Reviews for Mixed Signals
DeMindelan chapter 10 . 2/24/2011
Awwww! That was so sweet. The gay guy cameo was hilarious, btw, and this whole ending... Well, I'm glad I kept reading past chapter 8, haha. And its nice to see everything and everyone come together in a nice little knot-twisting ending.

Here's looking forward to another random little e-mail alert telling me you've posted yet another story~
lilmagi chapter 10 . 2/24/2011
Oh you. Having me here thinking that epilogue will be bittersweet, but instead turning out to be quite a happy ending. Still, I'm happy that it did turn out this way.

Now that is has ended. I find myself thinking of what made me like the two of them. And one of the main reasons is that I love the voice actresses that gave voice to them!

Accela voiced by Mamiko Noto. Who also did voice for Yukino from Mai Hime/Otome (and I love my Yukino x Haruka.

And even better is that Celica was voiced by Yukari Tamura! The same actress who gave voice to Nanoha! Which is my favorite anime show. (NanoFate FTW :)

So thank you for this wonderful story, as well as thank you for introducing me to the show and to my two new favorite characters in it.

I'll be looking forward to more of your writing and storytelling.
DeMindelan chapter 9 . 2/21/2011
Yay~ After reading the author's commentary in the last chapter, I was fearing something like them getting in a fight and breaking up or something angsty like that... So I'm really glad it was simple death that did the damage, y'know, since that's fixable. As very weird as that sounds.

Of course, I knew absolutely nothing about this anime before reading your story, so I went and read up on the events, and... dang. I'm glad I waited until after this chapter came out to check on it, 'cause otherwise Celica's death would've been a very, very sad shadow hanging over the fic. So I'm glad she lived! And I can't wait for the chapter numero dix~
lilmagi chapter 8 . 2/18/2011
Well ill be lying if I say I'm not disappointed with the length, but on the other hand. I cant say that I didn't expect it.

Your story here complements cannon story quite nicely, giving us readers/viewers extra insight into the characters.

Knowing how much they both loved each other. Makes scenes that happened even more tragic and heart wrenching, than they would be without this story.

For example.

Accela's motivation and ensuring (brief) insanity at the end. Or Celica's sacrifice.

Still, this was a beautiful tale and it was pleasure reading it. As I'm sucker for heart aching scenes, I'll be looking forward to the epilogue :)
DeMindelan chapter 7 . 2/15/2011
Glad I favorited you after reading the Libby and Lark stories, haha, this one's just as well-written and riveting to read. You just have a knack for balancing out the drama without making it too unbearable, and making it not all... whiny, but more like "Oh man, that sucks". And your twists make M. Night look like an amateur, haha, I read your stories and think everything's coming to a conclusion, and then... bam, complications abound.

But I'm looking forward to reading this as it comes out~ Just reading the first few chapters made me go back and re-read your other stories. Great job, and I'm hungry for more~
lilmagi chapter 7 . 2/14/2011
I had a feeling when Celica was approached by the "amazon" that it was Garabine. Cant wait to see whats going to happen next.

I also liked a bit of action in this chapter. Even if its Celica shooting someone. Ah the life of the sniper, just wait and wait and wait...until you have a clear shot on your target.

I'm glad you thought about the point I raised. I have read so many fics where authors aren't really thinking thoroughly about the canon material they have and just hand wave or ignore certain things. So thumbs up for you :)
lilmagi chapter 6 . 2/11/2011
Ouch, trouble in paradise and I'm loving every "word" of it.

Also, I agree that the "training" from last chapter was awesome:

"playing solitaire before moving along to one-on-one poker.." :D

There are few things that kept nagging me.

"Ukrainian restaurant", "Italian theme?", "Indian cuisine".

I find it strange for people that are on the different planet, that don't know their true history (been immigrants from earth), would have and know about such things.

And also the "Oh my God" Interjection (or any form of similar usage). But that can be viable used. Cultural speech could be preserved, even if they don't know the origin of it.
lilmagi chapter 4 . 2/8/2011
I have been following all your stories so far. And when i saw you posted this one, I held off from reading it until I watched all of Solty Rei. And I'm glad I did, as that is one great show :)

Also, I have to agree with previous review. What you wrote here is belery approaching M, heck so far its all within teen rating.

And as it has been stated, there are fics with far more explicit scenes. So don't feel like you have to self censure yourself.

Still in the case you censure parts of it, I would appreciate if you can send me a PM with a link to the "unofficial" version :P

Anyways, loving your story so far and looking forward to more.
Random Smudge chapter 4 . 2/7/2011
Amazing work so far! ... loving the relationship and eager to see it develop . Slightly unsure about this restricting content thing... I have read alot of Fembuck's stuff and well she's on a whole other level of graphic. M in my opinion means no limit to how graphic you go but others may disagree (play it safe i guess). So anyway enough babbling, just wanted to say please continue with the story, no giving up half way ;'(