Reviews for Watching Over Harry
Tora808 chapter 36 . 10/12
mcgonigall noooooooo
lsignet chapter 35 . 9/23
the Bewitched reference was cute lol!
Corneliusduke chapter 38 . 9/13
I know this is probably a late comment, but this was pretty damn good as stories go. Just a little tidbit I discovered something that brings JRR Tolkien to JK Rowling, they both grew-up going to "The Forest of Dean", and used it in their stories. Loved your story and the use of Morgana. Although Tolkien is by far the better writer, but to know that that he and JKR were both teachers as well. The ultimate crossover would be Harry to meet Bilbo.
Corneliusduke chapter 2 . 9/11
Not too bad, at all so far. I'd like to see Dumb...ledor, & Snifly get burned alive.
tammgrogan chapter 38 . 9/10
That was a Wonderful story, and a sequel would be Great! But now on to Passageways.
Midots chapter 38 . 8/23
very good read. what happened to Draco, Amelia and mad eye
Lllama chapter 21 . 8/23
I'm sorry it just still bugs me that the "out" Harry used with the betrothal contract was "They didn't use your full name." It's pretty weak, I'm not saying that such thing is impossible just lacking; after all Harry is now the head of his house and could surely annul the engagement.
Lllama chapter 5 . 8/22
This chapter would have benefited from some indication of a scene change or perspective change. Like a ASCII doodle fish swimming across.
Dreous44 chapter 38 . 7/31
Great story!
Guest chapter 21 . 7/27
In his humble opinion, there is no other woman as perfect as her... HAH! If that was humble, I'd love to know what boasting is.
GrayNeko chapter 38 . 7/23
I love the story
GrayNeko chapter 38 . 7/23
jolly good show
Blake2020 chapter 38 . 7/20
Amazing story and all the chapters and If there a sequel out there for this story and I will very much looking forward to it as well and reading it as well until the sequel then?
Blake2020 chapter 37 . 7/20
Wow beyond words
Blake2020 chapter 36 . 7/20
Oh right tom vs harry coming up and this should be showdown of the titans here?
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