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Loves2Shop chapter 11 . 12/18/2017
I get it. Lucas doesn't think his right for Brooke and wants to sort himself out before he decided to be with her.
I love that this is based in a true story (:
Guest chapter 27 . 5/21/2015
Omg i rooted for them so hard and thought for sure it would end with them getting married! I even hoped it was brooke and lucas telling the story their daughter! But i guess because it was a story based on real life i understand why u ended it like it.
i just wish we had more explained, like who she married and if she is happy, her life after everything and what happened to lucas. xx
brown-eyes87 chapter 27 . 4/14/2015
I know this story has been done for a while but I just happened to stumble upon it the day before yesterday and I just read through it every chance I got. Normally I'm the type to read the end of a book before I decide if I want to invest my time and money into it, I'm a sucker for happy endings. I think a lot of bad stuff happens daily so it's nice to read about someone getting a happy ending to their story. That being said I was just amazed by your story. I admit I didn't agree with some of the decisions that some of the characters made and all their actions so sometimes it was hard to wrap my head around how a person could withstand that, go down that road but even so I was just addicted to your story and kept reaching for more. You told a story of this great love that was just so richly heartbreaking and it made you hurt so bad for the characters and keep you rooting for their triumphs. I she'd many a years and although the ending was a bit bitterly heartbreaking for me I just I felt like I experienced this glimpse of this amazingly complex love story between two people and I hope that maybe in the next lifetime they get it right. You did a great job and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing that with us readers here.
xxxmutil-fandom-loverxxx chapter 27 . 10/15/2014
OMG your mother's story breaks my heart more than the fanfic. Its shattering really.
carson chapter 27 . 1/27/2014
oh my god, I am lagit crying, tears are dripping on my lap top
I was so excited, thinking it would be a happy ending, but the end was both beautiful and heart wrenching
why would u do this to me, I felt so conected to the characters, and there epic love story,
this was truely the most beautiful i have ever read and will ever read, INCLUDING ACUAL PUBLSIHED ONES,
my heart is breaking sobad, and P.S i always loved lucas (david) and didn't understand how people didn't like him at the early chapters
u are an amazing writer, you can conect us to what u are working on, I would truely adpire to be like you
and have a love story even as close to epic as the one you wrote about
except I hope for a happy ending3
Loves2Shop chapter 27 . 1/5/2014
Omg that is one of the best stories I've ever read...
It was amazimg... And knowing it was based on a true story made it so much more...
I didn't expect it to end the way it did, but it made me cry... I did expect them to get married like they said they would...
The ending I must admit was very good...
Your mom is amazing to stick by him for so long not knowing what he had done... This story could make people believe in love for sure! It has made me think about it.
Very good!
sachit.khosla chapter 27 . 9/30/2013
i read this and cant help but feel what your mother went through., she had such a hard life and never got her one true love
you wrote this story beautifully and it almost makes me cry reading this.
Hats off to your mother for her bravery and to you for your writing
BL-CS chapter 27 . 3/28/2013
I read the reviews before starting with this story to see if it was completed and imagine my surprise when I read that people were crying cos of the ending cos Lucas died. Ugh I wish I read the story first before I read the reviews. Now I'm not as surprised not heartbroken as everyone else. But it's ok I guess. This story still made me sad. I can't believe she went through all that pain and still not end up with him. I guess life is cruel that way. I admire your mom so much for being so strong, really. But I just can't helpmbutnfeel for her/Brooke. I'd probably kill myself if that happened to me.

I seriously still can't get over it. Completely in love and too young and stupid to know what to do with it, indeed. And look where that got them. Sigh.
whatsername11 chapter 27 . 12/29/2012
Wow. I read this story about a month ago, and when I finished I was speechless. I cried, like I never had before over a story. The next few days my mind was completely consumed by this story. I just kept thinking about Brooke and Lucas, but mostly your mom. I was heartbroken. I couldn't imagine that Brooke, and your mom didn't receive their happy ending. I kept finding myself thinking about it. This story was beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful. You told the story wonderfully, and I am sure your mom is proud. I found myself wrapped up in the story, thinking about it and counting the moments until I could get back to it. I am pretty sure I went into a somewhat depression after I finished, thinking about it at all times. I drove my roommate crazy, I just kept talking to her about it. Even a month later I still find myself thinking about chapters. Thanks for sharing this story with us, even though it broke my heart. The ending was so sad, and it blindsided me. Tell your mom my heart goes out to her. So one month later here I am reviewing your story. I have finally composed myself enough to put together some of my thoughts on this story, hopefully they make sense. Again, thank you for sharing. It was a wonderful story, and you told it beautifully.
Vic chapter 27 . 10/24/2012
I'm literally crying right now. Not because Brucas didn't end up together but obviously because of your mom. I wish they had their happy ending, I truly do. It's so sad to heart about it, but I'm glad you decided to share it with us cause you're a hell of a writer and I loved every second I spent reading this fic. I don't know if you're gonna read this, but I'm leaving this here to let you know this fic became one of my favorites. Of all times. I mean it.
Anyway, sometimes I got lost and I had no idea it wasn't Brooke telling her love story. I just... I'm still trying to understand everything but everything kinda makes sense now.
Thank you for giving me these feels, even the tears.
Don't you ever dare stop writting okay? :P
LoveWritingxoxo chapter 27 . 10/7/2012
Wow...I'm kinda speechless at the moment. I could've sworn Raine's mom and dad was Brooke and Lucas! I went back to read some of the chapters and I tried to see of I could find some clues - didn't find any but wow, this ending was unexpected. I feel so sorry for your mom. She's amazing for still keeping up after everything she's been through. So if BL wasn't Raine's mom and dad, are they Nathan and Haley, Peyton and Jake? Cuz I'd really like to know, but all in all this was a great story!
eternalLove59 chapter 27 . 10/6/2012
Is it weird that I re-read this chapter over and over again? Because that's exactly what I did! I couldn't believe the ending but huge respect for ending it how you did. Thank you for this though sad in some sort of weird way it fit.
chiyo chapter 27 . 10/5/2012
Saddest ending ever!
BpDs89 chapter 27 . 10/5/2012
Omg! Lucas died? This was the saddest thing I ever read in my life. Poor Brooke (your mom) it's so not fair what happened to her. How she wasn't able to get her happy ending with Lucas (David). Tragic love story but those I hear are the best.
craxygirl54 chapter 27 . 10/5/2012
Honestly I am literally crying right now as I am typing this because this was like really sad and I didn't expect this. I of course respect the ending because that's how it was just so bittersweet but perfect at the same time. Your mom went through a lot and knowing what she went through just makes me feel this indescribable feeling inside of me that I just can't quite figure out what it is. I swear so many emotions are running through me...I even went back to chapter one and then chapter two and so for checking to see where there were signs telling us that the woman telling the story wasn't Brooke and yes they were there...subtle but they were there. Thank you so much Taylor for sharing your mom's almost fairytale...I completely get the title now and tell her she is a brave woman and even if I don't know her I admire her because despite everything she went through she is still here enjoying her life and just being her.
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