Reviews for That Look: Retribution of Heirs
Ibskib chapter 8 . 9/18/2016
I kinda dislike the translation 'Might Guy', it destroys the original pun, and doesn't even sound like a name.
Please stick to the original and widely accepted name (almost exclusively in fanfiction) 'Maito Gai'.
larryjc chapter 12 . 11/18/2015
Just like in the original story, Konoha is just being a bully.
They are happy to go to war because they can win not because it is the righteous thing to do. If it was Kumo or Iwa, they would have been less trigger happy.
Shikamaru is trying to get Temari to pay for actions she didn't even commit directly while he is flinching away from actions he delibrately committed and that his father and father's friends helped him cover up. Yet they are all crying out for blood.
Would Shikamaru also compensate Suna for the son he killed? But he has no qualms making someone a mother then taking the child from her.
The story is quite interesting to read. It is just that I hate hypocrisy, double standard and bullying which is what Konoha are simply doing.
This is a village that sacrifice one of their own (Hizashi) because they couldn't fight a war to win against Kumo but now that they are in a position to win, they are also bullying others.
This fic is a reminder that Konoha are just people. They don't deserve to wear the white hat for what happened to then during the Hyuga affair because when the stakes are reversed, they are just as bad a Kumo.
I hope this story gets updated.
firetemplar415 chapter 12 . 10/21/2015
This would of been an awesome way for the story to have switched to!
Too bad both stories were abandoned...sigh.
PugTheMagician chapter 12 . 8/24/2014
This is certainly a different path you have taken, but not a bad one by any means. I like that you had naruto forget who hinata was, he had little to no interaction with her once he was aprenticed so it is understandable. Her political engagement to the heir of the land of greens is very believable as well, though i do find it strange for the hyuuga to be worried about such things with the prospect of war hanging over them. Anko and naruto's little talk before making up was nice to see, it would be too much to expect forgiveness straight up, on either side. Anko did seem a bit like she was trying to rush the relationship after the first night what with her sugesting marriage when they only just reunited, but i guess considerring her waiting for him and naruto's attitude before the second trip with jiraiya that is understandable. Anko and him fighting after he revealed he hadn't been a virgin for 2 years now was understandable, but his choice to not stay that way was also understandable, in my eyes at least. Lets step away from them now. I like that you showed shikamaru as revenge driven, it reminds me of him after asumas death in the anime. His plan to have revenge and yet bipass war is certainly unorthodox, yet unique. I can honestly say i never would have expected it. I like that you had shikamaru find out if it was doable before summoning thw clan heads. Naruto's revealing being minatos son certainly got less of a reaction than expected, but i assume that is only because they had more pressing matters at the time and that the reactions of others will be seen later. I like that you didn't have a yamanaka being the only avenue for getting the truth. I am a little confused as to why you had ibiki inject some fluids into temari. Was it sone kind of truth serum, something to help a genjutsu along? I just expected they'd let anko have a good whack at her, but i guess that would be a bit more gruesome than would be done in front of all the clan heads and surviving heirs. The fact you had shizune as a makeshift heart monitor was a nice touch, no point if the prisoner dies in interrogation. All in all i like that you took a story, added your own twist to it and still showed very well some of the original authors style in your spin off. I like this and i hope i can read more of it in the future
KingRamses chapter 12 . 7/26/2014
Damn thus is good, I hope you find time to update one day
Sadhaka chapter 12 . 7/10/2014
This was really good you had a different take then the author but I think both of them where true to the characters. I really liked the dynamics you put in place with Ino's father and the rest you where just brilliant with all the undercurrents. Everyone had a good personality that fit them and the interactions seemed organic. Wish you would of adopted this story as the original author seems to have abandoned it.
Affably Evil chapter 12 . 5/10/2014
A interesting divergence from that look. I'm not sure how Shikamarus would have panned out considering suna would probably not accept that happening to temari lightly, but it was an interesting idea. I enjoyed the tension between temari and the rest of the characters, especially Shikamaru. Most importantly like your other stories you kept everyone (especially hinata) in character. Hinata s interaction with anko was very entertaining, particular in how their characters are polar opposites and conflict with each other. I'm aware this hasn't been updated in some time but with what was there, this story was very good and looked like it would have only gotten more interesting.
AJ chapter 12 . 12/9/2013
I really hope you continue this story. I'm really curious about Shikamaru's ultimate plan.

You're story is great. Keep it up.
Amatarasue15 chapter 1 . 8/19/2013
Sad but i like it
lonewolfsinger chapter 12 . 6/27/2013
Well that was interesting, I wonder if that will be the end of it or the beginning of another with such information that was gleamed even if it was a bit confusing.
I not sure what to say here but it's always a pleasure to find what happens next.
zeonista13 chapter 12 . 6/6/2013
Heh-heh-heh, you are a cruel Mistress. However, I must approve of this story counterpart. We are fortunate to live a republic; the chess game of lives to control nationalities in the pre-modern period with little legal guidance could be cold and impersonal in a way that none of our current institutions can match. Too often personal motivations entwined with public ones, to the detriment of nations. Congratulations on achieving that, and not being a hand-wringing douchebag about it like George R.R. Martin. :)

On a personal level, Shikamaru's analytical mind unrestrained by his canon forbearance was impressive, and a even a rebuke to himself in the end. Anko was a good little stormtrooper, but she was also honest, which trait seems rather saintly in any Narutoverse. :) I liked Hinata standing up to Anko, disapproving of Anko's personal behavior without involving Naruto or insulting Anko for the reason why she acted like that. And Naruto finally noticed Hinata's existence this time, in this story. I felt a little sympathy for Anko; I favor NaruHina, but Anko in this story had her own solace in Naruto, and Hinata was a real challenge. I never liked the "Namikaze clan" story element, but if that got Naruto into the meeting, fine. He always has tended towards moderation and finding the best solution.
Cemalidor chapter 12 . 4/17/2013
Nice move there regarding Inoichi and his wife. Since he openly stated the he wanted Temari suffer Tsunade didn't had a real choice, still nice executed.

About the results of the questioning i am totally lost. :XD I would hate it if i had to get some real infos out this, maybe aside that Temari REALLY hates Shikamaru, but that's a no-brainer.

If this would get continued they would prolly restart Temaris heart succesfully, having Shizune AND Tsunade at the spot. Any further questioning would have to wait some time given the fact of the cardic arrest, as long as they don't come along with another way of gathering the answers they want/need.

Kinda heartless that the facts about Narutos heritage just went en route as some dressing, but funny. :XD
Cemalidor chapter 11 . 4/17/2013
Ok, after our PM i do highlight that i havn't read the original story "The look" from lotlof and 'judge' so on an narrowed PoV. On suggestion that will be the next story, still.

Shikamaru is portrayed mostly (meaning in the uttermost stories) as the one with dozens of backup plans and a genius intelect, still esp. he should know that he can't control all angle of this event at all times. Antagonism Temari further won't help him in the slightest, even in the light that Temari is doing her best to provoke him further.

So i'm kinda curious how he really expect Temari to follow his lead aside threaten her with the destruction of Suna in whole. If the case is that a loaded farce (mind you, i know that happens in reality often enough :) )that no matter what Temari does Shikamaru will have his way, he better makes sure he really keeps the predominance over her. If he analyze everything he must be aware that Temari would do anything to get her revenge on him sooner or later.

My two cent so far. ;)
Cemalidor chapter 7 . 4/17/2013
okaaayy... not sure if i should clasify Hinata a lil closet prevert here. :XDD

Regarding the 'Alias' problem with the 'rebirth' of Ino and Chouji most of my earlier concern got adressed, but to push it further, when this bounds are broken, where to start, wehre to end? Revive the Fourth, being the maybe needed war hero? The third for his great knowledge? Also IF Shikamaru had a hand in the death of Gaara, why shouldn't Suna demand the same (if they ever get wind of this)? He IS walking real dangerous ground there, nevertheless a real enjoyable chapter. :)
Cemalidor chapter 6 . 4/17/2013
Ok, so again my two cent. The theme has be covered before otherwhere (mostly in SF) and i'm not sure how in this story the technical details are/will be. Still (imnsho) even guaranteed that the genetic makeup will be 100% perfect, there might be (?) some haziness Chouji and Ino 'being' the same persons they were before. The uprising must not identical like before and even if the pressure of knowing that you were 'created' to replace someone killed before... i frankly don't know what this would do to me, being the intentions as good as possible...
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