Reviews for rhyme of another summer
Guest chapter 27 . 8/28
N Harmonic chapter 4 . 7/27
Wow this passionate... I almost felt tears sting my eyes...
Guest chapter 27 . 2/18
While I can't see even the slightest possibility of the canon characters turning out like this, this is beautiful and I love it. I admit, I'm a little (very much) biased towards nothing music related, but this is the only drrr! story so far that made me want to cry. With the added bonus of not-atrocious grammar. So, thanks for that.
OnePlotThickens chapter 27 . 2/14
This is brilliant, beautiful piece of literature. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart with us.
CalicoKitty17 chapter 27 . 9/17/2014
I don't usually like slash, but you're story...hold on, I need to track down the right quote..."on rare occasions, there comes along a profound original, an odd little book that appears out of nowhere from the pen of some obscure storyteller, and once you have read it, you will never go completely back to where you were before. The kind of book you might hesitate to lend for fear you might miss its company. The kind of book that echoes from the heart of some ancient knowing, and whispers from time's forgotten cave that life may be more than it seems, and less."

The quote might be a bit deep, but it's what I thought of when I read your story. Your story was...full of some deeper meaning, but it wasn't so deep that you drowned, because you pulled it back up with little nuggets of conversation and it was just...really good.

Slash still kinda bothers me, but I'm not gonna get into it, because I read it anyway and it's on me.

I just thought you should know how much I really liked your story and that quote really applies to it, "echoes from the heart of some ancient knowing..." (I don't know about ancient, exactly) "and whispers from time's forgotten cave..." (not sure about that either) "that life may be more than it seems, and less." (that's what I thought of when reading your story)

I might just be because everything around me has seemed so superficial lately and this was a lot more genuine, but it really reminded me that there is something more out there.

I don't know. I probably sound really weird. I thought the ending was a little flat, so I'm not saying your story was perfect, but just...really good.

Thank you.

OTPrincess chapter 27 . 5/19/2014
This was a really cute story! I like how you brought them together because of a common loneliness and how you made it believable that Izaya always liked Shizuo. It was really adorable! Good job I loved it!
XxNEGATIVE0xX chapter 27 . 4/24/2014
awwwww... that's so cute! kya! fangirl mode activated! oh wait- gotta wash the dishes, anyways, amzing story ;D
thefearlesscherryblossom chapter 27 . 12/9/2013
That was really lovely. Thanks for sharing this story.
Mood chapter 26 . 7/7/2013
I have read many stories. This one is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever stumbled over. It's one of these stories, which made me cry. It was heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once. Thank you for this masterpiece.
BananaLipbalm chapter 27 . 6/22/2013
this story is seriously good.
favourited it and you are one hell of a writer
the way you discribed those feeling had me in tears
Cyberloner chapter 27 . 6/17/2013
This fic touched me to such an extent that I cried along with the characters. I also played the piano when I was a kid and the pieces you chose are simply magnificent! I loved it!
Nana Three Hundred chapter 27 . 6/5/2013
Oh my oh my this made me cry I'm crying it was so powerful especially with the mentioned songs playing just wow too good for words
Headless dullahan chapter 27 . 3/31/2013
That was amazing. I love how you describe their feelings. And the music you pick for the ff is fitting and sensual.
DattebayoUrie01 chapter 27 . 3/12/2013
Aaaaaw this fic had me dying of its uber fluffiness!
Shidou chapter 27 . 12/15/2012
This is so cute...I'm all melt to the floor in sweetness *heart*
Just to let you know this made me lost 3 hrs of sleep and gain a fight with parent XD
but it's ok, did not regret wse...this fic is really sweet :3

though i can't really say it's very well written overall...the beginning is good, i like how you describe the music and stuff...but starting chapter 21 it starts to become awkward... the story doesn't flow as well and i can't really picture the story flow (usually when i read fiction, i translate everything into animation; like a movie...but starting ch.21 the organization/flow of the story doesn't make sense and sometimes i find it hard to understand how this scene connects to that scene)

especially the beginning paragraph of ch.21, so...they're kissing? when did izaya's hand start to cup shizuo's face? i looked back and forth between end of ch.20 and beginning of ch.21 and it doesn't make sense regarding the turn of event. how did this "very certain" kiss just break off, and izaya opens the door for shizuo to calmly walk in and observe? then the rest of the chapter says how izaya are "so not certain" that he loved shizuo...?

yea...that's something i find confusing and hindered a bit with my reading of this story
hope that helps! :) i'm still gonna fav this story because of the plot! *heart* it's really really sweet!
(i'm also a musician that's why ;D)
good job!
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