner.

Dumbledore knew how badly Harry was treated; he just thought that being with family was better than being with a random Wizard family that would idolize him.

You don't know that the Potters didn't have a will reading. It isn't mentioned in the books. Obviously they did though, since they left everything to Harry.

Sirius' will WAS read, that's how Harry got everything that belonged to Sirius (i.e. Kreacher, Grimmauld Place)

Lily's death was one of selfless love. She died specifically so Harry would be protected. This hadn't happened before and it's definitely not the case with everyone.

Not sure what you're talking about with the accidental magic thing...

Trace is on the wand. The ministry is alerted whenever the wand performs magic.

The basilisk was left alone because no one knew about it.

Ron imitated what Harry did until he got it right. There is a great difference between imitation and actually saying something with meaning.

Not sure what you're talking about with "no one ever talks to students."

Letters were sent for communication purposes. If you're talking about the ones Harry got his first year, it was because Dumbledore knew Harry had been prevented from opening his.

Harry was allowed to play Quidditch because he was phenomenal and Gryffindor needed a Seeker. Also, it helps that he IS Harry Potter.

The charm was major magic. Also, stealing letters doesn't require magic.

Snape and Lockhart ran dueling club so students would learn defensive magic.

Fawkes is a phoenix. He flies. He knew Harry needed a sword.

Harry left before an owl could arrive.

Fudge was not waiting, he happened to be at Tom's.

Obviously Sirius didn't reveal himself because he was an escaped convict.

Sirius was in jail for murdering Pettigrew. He had a trial, it's just never described in the book. There was no evidence of innocence.

Not sure what you're saying with the inheritance.

Dementors turned against authority.

Hermione was given the ability because McGonagal requested it and Hermione was a trusted, brilliant student.

Moony was a little panicked, hence forgetting the potion and leaving the map out. As for not telling Harry, he's a werewolf, which were discriminated against.

Weasleys were wizards, Grangers were not.

Molly and Arthur were of age.

Not sure what you're saying with Floo connection...

Not sure what you're saying with the "Jr" and unforgivable curses...

Crouch put Harry's name in - Crouch was of age so could get through age circle. Also, all chosen contestants had to compete.

Rita was a reporter, so she had to interview Harry, which requires contact with him.

An age circle was sufficient, no watch should have been needed.

The trophy worked because it was a portkey. It worked like any other portkey.

Again, who is jr?

I'm guessing Crouch is "Jr". Harry was allowed because they all thought he was Moody.

Harry performed underage magic when he fought the dementors. The dementors weren't supposed to be there because they were "under Ministry control". Therefore, the Ministry thought Harry was lying.

No one but Harry knew about the blood quill; also, Umbridge pretty much had total control.

Umbridge was not prosecuted (not PERSECUTED, get your words right) because the ministry was corrupt.

The Potter line was pureblood.

Wormtail was a Gryffindor because he had the potential to be brave. He just chose not to capitalize on that potential.

Flamel didn't want to make another stone, plus he had no need to until it was almost stolen.

Who says there are no magical orphanages? Again, just because something isn't mentioned in the books does not mean it doesn't exist.

The prefects show the new students around Hogwarts.

There is favoritism everywhere when there are competing teams (or in this case, houses). That's life.

There is absolutely Muggle influence. Ever heard of Muggle studies?

This was pretty much the most pointless post I've ever seen. I was intrigued when I saw the title, but there were maybe 5 actual inconsistencies, showing that you obviously weren't paying attention the whole time when you were reading the books. Also, you really need to learn proper grammar. Ever heard of punctuation? Based on this post, I'd say no. You should also work on saying things in a way that actually makes sense.
thebrokenclock chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
no offense, but if you actually read any of the books thoroughly, you would know the answer to these questions..


#1) Dumbledore had James' cloak because after all the years he searched and dreamed of the hallows he was tempted by the cloak and both coveted it and wanted to check it's authenticity.

Next time you post one of these, please pay attention to what you're reading before you criticize it.
Conqueror Worm chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
It's funny you should post this because I have a question of my own that I thought of last night:

-In Book 4, Winky the House Elf tells Harry she knows Dobby and had spoken to him. When and how? I assume the whole slavery thing would prevent them meeting regularly and having conversations all the time, especially while Barty Crouch Jr. was being hidden at home. I also assume Mr. Crouch Sr. would have nothing to do with the Malfoys, even after Lucius's name was cleared of being a Death Eater after the 1st war, so Winky and Dobby wouldn't ever meet in the first place.

-And you're right! Just because the Goblet spit out Harry's name doesn't mean he should be allowed to compete. There were formal rules in place, and those shouldn't disappear because a cup spits out a piece of paper. Harry could have forfeited, at least.

-Wormtail had no business being in Gryffindor. He wasn't friends with James and Sirius before the sorting-in Snape's memories, Sirius and James met around their first time on the train and Lupin and Pettigrew weren't there. So, he should have been in Slytherin or Hufflepuff; he wouldn't even think to be in Gryffindor.

-I know! Portkeys are set to go off at a certain time. It's said in the fourth book and the seventh; people say things like "They missed their Portkey; it arrived without them." So why did touching the cup trigger it to be a Portkey when none of the others work like that?

-Dumbledore, who is a skilled Occlumens and can detect Dark Magic with a wave of his hand, missed the evil intentions of both Quirrell and the fake Mad Eye? I sometimes felt like he allowed things like that to go on just so Harry could try to save the day. I just can't believe he'd be acting out of ignorance.

-I think J.K.R. explained that Harry didn't see Quirrell die because he was already unconscious before it actually happened.