Reviews for Pirates vs Ninjas: Battles of Love and Will
saiyanvegeta1648 chapter 18 . 8/10
Well I can agree with most of what you said and write.
But I think the problem is not with Naruto series but with its creator.
He actually didn't had the idea of character and in his obsession of basing the series after dragon ball he f-ucked up.

Won't say I didn't love the series at one time but that was only till part 1 and since shippuden I was only skimming it over. IMO the series started to go downhill at the start of shippuden.

The whole plot was thrown in dustbin and series was made into a sasuke rescue and worship fic. I still can't get my head around the end where sasuke was forgiven just like that.

He was a traitor, a missing nin, but just because he was sasuke he was forgiven
This is a major problem I see in the fic.

Secondly they started part one where we were shown that Konoha 12 were all playing major part with team 7 the main among them.
But suddenly it shifted to team 7 and rest were cast aside.

And there notion of ninjas is something I can't digest. The only true shinobi in whole series were the anbu and Danzo. Rest were playing hero nothing else.
Cause I thought shinobi are those who don't showcase their ability but hide it and use deception and underhanded methods. Which only Danzo used and somewhat Orochimaru or Akatsuki.
If the rest are so honour bound and against underhanded methods like Naruto claims than they should be samurai not shinobi.

Well i write whole story on why Naruto anime is not what it should or must have been but the main point will always be that Kishimoto was lazy and did this work half heartedly. There are thousands plot holes and these plot holes give us room for improvement and that's why it's so popular on fanfiction cause we have room for improvement unlike other anime like one piece.

Anyways this fic is amazing. And one piece is my favourite anime followed by dragon ball series. I loved to watch Naruto but only till part one.

And i am more than satisfied to read the fic.
b.ardaaksoy chapter 12 . 6/17
That s was great story.I always trying to find a crossover worth my time but i wasnt expected this.
Luffy speech was awesome.İn the other crossovers naruto characters always become somebody showed them their powers has a weakness.
And by the way mister /He Who Seeks The Joys in Life/ shut your Fucking dont know anything
about one piece,Pirate king,world government and true
Meaning of 's why you dont deserve to talk
you narutard
GR chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
yeah, I know what you feel about Narutatds, I read a lot of fics and most of it is the same type, the few decents fic got abandoned somehow that the OP casts got get abandoned somehow.
Monkey D. Funky chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
I spend a lot of time on reddit, on /r/whowouldwin, and I've come to have to accept that Naruto is honestly at a higher level than One Piece.

That doesn't mean it's a better story though. I think that the battles in this fic, while perhaps not necessarily accurate, were well-written and interesting and made believable because you did a good job. And it's an enormous breath of fresh air to see the Straw Hats actually written well. Forget level of power; most crossovers with Naruto simply do an awful job with the crew.

And seriously, I cannot agree more that it ridiculous how overpowered Naruto characters get in these stories.

Overall, I would rate this as the best One Piece/Naruto crossover. Simply because you write the Straw Hats *far* better than most are capable of, and made a coherent believable plot.
Jormungandr1994 chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
I see where you were going with the chakra points thing for neji BUT the juken is also known to destroy organs it hits because of their proximity to the chakra network. It only focuses on the chakra network because the hyuuga's eyes are designed to see chakra and it allows for the hyuuga to prevent an enemy from using techniques while inflicting serious internal injury.
Leaf Ranger chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
*sighs* Do you not think then that all your so called bashing of the Naruto series stems not from an actual objectivity, but the fact that you actually do loathe Naruto, and love One Piece?

You sit here and objectively try to defend your justifications, something I can admire, but then you state that you loathe Naruto and love One Piece.

That, right there...that statements severely weakness, if not nullifies your justifications. You are looking at the series through a tainted perspective, and thus are allowing personal feelings and opinions to taint your crossover. Granted, I have not read it, and I'm not going to sit here and try to argue away your fights when I don't know what happens in them. But as someone who watched and enjoyed One Piece...for a time, and someone who has kept mostly up to date with Naruto, I feel I can at least make some arguments towards why your justifications are perhaps not entirely correct.

For starters, the feeling I'm getting is you have severely underestimated the overall stats of the Naruto characters. As you said, this is because Masashi largely didn't give us a lot to go on, but when you watch the series and read the manga, you can fill in the blanks.

This fight between Sanji and Gai. Sanji was a very skilled fighter, there is no doubt about that. I don't know exactly how powerful he is after the time skip (as I said, I followed the series for a time, but lost interest), but based off of what I had seen, Sanji is no match for Gai even before he uses his gates, for one simple reason: Gai's blistering speed. Rock Lee, Gai's apprentice, is capable of traveling at such a speed he literally disappears from view when he drops the leg weights he wears, and this was a genin under Gai's tutelage. In all likelihood, Gai's speed along at that stage would allow him to simply run rings around Sanji, delivering crushing blows, before Sanji can react. If you take it further and start using the gates...well simply put Gai and Lee with their third gates active were able to knock around a pseudo jinchuuriki going into 'feral' mode.

not to mention that while Gai might use a style that has less...'techniques' then Sanji does, Gai is an absolute master of taijutsu, who has spent his years learning how not only to fight various styles, but also how to study and anticipate his opponents movements. He literally trained himself to avoid the effects of the Sharingan by training how to anticipate and fight an opponent by only watching their feet. I would think a man of such skill and dedication would easily be able to outclass a younger, less experienced man who's only training is in how to fight with his style, rather then how to anticipate and defeat other styles of fighting.

With regards to genjutsu, you are correct there, so I won't argue that. genjutsu requires chakra, even a little bit, in the target's body, to work.

with regards to the Jyuuken techniques utilized by the Hyuuga, you're actually half wrong there. The Hyuuga can just as easily utilize their techniques to strike at a person's organs and nerve clusters as well. Neji wouldn't have to hit non existent chakra points to do damage. He could have severely crippled or killed Usopp by striking at parts of his body with the Jyuuken, causing disruption of normal body functions with the invasion of chakra.

Now, I will not deny that against someone like Zoro, the genin of Naruto wouldn't stand a chance. If they were genin still. If you had them at the Chuunin to jounin level we get after the Shippuden timeskip, that's a different matter. In that instance, more then a few of them have fought opponents who were simply faster and more skilled then Zoro was, and defeated him. Zoro is impressive, he's one of the best swordsmen I've seen, but I've never seen him reach the speed or reaction time we see of some Naruto characters. He literally would not be able to keep up with some of them, who would defeat him simply because they are so much faster then he is or ever will be. In particular the jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, Kirabi.

Luffy is really the wild card in all this. He has strength, determination, and a heart that is truly inspiring. I do think that out of the Straw Hats, he really is the one who would pose the most danger to almost any character in the Naruto series. At the same time however, there are shinobi with the experience, mentally and physically, to outthink Luffy, and bring him down. Luffy tends to be hotheaded, and most of his clever thinking seems to come from after fighting an opponent, and having a second round of combat with them if he doesn't defeat them the first time. Any of the most experienced shinobi of the series could plausibly defeat him by outthinking and out deceiving him.

Which is the main difference between the two series: The Straw Hat pirates, by their nature, tend not to be on the same level strategically as the Naruto characters. Most of the Straw Hat pirates tend to rush into battle with little plan of attack, only coming up with plans after their first defeat or draw. Now I will not say the Naruto characters are devoid of this either *glares at Naruto and Rock Lee*, but a goodly portion of them, by their experience and job description, tend to have very strategic and analytical minds that are constantly at work during a fight, to formulate the best strategy to defeat their opponents.

Lastly, the characters of One Piece have a lot of heart, there is no doubt about that, but there are characters of the Naruto universe with just as much heart. Naruto is every bit the equal of Luffy in caring for the people in his life, and even willing to go to extreme, suicidal lengths to help and protect people who he's barely met. And Naruto has just as much determination as Luffy in achieving his goals and following his own path in life. The only difference between them is Luffy's creator actually bothered to give him good upgrades during the series, and Naruto got crap until towards the end of Shippuden.

I problem with what you've said here is not so much that you're bashing the Naruto series...but that you seem to believe your statements are fact. But the sad truth is...they are not. Not because they bash the Naruto series, but...because these are fictional characters in a fictional world. These cannot be fact when you compare two different fictional worlds that are not connected in any way. You can state that this is your opinion, and I'll accept and respect that. I may not agree, as my review here has more then likely shown, but I will respect your opinion, if it is just that. Perhaps you might have a few less Naruto fans hating on you if you made it known this was only your opinion? *Shrugs*

Whatever you do, I will not take up any more of your time. Continue to enjoy writing what you will, and not to be rude, but I do hope not to hear back from you. But that is up to you.
Darkangel665 chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
I am a fan of the story and I agree with you on a lot if not all of your points. Thank you for the story and (Luffy X Nami) is one of my go to OTP. I agree a sequel for this story wouldn't feel right and thank you for killing Sauske (Not sure if this is how you spell his name but he really isn't worth the time to look it up.) I really hated that guy and I also couldn't understand why Naruto had such an attachment to him. Also use to be a Naruto fan then I just got tired of it. Really after the Pain battle and Kage summit it just got stupid. Sure I heard that some backstory was interesting but really that's it. The one thing I do give to Naruto was Hinata's EPIC confession. My opinion the best confession I have ever read. I could go on and on about this but I better wrap this up. I hope that you continue writing and posting fan-fictions and that the haters don't bring you down. Good luck!
Guest chapter 17 . 9/29/2015
I agree with firestorm, you have severely underpowered the Naruto characters.
SkyeZ chapter 17 . 9/30/2015
This was epic! thanks again for the read, I enjoyed coming back for this extra wonderful chapter _
northwind132 chapter 17 . 9/30/2015
Nice. Sasuke finally gone! Hope for more soon.
Rose Tiger chapter 17 . 9/30/2015
What will Hinata say about this?
He Who Seeks The Joys in Life chapter 17 . 9/29/2015
No just no everybody already agrees that right now as it is One Piece Character's will get slaughtered by the Shinobi i'm sorry but this story is more like a rant on you're part as to how much better One Piece is supposed to be than Naruto

And you're fight scenes?

They are a .JOKE i mean seriously?

Tailed Beast Bombs do minor damage to the Tailed Beast and fist manage to hurt Kurama?

Were talking about the same Kurama right?

You know the one hailed for having monstrous amounts of physical strength that is enough to actually cause Natural disaster that would be absolutely devastating to the One Piece world due to the fact that it is mostly a water based planet the one who can take a beating from a wooden statue of titanic size and still come out quite fine right?

Said Titan size statue being made out of wood that is literally harder than most steel and iron

And really you think Luffy's dream is better?

How so exactly?

He wants to become a Pirate King?

As in a King of Rapist,Slave traders,Thieves,Murderers,and Basically Marauders?

Yeah he has a nice dream doesn't he?
firestorm35 chapter 16 . 9/26/2015
I think you have severely underpowered all the ninja while making the pirates more powerful than they really should be when compared to the ninja. I can't read anymore from this story because of these points :
-Sasuke not being capable of cutting Zoro's sword with his chidori-gatana ?
-Neji doing "Juukenhoo : Hakke San-ju-ni-sho" on Usopp and Usopp surviving it ?
-Luffy beating Tsunade, the Hokage that is know to use chakra increased force capable of levelling entire CITIES ? The same Hokage that uses that little seal on her forehead that when released makes her for all intent and pruposes semi-immortal ?
-Raikiri from Kakashi himself not shredding Zoro to cute little pieces ?
-Sanji surviving Hirudora ?
-Yamanaka hijutsu not working on enemies ?
-Rasengan not shredding Luffy ? And Luffy then surviving the encounter with a "bijuu-cloaked, version 2" Naruto that a little later even went to eight tails ?
-Naruto giving up on Sasuke ?

These points make the story not very enjoyable for me !

-Raiton, when used to increase cuting power, increases the power of the sword by making it vibrate more intensely than it normally does, same with simple Chidori and Raikiri.
-Juuken can't only target chakra pathways, it can target organs and it doesn't need to target the formers to do damage on someone. Furthermore, once Neji sees with the Byakugan that his opponent doesn't have any chakra he will go for the organs (a quick burst to the brain to make someone black out or to the lungs), or the mucles (legs, arms), or even to the bones to incapacitate (and that's when he doesn't want to kill).
-Tsunade can level cities and can her jutsu, Ninpo : Sozo Saisei, makes her virtually immune from dying from all injuries and blood loss. Furthermore Sozo Saisei isn't the only medical jutsu Tsunade has in her arsenal, nor it is the only jutsu.
-All the techniques used by Gai and Lee are pure Taijutsu put on figurative steroids, the speed they have when they release the gates is too high for Sanji and his flaming kick.
-Yamanaka hijutsu aren't genjutsu. They're ninjutsu that work on the mind and have nothing to do with manipulating the enemy's chakra when it's still in their brain like genjutsu do.
-Rasengan shreds people, it isn't simple blunt damage. Then, do you know the size of the explosion a bijuu-dama has ?
-Finally, Naruto will NEVER give up. Period. Even more so when it involves Sasuke, that, for Naruto, is like his brother in all but blood. Naruto would rather give up on his dream of becoming Hokage instead of giving up on Sasuke (from Naruto himself to Kakashi after Sasuke's battle with Danzo: "I'm not worthy of becoming Hokage if I can't even save a friend").

You write good, like in VERY good. I liked how, in general, you wrote the charachters and how they act very similar to canon. I especially liked the part with Naruto and Hinata, but I can't continue reading your story because of those points and I've probably even missed more, I'm sorry. I don't think it's a good crossover but rather a 16-chapters-long "One Piece-is-better-than-everything-PS-ninja-sucks".
merry1995 chapter 16 . 9/22/2015
You have a really good story here. I have to say i expected something less... bashing towards the naruto world, but even so its a really good story. At one point you're true about what goes in Naruto's mind, but in another its a bit overworked. Well, talking about the dialogues, i have to say that scenes between Luffy and Naruto are great. Luffy with his blank stare, stating facts to Naruto. Though my favourite scene was the one where Hinata confess her love to Naruto. The words actually carried... emotions. Its weird hahaha
The overall story is really good. More than good to be specific.
One part of me wants to read more of this and wants a sequel, but the rational side says that the story is fine as it is...
Do you have plans for a sequel?
That's all... i think. I just saw your Naruto/Bleach story, i will check it out.
Well here in my home is 1 AM so i will say good night! zzzz
Shadowmaster91 chapter 16 . 9/21/2015
at last...
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