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someheartslove chapter 29 . 2/22/2012
I was sure Castle would be more mad with her about whole 'we're in NY' thing. I would be.

But you made it so natural and flowy and in character that I really have nothing to say.

Well, except that I LOVED it.

Loved his 5 minute thing.

And I love his enthusiasm. He's such a kid. With everything. And I mean that in the most beautiful, loving, honest kind of way.

Can't WAIT to see how you ended it!

And, I love it how you write fluff when you combine it with serious talk. Just makes me smile every time.
someheartslove chapter 28 . 2/22/2012
As a 4th year mechanical student, I must say probably nothing would happen from throwing snow down the elevator shaft, but this is not mechanics book, and so I'm perfectly please with your reason for making Beckett hop to her floor.

And she'll move in with Castle!


Why do I have a feeling this won't be just for a few days :D

Anyyyways! LOVED this chapter!

Loved how he kept asking if she was okay during their ride, loved Kate's french lessons and how Alexis said eight in French, loves Martha's conducting (OH! btw, that was hilarious... orchestra on the hood? HAHAHAHA)

And I forgot to mention one thing in the previous review: "See if I put extra blueberries in your pancakes after that remark" HAHAHAHAHAHAH THE BEST LINE EVER!

I really really enjoy this fic, and can proudly say I've never read anything here without reviewing. I'm kinda new to fanfiction, maybe since December, but I already have over 500 signed reviews (I have no life, yes). Most of them are pretty much fangirly and I really have nothing smart to say, let alone give constructive criticism, but I think that if you take your time to write what I enjoy reading, then why not take 20 seconds and write you back? If nothing, just to say 'hey, I enjoyed this'. As many things in life, this works two ways. You give a little, fans give a little, and we're all happy. Plus, I mentioned this in somebody else's review, reading and not commenting seems like hit-and-run...

Okay, forget my little rant up there and can't wait to see what your kiddo wrote! :D If that story made it here!

And now, on with the story, because there are two (without a doubt) awesome chapters waiting and then Melting Slowly!

someheartslove chapter 27 . 2/22/2012
Oh! American pancakes! Blueberries, chocolate chips and what not. I'll have to add that to my list. Huh.

LOVED it how she made him go away from the kitchen! And his pouting after that!

And of course he'd see what she made him carry her all afternoon. It's so castle to notice these things.

Oh! And I'm THRILLED Kate was lost in time. She enjoyed herself all too much.

Ah, love this fic.

Every time I write a review I tick 'Add story to favorite' at the bottom just so I make sure it stays there...
someheartslove chapter 26 . 2/22/2012
First of all, I have to comment on that five layer brownie HAHAHAHAHAHAH

I'll have to tr that some day. But first I have to find chocolate chips, marshmallows (marshmallow creme? never heard of that! hahaha) and oreos here. Hmm...

THONGS! hahahaha

Oh wow, you crack me up every time!


Loved Rick's reaction, loved Kate's twisted sense of humor, love how Alexis went with it... Just LOVED everything!

And how Kate teased him later with thong bikini! HAHAHAHA

GO, Kate, GO!

Last scene was perfect. Her pretending to ask him to sleep in her bed just because he is hesitant to leave. Ah. ADORABLE!

Seriously, fluff overdose!
someheartslove chapter 25 . 2/22/2012

They made all kinds of totally american food that nobody here eats and they were all cutesy in the process!


And they smooched! HAHAHAHA With Alexis witnessing!

LOVED that part. And Kate calling her back was awesome!

All the French in it? Also - AWESOME!

And I'm glad they talked to Alexis about them.

And hahahahah of course Alexis would be all 'it's about time' and 'dating peeps should just sit together' hahahaha

Oh, Alexis, I love you.

And this whole story.

Makes me smile so so much!
someheartslove chapter 24 . 2/22/2012
Nothing boring OR too long about that!

Loved Kate's comment about building fire hahahaha

And their talk was super sweet.

I get where Kate is coming from. She was depended on herself since her mom died, and probably even before that. So to have to depend on somebody else is hard on her.

But I get Castle too. He just wants to help her. And for once, he wants to feel like she can't do everything without him. This, for him, is equal parts helping her and being needed.

Anyways, PIES!

Ha! That will be fun.

As always, LOVED this!
someheartslove chapter 23 . 2/22/2012
They really do need to have a talk. Followed by some hot smooching.

I absolutely loved Martha's talk with Kate. And how Alexis acted when she got back.

It was so cool to see awkward Kate trying to talk to Martha and Martha acting like nothing happened! I love her!

This story is getting better and better.
someheartslove chapter 22 . 2/22/2012

Oh, wow, this was funny!


I found 'let's have sex' part AWESOME.

It's SO something Kate would do. Just to test him. And herself. And, well, because, at that moment, she really wanted to.

And I always thought Castle would be the one with more strength to say no. And he is. LOVE it.

Martha's comment was EPIC.


I can totally picture her saying something like that! hahahhaha

LOVED this!
someheartslove chapter 21 . 2/22/2012
It will definitely take some time to heal. I hurt my ankle in December, it's almost March and I still feel the pain when I put it in certain position, or walk after being still for some time.

I have no doubts he will entertain her juuust perfectly for those 4 weeks.

Loved the morning kiss! So cute and adorable!

And hahahahaha the bathroom scene. HAHAHAHAHA

Even tho I'm completely straight, I usually go all fangirl over female leads on the shows... But here, I've got to say, how you kept him all clothed and, well, not shirtless, I'm having troubles not imagining Castle in that situation in the bathroom.

Oh, and the line where he said he really wanted a date? Perfect!

And, even more perfect - her 'almost sure thing' response.

LOVE this. So much!
someheartslove chapter 20 . 2/22/2012


Martha is supercool!

How she just skipped to comment on the kiss!

And he was all smiley when Kate called him Rick in front of Martha!

And the singing!

And uh-huh, they're sleeping together. Again!


Martha sending Alexis a message was AWESOME!

I just love ALL your characters! You write them so in character, et, perfectly adapted to these new situations they get themselves into.

Love, love, love this story!
someheartslove chapter 19 . 2/22/2012

You know exactly what your crazy fangirls will think of when you mention a surprise, don't you? hahaha

Oh, she woke him up so very nicely!

I certainly wouldn't mind it!

And I LOVE it how he's concerned about her ankle!

Oh, and Martha talk always makes me laugh! Hahahaha

'Bringing up the old lady' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

This story is SO incredibly awesome!
someheartslove chapter 18 . 2/22/2012
I read this chapter last night but was SO tired I couldn't write a reply. And you know I can't miss an opportunity to write absolutely useless things... regularly.

LOVED this chapter!

Them playing games and him wanting another kid!

AH! Kate, heard that? *wink, wink*

And 'good afternoon' part was SO adorable!

This whole story is just pure fluff and I LOVE it!

And Martha in the end! hahahahaha

SOOOO cute!

You know, I hope some day, like... when they're married or engaged or even just together for real and happy, I hope Martha prints that photo, frames it and gives it to them. That would be so cute! Voyeuristic and slightly awkward, but oh, sooo cute!

And I really hope Alexis gets this one.. With captions.

This story is flawless. Seriously.
someheartslove chapter 17 . 2/21/2012
Ah! What ankle? Hahahaha

Perfect response.

And I'm glad Kate was the one who started things this time... It definitely is something she'd do.

And I'm glad Castle agreed to her terms in his joking way.

And another night (semi)alone! Weeeeee!

This story just keeps getting better and better!
someheartslove chapter 16 . 2/21/2012
I love it that this story is going so 'slow'. Even tho I wouldn't call it slow. I just love how you describe all these little scenes.

And He made her breakfast! While freezing in three-seasons room!

AAHHH! That man is perfect.

And she is so happy with him there.

Love, love, LOVE this.

It's 2am, and I can't stop reading.

My eyes are closing, but maybe one more chapter before they go all 'we'll sleep now, thank you for asking' on me...

someheartslove chapter 15 . 2/21/2012
You know, with all the 7-days-a-month blood, cramping, squeezing kids out of vaginas, aching boobs when running, PMS, bitchiness... I can really name a lot of reasons why I've always wanted to be a boy when I was younger...

But getting all tingly and... well... horny, without anybody knowing... HA! Mother nature worked for us in that case!

Sure, we may need a cold shower now and then, but hello? WHO can see that?

So, Castle, Rick, I totally understand why you need to go and make snow angels (which was, bdw, so funny when he said it)

And how he thought about her conditions when not even she remembered them! AAAHH! Perfect!

And I'm glad she was all like 'why the hell did you just stop all that lovely smooching?'

This story is amazing!
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