Reviews for Rise of the Lycans
WhiteElfElder chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
This was a food first chapter to introduce the transformation. I expect things are going to go to hell at the Burrow as Ginny, Ron, and Molly are going to explode. The events for the World Cup should be interesting...I wonder how the Veela will affect Harry now? Why didn't they contact Remus?
thevaaner chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
I'm actually pretty happy that you decided to go with the van helsing wolves. Why didn't you choose with the loincloth also? I don't mind but I just thought that it looked cool on the wolves in the movies.
kidderz90 chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Really like this story! It'll be an interesting twist having hermione go through what Harry does. When in most stories he has to suffer through a change like this on his own.

Looking forward to the next update,

Dagda06117032 chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
What is going to be funny is when the Weasleys see them. Ron is going to say something stupid, Ginny is going cry like a baby. Should be fun
deadkid23 chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
wow love it 8.5/10 chapters need to be longer for a 10/10
Artur Hawkwing 1 chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Great Story! Although if you can have the characters saying what's going on instead of you describing what's going on that would be great thanks!
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
i loved it.i can't wait to see Ron,Ginny, 's reaction when they find out that Harry and Hermione are Lycan.
lrmorena chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
This will be so much fun! I wonder? Is Ron a candidate to become one of the lycans? Draco will be perfect! LOL I just want to create a pack of mischiefs... LOL
trongod chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Well done chapter. I like that you got away from the Uber Rich!Lord of the Peerage Potter and made it more a courtesy title, and the fact Lily was a hot model and left him more money than James did was cool.

You definitely got the Luna speech paraphrased to the Grangers, resulting in a paranoid pop; bet Michael spent a lot of time eyeballing Harry and trying to keep the two apart before Rhona kicked his butt. Would like to see more interaction between the Potters and the Grangers, instead of the Grangers being cut outs so often used. - YES, I'm still campaigning for Lycan!Grangers! -

The Weasley reactions will be telling, since they are something of a benchmark for wizarding society to me. Also Harry's reaction to first the Veelas, then the Death Eater raid ought to be classics in themselves. Will the allure affect him, making him touchy feely all over Hermione, or will the two just laugh about the actions around them?
Vexit chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
great story, nice using the Van Helsing werewolves as aposed to the Underworld lycans, the lycans are a little to "monstery" while the VH werewolvs have just about the perfect beast to monster ratio. cant wait for next chapter
ROBERT-19588 chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
The following ideas and questions I have, are not ment to tell anyone how to write their stories. I like characters that think. Thats why I have the ideas that fallow, use them or not, (I know I post the same comments in the stories I review. I do this to give the Author ideas and to look at what I consider normal for any person to do.):

Harry needs to goto Gringotts and have a look at his parant's Original will(s) if he has not already done so.

Harry needs to goto Gringotts and have a Skills and Heritage test run on him, as well as check for any Magical Blocks, and tracking devices, and Spells on him or his thangs.

- Harry needs to see what skills he has that he does not know about.

- Harry needs to see what other families he is relatd to, IE:

Arthur Pendragon, Godric Griffindor, Merlin, Etc.

- Harry needs to see what blocks (on his magic or himself, or any potions or any tracking devices or spells on him.)

- If Harry finds out he only related to the Potters, at least he checked. Same goes for the Blocks and spells, if he finds none, at least he checked.

Harry needs a list of all the business (both Magical and Non-Magical), properties, money, stocks, bonds, jewels, as well as anythang else he owns.

Harry should have or gotten a Debet card from Gringotts that works in both the Magical & Non-Magical worlds that is connected to his vaults.

Having Harry check at Gringotts would be normal for anyone.

If Sirius is Lord Black, Sirius needs to nulify both Narcissa Malfoy's, & Bellatrix LeStrange's marages, as well as disowned them from the Black family, as well as the getting the dowries returned to the Black family, and any prophet from any Black family money they revived, as well as bringing Tonks and her parents back into The Black Family, if they can be trusted. By nulifing both Narcissa Malfoy's, & Bellatrix LeStrange's marages, Sirius cuts a lots of funds from coming to Tom Riddle.

As Harry is heir of at least two of the Hogwarts Founders (or should be), Harry owns Hogwarts, he needs to fire Dumbledore and not alow him or any of his allies to enter Hogwarts ever again, as well as NOT allow anyone who has the Dark Mark to ever enter Hogwarts or any one who created the Dark Mark, or anyone that means harm to the students at Hogwarts, to ever enter Hogwarts!

Harry should also be Lord Slytherin by conquest, as Harry defeated Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. a/k/a "Lord Voldemort", by destoring Thomas "Tom" Marvolo Riddle's, Jr. a/k/a "Lord Voldemort's" physical being as a child and again his (First, Second) year(s) at Hogwarts. Harry needs to cast "Thomas Marvolo Riddle, Jr." out of the Slytherin family foever.

Harry should be Lord Griffindor, as Harry pulled Lord Godric Griffindor's sword from the Sorting Hat in the Chamber of Secerts.

Harry should use Godric Griffindor's sword in the war agenst Voldemort.

Albus Dumbledore as well as Minerva McGonagall and Hagrid and The Wizengamot (Minerva McGonagall did not stop Dumbledore from Harry going to the Dudleys, as well as alling Harry to kidnapped, and Hagrid brought Harry to the Dudleys, The Wizengamot did not STOP DumbleDORK from harming Harry.) DumbleDORK and the Dudleys needs to be made to do HARD labor, (without using his Magic) in the Goblin mines till they DIE, for putting Harry with the Dudleys, as well as, if ilegial blocks and or spells were put on Harry by DumbleDORK.

The Dudleys should be put into prison for what they did to Harry.

EVERYTHANG that Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, and the Dudleys have need to be given to Harry, for what thay have allowed to happen to Harry.

- Hagrid just needs a good warning about what he did to Harry on Dumbledore's orders as Hagrid is a smiple trusting person. It would be good if Hagrid could finsh his Magical schooling.

- Albus Dumbledore put Harry with the Dudleys, so Albus DumbleDORK is just as responble as the Dudleys for how Harry was treated by the Dudleys, as Albus Dumbledore was an accessory to how Harry was treated by the Dudleys.

- The Wizengamot, did NOT STOP DumbeDORK from harming Harry or EVER check on the well being of Harry. The Wizengamot should be forced to pay compensation for harm done to Harry.

Fawkes needs to unbond with DumbleDORK (for what DumbleDORK has done to Harry and others) and bond to Harry, or whomever Fawkes wishes to bond with.

In the Harry Potter and mostly in the Fan Fics Dumbledore never gets in trubble for what he allowed Harry to go through at the Dudleys or at Hogwarts.

Snape needs to goto Azkaban for all the thangs he has done to Harry and his family.

- Snape over haeard the prophecy and repoted it to Voldemort,

thus puttig Harry and his fmily in danger.

As Harry & Hermione are married, they need their own rooms at Hogwarts.

I Hope Dobby & Winky will help both Harry & Hermione.
trongod chapter 1 . 2/7/2011
Nice touch with the Goddesses - I especially enjoyed Luna, although Maria cracked me up as well; any hope we'll see them drop by every so often. Maybe Fate can show up and be all apologetic for the crap He/It/She has forced Harry, and now Hermione, into?

Be interesting to see how the Elder Grangers take the news, especially if they go by movie werewolves. Will Hermione get flustered enough to babble and reveal Luna's words to them...Or what if the kids accidentally bit them during the summer and Muggles can be Lycans as well?

How are the Goblins going to take the newest species, or will they recognize/be informed/discover their new status?

Although I'd think the kids would turn green at the thought of the Grangers shagging wildly during the full moon.

Come to that, is it the entire period of the full moon, the 2 nights bracketing and the full moon, or just the one night when the moon is at its fullest?
Harrie chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
I like it so far, one thing that you might try to avoid though is putting note in mid story, it can sometimes break up the flow of the story. It's usually better to trust the readers who are curious about your inspirations to read the notes you may or may not put at the end of the chapter.
JD chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Enjoyable story so far. I complement you on your imagination. I don't remember seeing this exact scenario before.
Irishfighter chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Awesome chapter
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