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klu chapter 39 . 5/17/2014
Somehow I accidentally didn't get this in the last chapter's review.

When Addy freaked out about Bobby haunting the brothers and left them in the middle of the hunt, I was incredibly disappointed in her character. No matter how upset she was at the situation, there was still a job to do - a 'fate of the world' kind of job - and the guys needed the back up... So she should have stowed her crap until it was done and then told them off, cut them out and taken off at that point - if that's really what she wanted to do. But I also think that taking off without hearing them out on the circumstances surrounding it was incredibly childish even if there wasn't a job to do right that minute. This is Bobby she's talking about and these men considered him a father. It's not like he was haunting them for a year, it had been like a week or 2 tops... And as Hunters, they knew they should have 'put him down' as his sons, it was much harder. As a hunter, she should have thought about putting him down first, but that wasn't what she did either; she was upset for completely different reasons. They've all lost so much; she should have thought about it and taken a moment to think it through, listen and talk it out with them.

Maybe then looking for Dean wouldn't be such a difficult task because she's have actually been there to witness what happened.
klu chapter 37 . 5/17/2014
It was unfortunate that Addy didn't stick around long enough to see Dean... But her face-to-face with meg here was awesomely done and I had to comment on the pure grit in that scene. The nervous energy and terror/disdain Addy had for the demon was palpable. If I were a nail-biter, I'd have had none left. It was so very beautifully balanced by the genuine love and caring she holds for Cas.

I also appreciated Addy's explaining the sigils on her heart to Cas. It kept me from wondering what had exactly happened with the cupid...
klu chapter 38 . 5/17/2014
I LOVED that Addy stuck around and took care of Edgar's head to keep him from doing any more hideous monster activity. She got her revenge... and it was awesome!

Then Crowley ended up taking her to Dick? I thought he'd done it on purpose...
klu chapter 31 . 5/17/2014
Again I went and looked for something that indicated that Addy had 'broken it off' and told Dean "do what- or who-ever you want" and I was kind of annoyed (at you) that I found nothing.

I can accept that the readers were cut out of a messy fight here, but since we were and we have no idea what precipitated this, I can only say that Addy had no right to be as mad at Dean's Amazonian trist as she was. Yes, she should be hurt, and she could even be mad that he took advantage of all the liberties she gave him. But when he showed up, saying he realized that he didn't want the 'freedoms' she'd clearly and obviously given him (and it was unclear as to whether he asked for them - meaning did he say he wanted to end things or did she just say she wanted it to be over and he decide 'if she wants it, she'll get it' in typical 'Dean-fashion'). then she should have at least heard him out. I think she should have at least afforded him that courtesy.
klu chapter 30 . 5/17/2014
I have no idea why Dean was such a complete ass to Addy here. I honestly wondered if there was a chapter I'd missed and went back, but there was nothing I'd missed that would have accounted for his behavior. Then I thought maybe giving away Veronica's baby furniture was just as painful for him as it was for Addy - and maybe he's also blaming her for giving away their third child, even though logically he knows it had to be that way. And, maybe he was worried about losing touch with Sam... But even all of those together are still no excuse; she was in pain and she needed him to be supportive, not some jealous-acting dick-bag. This was another time he deserved several slaps and a nut-punch.
klu chapter 28 . 5/17/2014
Dean needed to understand that Addy's need for him superseded any requirement for gentleness at the moment she saw him, and since he was so willing and also seemed so crazed for her, he just needed to let it go, especially after hearing her honestly say that nothing had ever happened sexually between her and Edgar. His past with Sam, his father and other has caused him to be a distrusting bastard, (when something seems too good to be true, it simply is). That is HIS issue and he shouldn't take it out on HER. Getting amnesia and subsequently kidnapped by monsters is NOT her fault.
BUT - Addy also should have addressed the fact that she had emerged 'back from the dead' and was leery about how to rejoin him and Sam. She had to seem like she was hiding from him, and hiding to Dean looks like keeping a secret or being ashamed of something...

So he got her back on the same day he lost his only truly loving father-figure. Bobby would have helped him put Addy's reluctance to come back to him in perspective, but he was gone. She wasn't talking enough for him to really understand and he wasn't ready to talk about any of it. It was a veritable mixed-bag of emotions and he was a raw nerve of emotional turmoil; the only thing Dean Winchester knows to do with that is bury it all. Possibly one of his best and worst days (hours) ever.
klu chapter 27 . 5/17/2014
I was shocked that Addy allowed Dean to drag her off to the supply closet, but not for the same reasons Dean was... It's just that with the situation with Bobby, I would have thought she would have wanted to first find out what was going on with him, and then when Dean stifled her saying "not her" I would have thought she would have forced him to stop and insisted that he recognize that she was, in fact herself, before he continue. Toby had told her that the Levis could impersonate people, and she knows about shifters - clearly Dean, distraught in his grief (thanks to her not warning him, he still thought she was dead and now clearly whatever was happening with Bobby was REALLY bad) was willing to take a BIG risk banging a monster that looked like her as his last action of life before it killed him. Then when she said 'it's really me' and he said 'Lay wouldn't let me...' She STILL didn't put it together what he was saying? WTF? Was she just so drunk on after-sex high that she couldn't process what was happening? I put a lot of what happened to their relationship falling apart after this on her after this because he just couldn't ever get past this weird, f-ed up reunion...
klu chapter 26 . 5/17/2014
I wanted to kill her. OK, not KILL her, kill her, but slap her until she was thinking clearly. WHY not have MO and Toby call Dean and tell him that she is coming and that she wants to catch up to him? Why not have Garth call and tell him she's on her way? Why does she just keep frigging chasing him with no warning? Yes, whenever she catches them, Sam and Dean are going to do all the tests on her again (no matter what anyone says, they will want their own conformation), but at least they will wait for her and she can get to them sooner versus later?

She is so incredibly ridiculous, just chasing them, unsure what the Levis wanted with her and if are looking for her now or what is going on at this point... She needs backup and she should get to people who can help ASAP! This is bigger than just her and her insecurities about seeing Dean; she should recognize that.
klu chapter 25 . 5/17/2014
I was so proud of Toby here...
klu chapter 22 . 5/17/2014
I thought you were especially cruel to have Dean and Addy finally make amends and then tuen around and have her immediately disappear from his life again before she got to fully accept his apology (and I am not talking about sex, but the emotional weight of the situation).
klu chapter 21 . 5/17/2014
This is one of those times when I wanted to slap and then maybe also punch dean in the crotch. I kept thinking about the meaning of the inscription in his ring and going "DO WHAT IT SAYS, YOU JERK" then when you find out what he's mad about, I was even more irate. Rather than ask Addy about what a demon said, he just got mad and treated her like crap for days while everything else was going to Hell...

I was just incredibly thankful that Sam didn't let her leave when she was all ready to go; that he convinced her to stay and go in the morning...
klu chapter 15 . 5/17/2014
I loved this chapter because it showed Addy that Dean really wanted to be with her. He used the 'God put us together' line, but hopefully she saw through that crap because Dean never did anything because of it being 'destiny' ordained from a higher power.
klu chapter 14 . 5/17/2014
I'm unsure why she didn't ask the hospital to 'tie her tubes' after giving birth - given their situation, it makes no sense that she wouldn't be more proactive and just go forward with a more permanent birth control solution.
klu chapter 11 . 5/17/2014
I think that Addy's plan was the only option to keep both Toby and their unborn child safe. I do know how hard this was for them and I understand why Dean reacted the way he did.

She just came back from the dead, pregnant with his child, and they're both still raw after suffering the loss of their daughter (whom he had to bury 'alone' because she was clinging to life in a coma at the time) and now she's told him she's going to go into hiding, he can't know where and she's going to give THIS child away... Now her rational is sound and the steps are necessary, but I wish that she had done a better job controlling her anger at his reaction; knowing Dean what family means to him, what SHE means to him, it should have been more-than-expected. But she basically 'divorced' him and threw her ring at him...

This is Addy's biggest problem. She loves Dean, that is clear. Yet at times, it's like she doesn't KNOW him. He seems to know her and when to leave her alone and let her process. Like when she got so mad at Cas and Dean told the angel, 'just let her be'... She should know to just let him blow up, have his fit and then digest what she's saying. He will then feel like a jackass for yelling and accept that she is right, even if he doesn't like what she's saying, and agree with her. The situation already breaks his heart, not he feels doubly bad for the way he acted and the reaction he got from her.
klu chapter 8 . 5/17/2014
I knew from minute one that 'Ariel' was not what she claimed and something was amiss... Only letting Addy and Dean 'hook up' for 'dream sex' and nothing more was clearly something hinky. The fact that she'd never seen Cas (and he couldn't find her when she was clearly 'back') was also a dead give away that there was a problem. with Addy's 'benevolent friend'.
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