Reviews for Shikuro: A Caribbean Fairy Tale
R chapter 116 . 9/25
Thank you so much for writing this story. It made me laugh, cry and question my whole existence. I am so glad I found it in the sea of Inuyasha fanfiction. Keep writing, you are so talented, I really hope you get published one day! :)
Ahri chapter 101 . 9/16
I fell in love with this a try and could barely put it down for 4 days after I started reading it. I love what you did with kagome and inuyasha. Although I'm sure I'd have bought it as a book, I am 100% happy you told this story with kagome and inuyasha!
RyoshiMorino chapter 116 . 8/31
Took me three weeks to finish this, and I have to say that I love it. The adventure and romance of it all was just the icing on the cake, because inside I find a wonderful, powerful story that makes me want to set sail.
Kaiochan chapter 116 . 8/24
What an incredible story. I enjoyed this so much! Your writing style is phenomenal and the imagination behind it just incredible. I really have to commend your accurate portrayal of the characters too, Inuyasha was my favorite. It can be hard to get him just right but you did! A lot of hard work went into this and it shows. Thank you for bringing such an amazing story to us, I hope to one day read a sequel. You rock!
mamacasper06 chapter 116 . 8/9
Just finished binge reading your story it took me a month but it was a great story I hope you write more!
skyates26 chapter 17 . 8/8
kiade is kikyo's sister I'm going to go out on a branch and say baba means grandmother of some kind
skyates26 chapter 16 . 8/8
they are called the thunder brothers and if I'm not mistaken one has lightning powers while the other has thunder. I am loving this story although I must say I wish kagome would stop being so confused but I get it that she has to find things out for herself since she did live a sheltered life.
skyates26 chapter 12 . 8/7
I know I'm late and the story is finished but I would like some bonus points anyway. Hatchi is Miroku's friend
Guest chapter 116 . 7/27
That was an amazing story. The characters were well developed and I loved how you add the different languages and cultures to the story. Definitely something you should publish.
InuKaglover15 chapter 116 . 7/22
This story is by far the best I've ever read on this site. I was consumed by the characters and by the twist and turns. At first I was startled by the sheer length of it all, having never read such a long fan-fiction, but once I got past the first two chapters I knew it was worth every minute. You Inuma Asahi De, have an unbelievable gift. I was once an inspiring writer who devoted every minute of everyday to working on my stories and creating novels. After my first year of university, my dreams slowly diminished. However...I know great writing when I see it. You CANNOT allow your talent to be waisted, this was an incredible story! If you first had original characters, then change it back, publish this as a real novel! It is inspired, fresh and it makes my heart soar. From the deck in Jamaica to the Goshinboku in Japan. I can tell that you went through outstanding length of research for both the geographic and cultural aspects of the story. This isn't just a fan-fiction...this is the retelling of Inuyasha in a completely different light. I am an Inuyasha enthusiast and these past 116 chapters have been nothing but pure and utter joy for me. I want to say thank you for sharing your work, but I think you should take it even farther. The world deserves to see what you've created, and you deserve the proper recognition of a writer.
ScribbleWolf chapter 116 . 7/6
i am so in love with this story!
it has definitely made the list as my #1 all time favorite story i've read so far!
im sad to see it end what am i going to do with my nights after my kiddos go to bed? lol
Channelle chapter 116 . 6/22
I have been following this story since the very beginning, always anticipating the next chapter. Although I am sad this is over, I am happy to have been apart of such an amazing story! Thank you for filling my imagination with wonder and adventure. Most likely, I will go back to the beginning and start again because I don't think I am ready to part with Shikuro.
Jay chapter 116 . 5/26
I'm not even sure how to feel. It took a long time to get to the end & when I got close I started finding reasons not to have time to read because I didn't want it to be over. I was a little confused about Eliza's age for a bit because you kept making her seem so young & tiny, though I knew she should only have been a year younger than the twins. I tend to only read stories that are finished because I've had too many that I got into & the author gave up. I'm glad you didn't. Yes, it could be improved with a beta going through to help edit & yes there were times where I'll admit I skimmed through because it felt as if you were dragging out your thoughts on something a bit too much, but that's a reader's opinions. I'll definitely be looking through your other works in the future. I loved the ending & also afterwards where you gave a glimpse at your own life during the creation of this. Great job. I'm only slightly sorry for bombarding you with 116 reviews.
Jay chapter 115 . 5/25
Wow. So much has happened. Also, I kinda hate the fact that you gave all the characters such thought that when all this happened, despite knowing it wasn't going to be all sunshine & rainbows, I teared up these last 2 chapters. Nice job on this chapter. I rather like Eliza.
Jay chapter 114 . 5/25
I kinda had a feeling something would happen to produce that outcome, but well done. If he's in the world of white, it would be because of too much energy expenditure from what I understand. So I'm assuming he somehow saved her if their daughter is any indication. I'm just hoping someone will be able to save him. Also, why did NOBODY catch them as they fell from Kilala?
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