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Akrasian chapter 5 . 4/7/2014
Dammit Mello! you should have killed Near!

Shitstorm in 3.. 2.. 1...

C'mon. Post!
Clouddoodles chapter 5 . 11/1/2012
If this story stays unfinished i think i shall die. Not only is it rediculously hot (L is breaking me to peices just IMAGINING him) sad and generally FANTASMICALLY AWE-INSPIRINGLY AWESOMEFULLY WONDERFUL, but its also very well written, funny, and i LOVE what youve done with Matt. Yes hes a side character but i really love it. I love all of this. AWWWLLL OF THISSS. Also Light is epic as a pop star. My phone almost corrected that as pop tart.
If you ever read this review... I hope it convinces you to continue.
raiTonight29 chapter 5 . 10/20/2012
ahhh don't let all this sexyness stop here! please update oh my gosh this fic is rendering me incoherent but i must and i should let my praises be known because oh my GASH this is awesomeness personified dksfjcxzv i DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED THIS UNTIL NOW OMG DKJHLDSF MAFIA MEN. /MAFIA/ -pant /MEN/

Sychronergy chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
Wow, this is awesome. It's seedy and total heat. Perfect combination.
viviboo chapter 5 . 10/12/2011
Awesome character description. I still can't believe that Light is fcking the man who paralyzed his father :o
Withershins chapter 5 . 6/2/2011
AAhh! That's it, you did it. This chapter finally carried me off. I'm dead. Thank you ever so much.

SO much stuff in here! Mah, I can't even get a handle on it.

Most of all - Alexei! Oh, how right I was. He is amazing and beautiful and terrifying and you should be proud. Can't wait to see where you take him. He is lovely, drunken L is lovely, and Light the poor boy is especailly lovely because he's no idea what the dickens is going on but he's still got his zing and swagger. Love.

And Mello! Gevanni! Bam, dead, Mello gone. Ah, my brain is wigging out.

Really, I don't know how you can expect any coherency from me after reading a chapter like this. I'm not even going to try - I'm just going to end up gaaaahhh-ing at you. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Random bits that I loved, but can't call favorites because I loved the whole goddamned thing:

"They exited the car, Lawliet with the reluctant grace of a man who had been doing such his entire life and Light with the springboard energy of a star used to popping out of vehicles to hungry paparazzi." - Yes. It's little imagery things like this that just make me fall in love with your writing. On top of everything else.

"And if he didn't know any better, judging by the contents it appeared as though Lawliet had a drinking problem. Lawliet crossed the tundra rug and grabbed out a large bottle of vodka kept in a crystal tumbler and drank from it straight. Or maybe he didn't know better." - And all your humor. Christ, how I love your humor.

"And he was right. Mihael would never leave those warm arms willingly. But Mello would." - Also, love the distinction between the names, L and Lawliet and Mello and Mihael and so on. And this particular line is wonderfullly sad.

"Lines were drawn in the snow and filled in with blood as he spoke and Mihael felt his heart break, but Mello stayed calm." - And this even more so. Heartbreaking and beautiful and gaaaahhh.

There I go. Gah-ing. Really, I had to physically stop myself from just pulling out every line from this damn thing and tossing it back at you with a giant -YES. Because there's not really anything else to say.

And I've all run out of chapters. I hate this fact, but it may be a good thing because you've turned me to mush and I need to solidify before I can take anything else. But please update soon. I need my wordbombs fix. I get twitchy without it.

Aha! I've realized why you call this crack now. Alright, that's probably not why you call it crack, but that will be my reason here on out. So throw us a fix, huh?
Withershins chapter 4 . 6/2/2011
Mmm... Matt with a South African accent. THAT is delicious. And the fokken. God yes, I love the way you write the boy. And on the subject of characters and how you write them - I cannot wait for Alexei. I'm just tingling with excitement, because I can already tell he's going to be amazing. It's wordbombs we're talking about here.

And Light! Going off to Russia with strange and dangerous men? The impulsive little infatuated boy. Very excited for that as well.

This was beautiful: "He set Light on fire in all of the stereotypical ways, but there was also a deeper current of budding genuine appreciation and affection. Light liked him. He liked him hard and he liked him passionate and he could love him one day." - Just so lovely. It makes me want to cry, though that may partially be lack of sleep. You never know. It's still beautiful.

I love what you're doing with those two and their relationship. I find it wonderfully ironic that L is the one with all the secrets, as in most stories it ends up the other way around, because of Light and his sneaky little nature. Really, L and Light just kill me, any way they're tossed together, but particularly when you're doing the tossing. The three of you are conspiring to do me in, I just know it.

And speaking of tossing, I very much enjoyed the image of L throwing his money around and buying a fortune of clothing. That was a fun mental picture.

Yes, still adoring this story. Showers of love for you and it and just Russia and rapping in general. (Sorry for disappearing for so long - life attacked.) And really, I don't get why you keep calling this crack. It's unlike any crack I've ever read. In any case, it's the best damn cocaine I've come across yet.
Ahrlaedrin chapter 5 . 5/31/2011
For some reason, the song "Dark of the Night" from Anastasia comes to mind whenever I look at the title, huh. :L

Thought, to be honest, I am really enthusiastic about this ficlet and I hope it continues (withmoregraphicseximeanwhat) with the hilarity and the er... crack. To put it nicely. or crudely. Whichever you prefer.

Oh, and because it sounds funny: Fucking word bombs man, fucking word bombs. ;D

Withershins chapter 3 . 5/25/2011
Aaaand I'm back, after rudely breaking the established pattern. Barely had time to so much as blink at a computer, let alone get on and soothe the fanfic monster inside me.

But! This chapter is just full of all sorts of loveliness, isn't it? Near! Trying to take down L! I certainly did not see that one coming, but I love the direction it's taking this story. And the Near/Mello stuff is heartbreakingly wonderful. I'm interested to learn more about their past.

Favorites from this chapter:

"L cut him off again by pulling down his own pants. Light was apparently easily distracted by nudity." - This is ridiculously easy to picture. Loved this line. Off go the pants and off goes Light's mouth. And who can blame the boy?

"Light's eyes had lit up with the kind of passion that L had seen on the faces of charismatic leaders, the kind of fire that could convince you to go along with whatever they were saying as long as they kept talking with such a burning intensity. Unless they were talking about killing you. Lines had to be drawn at some point after all." - Oh god yes, I loved this bit. Lots of love for it.

And Light, trying to fool himself about L and just failing miserably. And then they fuck anyway. Gah, my soul can't handle those two and their loving. It's so beautiful and messed up.

Too brain-dead for anything more, so I'll just heap some adoration on you for a bit. Here - have some adoration. You deserve it, if only because you've managed in one chapter to make me interested in Near/Mello. I've never quite wrapped my head around that one, but BAM - I understand now how those two together could work. Damn you for messing with my mind so much.
Withershins chapter 2 . 5/23/2011
And now I can't stop imagining L with a Russian accent. Goddman, woman, that's delicious.

This chapter is just unbearably wonderful. God, I love it. Goddd. GAWDY. Do you see what you do to me? All I can manage is uncreative religious profanity because I'm just maaah. What was that? My brain falling out.

Mafia!L terrifying the yakuza flunkies, saving Kira's ass. Why do I love this so much? "Say my name and I'll cut your tongue out and feed it to you." Light, boyo, what have you gotten in to?

And since I'm lacking the required coherency to do anything more productive than drool on the keyboard, let me just parrot back some of my favorites from here:

"Instead he navigated by the lights of Tokyo still entering his apartment, laughing at the hour as if to say, What now mother fuckers? Our shine never ends!" - Tokyo, you rebel child. How I adore you. Yes, and your tapioca pearls.

Little Light in oversized neon. I just want to scoop that up and eat it. We can now add cannibalism to the list of things you're responsible for. Blown brains, exploded reproductive organs, and cannibalism.

"It wasn't because he gave half a fuck, or even a quarter of a fuck about appearances, but another lesson of the bratva was never be conspicuous. Blend. Deceive. Then shoot in the face." - Again, so L. Just with a bit of Mafia flavoring. A lotta yummy Mafia flavoring.

"As it were, he had a very high self-esteem bred into him as the heir to a multi-million, albeit horribly illegal, organization. Or at least that was what his father kept telling him. L thought his self-esteem might actually lie more in his ability to kill twenty men within a minute of entering the room and to bed famous rap stars, but really it was all subjective." - My god, how you make me laugh. All these wonderfully clever lines that just sneak up and pounce. GAH.

And I'm just going to end up quoting the entire thing back at you, so I'll stop here. But holy flying fuck this wonderful. Ok. I'll be back later, depending how long I can make myself wait. But yes, adoring this. God. God god god god. Yes.
Withershins chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
I warned you, and here I am. And oh my FUCK you weren't lying about your L, were you? How? How how how? How do you make this work? It's gorgeous, luv. Mafia. Tats. Strawberries and vodka. L, darling, what has she done to you? You blow my mind. It's blown, on the floor. People are slipping on the splatters.

I swear, if anyone else tried this it would have crashed and burned in a tangle of flames and twisted metal on the runway, but you! Pure gold.

And Light! Rapping! That's just all kinds of fun. Justin Bieber fan craze meets Eminem word play and intense spitting. Kira. This deserves love.

And speaking of love - mansex! You wrote it! My soul was warned and still couldn't take it. "And how do you take your worship?" - I melted.

And this - "but who had time for sock shopping when you had a crime empire to run and people to kill?" And then the interrogation bit. Loved it. So L. So twistedly L. L put through the washer with a load of mafia. Gorgeous.

Hot glittery mess indeed. This is insanity made viable. L in the Russian mafia and Light as rapper and it works? What have I been drinking? Oh that's right, I'm reading wordbombs.

I'm itching to just blow through the rest of this now, but I'm going to stretch it out. At least over two days. Otherwise I'll be done and it will be over until you update and then where will I be in the meantime?

This is fabulous. I'm not sure I can wait to keep reading. You're a marvel. I'll never be able to think of Russia without L again. St Petersburg? The Kremlin? Moscow ballet? Nah, Russia is L.
Zayne Mason chapter 5 . 5/11/2011
You sooooo badly need to write the next chapter to FRWL! It's my fav story and I'm like going thru withdrawals lmao!
Beyond Blushing chapter 2 . 4/23/2011
haha Oh snap.

I'm loveing this story!
Beyond Blushing chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
This is really intriguing.

i love the idea of Light as a rap star. (I find it believable and comical) _

LxLight is my favorite paring for death note! I'm glad people are puting out stories about the two.
noname1998 chapter 5 . 4/3/2011
Hello! I am absolutely loving your fanfic! I mean Fuckin' A! With your alter egos and stuff! This is Freakin Awesome! I can't wait for your next chapters so please update soon!
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