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jk chapter 9 . 10/12/2015
I'm pissed that bella isn't pissed! Edward let her think he was a virgin! that she was his one and only!
but ten years later ohhh I should tell you you know my mom and sister? ya I wanted to fuck on and I did fuck the other..umm HELL NO
fuck that I would leave his ass in a hot second!
jk chapter 6 . 10/12/2015
why would we want Edward with bella? he loves every woman he comes across...hes used up and gross...I mean he loved rose for fucks sake...NASTY
jk chapter 1 . 10/12/2015
sooo Edward loves every vamp that comes along? esme? rose? are you fuckin kidding? NO THANKS
Camilla10 chapter 9 . 2/3/2015
The point, I think is if the pairing is definitive or not. In this story, obviously, it is not. But the summary is misleading and so it could have kept away some readers.
Camilla10 chapter 7 . 2/3/2015
But, who was the girl Isabella on the train? A grandmother?
Camilla10 chapter 4 . 2/3/2015
Well, it makes sense.
Camilla10 chapter 3 . 2/3/2015
I always wondered if how a raped and abused woman would accept sex afterwards and like it. But indeed Edward was very gentle.
Camilla10 chapter 1 . 2/2/2015
Hi Corinne, I saw you are posting this on TWCS but I came here, since it is complete. I confess I went to have a look to the end, because I am an E&B forever person and I wanted to know where it was going. Anyway, it is so good, so mature. I love your characterization of Esme and I love how you describe Edward fall from grace.
101storyaddict chapter 9 . 6/11/2014
I think this story fits nicely into the original and makes perfect sense to me. I really love how it all came together.
101storyaddict chapter 8 . 6/9/2014
I really like Rose in this chapter and how she can finally look back rationally and talk some sense into Edward…
Sparkly1 chapter 9 . 3/16/2014
I liked this story. I didn't (and still don't) understand why you would apologize for this pairing. I've often wondered if Edward would have fallen for Bella if he could have read her mind. Your story shows what Edward was like when he could read the mind of his love when he loved Rose. He wasn't true to himself. He was only striving to be what Rose wanted. And that is no good for her either. She had a total point that he knew her inside out and she knew next to nothing about him. Poor Emmett though. She made him go through the pain of the bear attack, and then the pain of the change. Good thing he's such a good sport! :) And ooh look at Carlisle! You portrayed him as a man with real emotions like anger, jealousy and rage rather than the always calm, compassionate, understanding, unrealistic person portrayed by canon. And GO ESME with her telling Carlisle like it is when he was going to destroy Edward. She's ruled by the expectations of women from her time, but she has her backbone too.

I was expecting to see Edward remember the brown eyed girl playing hopscotch on the train when he met Bella. Was she any kind of relation? I would like to have seen something else come of that. Were there any 'out takes' that got dropped to the cutting room floor on that? Or was I just reading more into that chance encounter than there should have been?

But seriously, I don't get how people can get upset at how fictional characters are portrayed. I enjoy both canon and non-canon stories. My imagination goes into overdrive and I love it.

Guest chapter 9 . 10/15/2013
Reported for MA content.
CmeClearLee chapter 9 . 10/14/2013
Excellent story. I love how you've taken much of the illusion of perfection from the characters. Carlisle isn't perfect in his compassion; Esme isn't the perfect mother, Rosalie isn't the perfect bitch, Emmett isn't just the jovial jock, Alice isn't well defined (but that's ok I like her as is), Jasper isnt just the weakest link that's only apart of the family for his mate and most of all Edward isn't this romanticised Romeo. Your story has given these vampires depth while maintaining their basic personalities. Its great to see that they can be flawed and still loved (or hated in Rosalie's case). Bella on the other hand is still the scripted basic Bella but that makes since this story is a retelling from Edward's POV. However, the ending left the impression of a Bella with much more confidence that seemed to come from a natural maturity that suits her character. I'm sure that many of your readers that found Bella's normal lack of self worth annoying appreciatiated her growth.
Personally, I've read some really sucky stories where the writers have attempted to create an Anti-Bella. She's always some domineering bitch that has no chemistry with Edward. This is so much better. It's an improvement without recreating the wheel.

I really loved the story n that's coming from someone who is just discovering her loved for twi ff may be dwindling after reading them non-stop for the past 3 years. I downloaded several harry potter ff but I haven't read any yet. Is it weird to feel like I'd be cheating on twilight? I'd only read T rated because I really don't wanna think about any of those characters in a M way (well maybe Cedric Diggory lol).
TheNerdGlaze chapter 9 . 6/7/2013
I confess, I started reading this story only because you left a long, detailed review on mine.
Twilight is not really my thing (I especially deeply dislike Edward), and I chose this story only because I liked the idea of a different pairing.
After half a chapter, though, I was completely intrigued by your narration.
I think this story genuinely improves the original characters, and makes them much more human and believable.
I always thought that Edward was the least believable of all the story (I confess, I very much preferred the spontaneous and down-to-earth Jacob), especially in the second book (Eclipse IIRC?), when he leaves her "for her own good".
The explanation that you gave, him being still hurt by a former love, adds a depth to the character that Stephanie Meyer didn't manage to achieve.
I also absolutely loved Rosalie: I admit, she was my favourite vampire to begin with (at least she had some flaws and wasn't perfectly boring as all the others- except perhaps Jasper) and I appreciated her even more in your story.
Although, I admit, I found her re-appropriation of her sexuality happening a little too early to be entirely believable (but I guess turning into a vampire could explain much of it) after the brutal violence that she had experienced, I loved everything about her.
I especially liked when she chose Emmett over Edward because she still wanted to play the part of the pretty and shallow girl she used to be.
It was so wrong and irrational and so deeply human!
That's more or less the problem I had with the original Twilight: everyone was too perfect. No one, except the Really Bad Guys, ever gave in to their less than noble instincts.
Edward especially... I really prefer your hurt and insecure Ed Masen to the pretentious, know it all original Edward Cullen.
Also that refusal of sex... I mean, seriously? I'm with your son on that one.
I also liked that you conveyed some of Carslile ambiguity: I alwas thought there was something weird with that guy. Biting people to make them his children...:/ whatever.
Sometimes fanfiction are better than the original, and I'd say this is the case. :)
zanganito chapter 9 . 3/29/2013
I don't really like Twilight that much, and usually avoid Twilight fanfic, but I decided to check this fic out since you've made interesting discussion posts on the WA forum.

I like what you've done with this story. You've given the main character a backstory that meshes well with canon, makes him a whole lot more interesting, and goes a long way in explaining his tendency to be manipulative and controling. It makes sense that Edward would have had a previous lover - he's around 100 years old after all. And his reluctance to become intimate with Bella makes a lot more sense if he's been previously hurt in a relationship and had his heart broken.

There's something extremely creepy about Carlisle "making a family" of people he's bitten. I liked the way you showed that through some of the tension between Carlisle and Edward (and with the fight between Rosalie and Edward). I felt kind of bad for Eseme.

It also makes sense that Edward's ability to read minds would cause a lot of problems for him. It's hard for people to get close to him, because then they have no privacy at all. When he figures this out, he has to start lying to try and make them more comfortable around him. I also really liked how you had this backfire on him. I thought that part was very realistic.

I dunno why, but I also liked that he killed a few people. He's a vampire (the whole 'vegetarian vampire' thing in canon was very disappointing for me).

The only minor thing I noticed that seemed slightly unrealistic to me is that Edward "learned French in Louisiana" and then spoke French in France and was understood perfectly. They'd be able to understand him in France, but they would probably think his Cajun-French sounded a little weird.

Anyway, good job: this story was well-written, entertaining, and I enjoyed it. I wish I would have read it before reading Twilight.
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