Reviews for Pirates vs Ninjas: Battles of Love and Will
Guest chapter 17 . 9/29
I agree with firestorm, you have severely underpowered the Naruto characters.
SkyeZ chapter 17 . 9/30
This was epic! thanks again for the read, I enjoyed coming back for this extra wonderful chapter _
northwind132 chapter 17 . 9/30
Nice. Sasuke finally gone! Hope for more soon.
Rose Tiger chapter 17 . 9/30
What will Hinata say about this?
He Who Seeks The Joys in Life chapter 17 . 9/29
No just no everybody already agrees that right now as it is One Piece Character's will get slaughtered by the Shinobi i'm sorry but this story is more like a rant on you're part as to how much better One Piece is supposed to be than Naruto

And you're fight scenes?

They are a .JOKE i mean seriously?

Tailed Beast Bombs do minor damage to the Tailed Beast and fist manage to hurt Kurama?

Were talking about the same Kurama right?

You know the one hailed for having monstrous amounts of physical strength that is enough to actually cause Natural disaster that would be absolutely devastating to the One Piece world due to the fact that it is mostly a water based planet the one who can take a beating from a wooden statue of titanic size and still come out quite fine right?

Said Titan size statue being made out of wood that is literally harder than most steel and iron

And really you think Luffy's dream is better?

How so exactly?

He wants to become a Pirate King?

As in a King of Rapist,Slave traders,Thieves,Murderers,and Basically Marauders?

Yeah he has a nice dream doesn't he?
firestorm35 chapter 16 . 9/26
I think you have severely underpowered all the ninja while making the pirates more powerful than they really should be when compared to the ninja. I can't read anymore from this story because of these points :
-Sasuke not being capable of cutting Zoro's sword with his chidori-gatana ?
-Neji doing "Juukenhoo : Hakke San-ju-ni-sho" on Usopp and Usopp surviving it ?
-Luffy beating Tsunade, the Hokage that is know to use chakra increased force capable of levelling entire CITIES ? The same Hokage that uses that little seal on her forehead that when released makes her for all intent and pruposes semi-immortal ?
-Raikiri from Kakashi himself not shredding Zoro to cute little pieces ?
-Sanji surviving Hirudora ?
-Yamanaka hijutsu not working on enemies ?
-Rasengan not shredding Luffy ? And Luffy then surviving the encounter with a "bijuu-cloaked, version 2" Naruto that a little later even went to eight tails ?
-Naruto giving up on Sasuke ?

These points make the story not very enjoyable for me !

-Raiton, when used to increase cuting power, increases the power of the sword by making it vibrate more intensely than it normally does, same with simple Chidori and Raikiri.
-Juuken can't only target chakra pathways, it can target organs and it doesn't need to target the formers to do damage on someone. Furthermore, once Neji sees with the Byakugan that his opponent doesn't have any chakra he will go for the organs (a quick burst to the brain to make someone black out or to the lungs), or the mucles (legs, arms), or even to the bones to incapacitate (and that's when he doesn't want to kill).
-Tsunade can level cities and can her jutsu, Ninpo : Sozo Saisei, makes her virtually immune from dying from all injuries and blood loss. Furthermore Sozo Saisei isn't the only medical jutsu Tsunade has in her arsenal, nor it is the only jutsu.
-All the techniques used by Gai and Lee are pure Taijutsu put on figurative steroids, the speed they have when they release the gates is too high for Sanji and his flaming kick.
-Yamanaka hijutsu aren't genjutsu. They're ninjutsu that work on the mind and have nothing to do with manipulating the enemy's chakra when it's still in their brain like genjutsu do.
-Rasengan shreds people, it isn't simple blunt damage. Then, do you know the size of the explosion a bijuu-dama has ?
-Finally, Naruto will NEVER give up. Period. Even more so when it involves Sasuke, that, for Naruto, is like his brother in all but blood. Naruto would rather give up on his dream of becoming Hokage instead of giving up on Sasuke (from Naruto himself to Kakashi after Sasuke's battle with Danzo: "I'm not worthy of becoming Hokage if I can't even save a friend").

You write good, like in VERY good. I liked how, in general, you wrote the charachters and how they act very similar to canon. I especially liked the part with Naruto and Hinata, but I can't continue reading your story because of those points and I've probably even missed more, I'm sorry. I don't think it's a good crossover but rather a 16-chapters-long "One Piece-is-better-than-everything-PS-ninja-sucks".
merry1995 chapter 16 . 9/22
You have a really good story here. I have to say i expected something less... bashing towards the naruto world, but even so its a really good story. At one point you're true about what goes in Naruto's mind, but in another its a bit overworked. Well, talking about the dialogues, i have to say that scenes between Luffy and Naruto are great. Luffy with his blank stare, stating facts to Naruto. Though my favourite scene was the one where Hinata confess her love to Naruto. The words actually carried... emotions. Its weird hahaha
The overall story is really good. More than good to be specific.
One part of me wants to read more of this and wants a sequel, but the rational side says that the story is fine as it is...
Do you have plans for a sequel?
That's all... i think. I just saw your Naruto/Bleach story, i will check it out.
Well here in my home is 1 AM so i will say good night! zzzz
Shadowmaster91 chapter 16 . 9/21
at last...
SkyeZ chapter 16 . 9/20
You're right! It was long XD but it was great!
This chapter was so sweet! Thank you again for the read:)
dragonwriter88 chapter 16 . 9/20
Congrats on finishing your tale. I loved it all the way through. I particularly loved the shogi matches between Shikamaru and Robin. I laughed so I cried. It was perfect. Thank you for a great story.
dragonwarrior316 chapter 16 . 9/19
WOOHOO! Amazing ending! NaruHina is one of my favorite pairings in Naruto and to see it like this was just amazing. Regarding the mystery man, will there be a sequal or something? And do you mind telling me who that man was? The suspense is killing me.
Rose Tiger chapter 16 . 9/19
I love the naruhina moment! But what happened to Hinata's bogus fiancé?
pleasechpo chapter 15 . 8/9
This is sooo intersting love it keep it up btw are u going to update any of your other fics
ShionRocks chapter 15 . 8/4
Amazing chapter as always! I'm really enjoying this fic so I'm kinda sad the end is near xd
GR chapter 15 . 8/3
fight against Akatsuki next chap?
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