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The Writer0214 chapter 2 . 5/11/2013
Awesome! I've got a feeling I'm going to love every bit of this story-till the end! Awesome job!
Mojsengojs chapter 15 . 4/15/2011
Aw last chapter of a brilliant story! You've done this so well Cara!

Aw the group photo. That is so beautiful.

omg. the accident. That is more than absolutely horrible :( And the poor girls! Omg! No one should have to lose a parent or anyone else beloved that way, and especially not BOTH their parents! You're making me sob Cara! AND AT CHRISTMAS! omg, I am out of words.

On better note, Jill is in LA! And I know who she'll meet there! All three girls together, awesome!

Life at the academy seems rough but I doubt that they expected anything less and they seem to be doing fine! :) Kick the guys' butts!

And boring unfair jobs... Bluh! At least Bosley has the decency to call them, yay!

("Wait a minute. What kind of nut is Mr. Townsend? We can't ever see him?" / "What?" Jill and Kelly looked at their papers.) HAHAHHAHAHA YAY AWESOMELY PUT SABRINA x'''D

Amazing story Cara, it was absolutely brilliant. I am looking forward to your next piece of awesomeness! Well done!
Mojsengojs chapter 14 . 4/15/2011
Just weekends Jill? :P there's five other days of the week!

UH UH police is here, hahaha! Awesome! I'd think Jill be more into it though but damn haha she's not as bad as I thought!


("Don't preach to me about drinking, Dad," Jill said.) THAT'S A DAMN WELL GOOD COMEBACK.

Yay she doesn't have to go to jail! Juvenile Hall will do her good though, hehe. And at least she behaved there. I would've loved seeing her as the bitch of the place but nah Jill's a good girl. And see it took her to somewhere better, wanting to be a police officer :D we al know where that will take her!
Mojsengojs chapter 13 . 4/15/2011
(Jill was growing into a real beauty. As a teenager, she was starting to fill out and turned more than a few boys' heads.) Anyone surprised? Nope, didn't think so! :)

Jill is such a cool kid, probably mostly because of the way you write her reminds her so much about myself, especially in my mid teens. haha. :)

Whataburger again! Hhihih!

Yaaay Jill starting trouble! I love it! You can't be a real teen without messing around a little bit, hih!

("Why?" Kris asked. / "Why?" Sal repeated. She adored Kris and often copied her.) Hhaha AWWW so damn cute!

(Jill knew she was licked. "Ok, you can wear that blue blouse of mine that you really like. Shoot, you can have it. Just don't tell Mom, OK?" / Kris smiled a satisfied smile. "That will do for starters." / Sal came in. "Can I have a cookie?") HAHAHA EVEN CUTER! Amazing!

Sara... Diane.. Jenni .. Agnes .. I'm seing some sort of a pattern here and I don't mind it at all!

Aw James giving her some money for the show and popcorn. He is really getting a hold of life. Awesome, wish more parents were able to turn it around like him!

Uh uh ... "Stolen" car and illegal driving... (Sara said with just a slight twinge of guilt) - I dunno why but I don't think that would sound like the Sara I know ... xD

Kris knows how to get things her way, haha! Good girl!

The guys taking the girls out for food! Uhuh! Sweet! I wonder what they want in return! ;P

Uh uuuuuh leaving the bill ... Bad behaviour but yeah... teens... I was never better! At least Jill knew how to get away from the cop, good girl! And gosh Kris chill a little bit! She's just having fun! A lot of fun I'd say!
Mojsengojs chapter 12 . 4/15/2011
("What about when Uncle Paul arrested you?" Kris asked as Jill shot her a withering glare from across the table.) HAHAHAHAH I LOVE HER BIG MOUTH. Absolutely awesome! ("She won!" Kris added.) ! HAHHA! I LOVE IT!

James is doing awesome, and I love that he is able to bring stuff home for the girls!

Wow the another baby really shocked me. I was not at all prepared for that! But then I remembered who is writing this story and a smile grew on my lips instead!

("I had so much fun with you when you were little." / "Yeah, Mom told me how you covered me in Vaseline, and tried to play beauty parlor with me.") - Hahahahaha absolutely fantastic. I'm glad my brothers weren't much into make up ..

Yaaaaay little girl Sal is here! And the girls enthusiasm for their sister is amazing, absolutely adorkable!
Mojsengojs chapter 11 . 4/15/2011
Aw how sweet of the girls to stay up to see their mother. Love picturing them in their pjs. And I'm not sure if I told you, but I also adore how you put in Kris' Hansel and Gretel book in here, shows just how much that book means to her, like we fans know from To see an angel die.

Yay James calling Helen! THat was a good phone call! And she let the girls talk to him, aw that was great! I'm sure both parts really needed that, both the girls and James. They've missed each other.

And wooop they are going home! I'm sure there will be more trips to Palen though! It's a good place and I love Paul and Lydia! At least I know for sure that Kris will return.

("I don't have to clean up after the horses anymore!") haha it's really not THAT bad! There are worse things!

Beautiful reunion! Let's see if it lasts!
Mojsengojs chapter 10 . 4/15/2011
(Chapter ?) haha sorry that made me laugh. Chapter 10 Cara, chapter 10!

I bet Jill hated Palen! Nothing to do, hha! I think I would've loved it, seems perfect to my liking, but Jill is such an outgoing girl, she's never been one for small towns. I'm sure LA was more perfect for her ;D

Awww Jill in that store! I feel so sorry for her and I would've let her keep her candy, haha. I do understand that during no circumstances are you allowed to steal but ... I would've let her have it. Poor little girl. And being locked up in the jailhouse, now that's what I call a punishment! I wanna hug her, awww!

I'm glad she apologized and that Hank let it go, I still would've given her the candy. And I feel sorry about Helen as well, she probably felt really bad not being able to provide Jill with some treats now and then. Must've been hard :(

DAMN telltales! What annoying boys! And no one can beat the tar out of Jill! She's awesome! hahaha I love the fight breaking out! Proves Jill won't take sh*t from anyone!
Mojsengojs chapter 9 . 4/15/2011
I'm glad that James grabs his collar and get help. I'm sure he misses his family and he knows he has to do something to make things work. I'm really glad he come to that realization.

And he also got a job! Great! Good boy, now keep it up!
Mojsengojs chapter 8 . 4/15/2011
I'm glad William and Frank are trying to straighten him out! He most certainly needs it!

Aw poor girls having to leave like that. It must be so hard :( I never moved more than 200 yards when my parents divorced, just to the other side of the school, haha. Also moved closer to my best friends so I didn't mind! But I can't imagine moving away that far to a brand new place at that age! Poor girls but I hope when they grow up they've learned from it and see it as a life experience :)

Awesome tho to read about Lydia and Paul and their kids! I love it! Lydia and Paul seemed like such amazing people in Angels on Vacation and their personalities really come across here in your story :)

Yay horsies!

Awww the last bit! Hahhaha Kris is so cute! She probably didn't even understand what that meant, just hear her mom say it. Aw so cute!
Mojsengojs chapter 7 . 4/15/2011
James really need to get a grip of reality! He is a lazy moron and he's pissing me off!

Whataburger! Haha. I love how you keep putting that in the stories. So awesome! xD

AWWW Kris and the bully! I wanna kick his bum, what a horrible guy :( No messing with my favorite Kris! Luckily Jill was there, yaaay!

And another job failed. Gosh, he needs to learn how to deal with life, he's being slow and lazy. If he actually tried I'm sure he could find something but .. Sigh! And poor Helen having to drag him home all the time... LEAVE HIM HELEN!

I'm glad she moved. That was very necessary!

Great chapter!
Mojsengojs chapter 6 . 4/15/2011
I love picturing young Kris and Jill, especially young Kris, she must've been so damn cute.

I also love how you worked in the Davy Cusack card and how Jill traded it, like she mentions in Dancing in the Dark. Well put!

And those two, always blaming each other! I am the youngest of my siblings, and the only girl, and I always blamed absolutely everything on my brothers. It worked every time, but I'm sure my mum knew most of the times that it was me...

And James sinking down into more trouble... Uh uh ...

Awwww the last line! Poor Jill! :( Trading all her cards for that and then trading that for money. Gosh :(
AngelJ5 chapter 15 . 3/8/2011
Nice! Reallylovely ending to a cool back story/ untold history of an Angel. Really well done.

Very moving and touching in places too.

nice wrap up.

AJ5 ;-)
LAeyeball chapter 15 . 3/8/2011
Aahhh, well done! Excellent chapter CK! Was a bit sad for the Munroes but they all came out of it well. And you covered the three angels meeting up so naturally! I have so enjoyed reading your story CK, it's a great piece of writing and i am so so glad you didn't leave it on your hard drive, gathering data dust! And you MUST MUST post anymore you write! Again, huge huge well done, thank you so much for a wonderfully entertaining story! :-))
kp1185 chapter 15 . 3/6/2011
Yes plenty more adventures in the future! And countless more in the twisted minds of other people on this website.

Enjoyed the story!
WelshCanuck chapter 15 . 3/6/2011
and they all lived happily ever after chasing down bad guys and later back to the race cars. lol

Great tale my friends. and any time with the help. always nice to share tales of teh past with good friends.

No presure on another one I know how it goes but whenever you are ready i'd love to read Kris tales of i'm the good daughter hehe not

Di aka Welshcanuck
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