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deanstheman chapter 31 . 10/18/2011
Ok, first off, I squealed out loud when I saw the 'c' for complete on this baby. This story was phenomenal start to finish - you must be so0o0o0o proud! Not to mention that awesome feeling of accomplishment you get when you click that 'complete' tab after you've put blood, sweat and tears into this fpr so long! :)

I loved the way you had everyone really appreciate Cas in this chapter - the way you brought him completely into the group. He had always kinda been standing on the edge of it before. And you did such a good job of Balthazar! I could picture him perfectly while he was speaking!

BTW - impressed you even managed to get a few gigglers in there ("someone his brother could look up to again- figuratively speaking" and "we're soulmates - that's awesome") considering the heaviness of the chap!. lol! I LOVE those bits!

And the big showdown between Munro and William - wow! What a scene when Sunny's trying to wake up Munro then tells Dean she's scared - the honesty of that moment was totally captivating. Then the love-connection thing...that was some emo sh-t right there Jen! Arhh! Loved it! But no! Sunny! I could strangle her! Why would she turn down God's offer? Munro being motherless would still be better than not being born again! And then Dean would have something to keep him going after Sunny is taken to Damien. That girl needs a slap upside the head! And I just LOVE Munro.

So the sequel sounds like pure awesomeness too - I can't wait! :) Great job on this!
deanstheman chapter 30 . 9/19/2011
They're all suspecting something's up with Sunny. That was really sad that Dean KNEW she wouldn't lie to him and that if she said there wasn't anything else then there wasn't anything else, only because she WAS lying and there was something else. Oh, that was so sad!

I really enjoyed Bobby's heart-to-heart with her too. But poor Sam. And I know after having Roxie die, Sunny and Dean need to feel alive but they really should cool it in front of Sam. That is a bit least for a while.

And Damien! I hate that guy more than I hate William! But now I'm just dying to know what happens to Munro - I can't believe you only have one chapter left! You are going to be evil and end this on a cliffie, aren't you? Noo! Ciffies are things we secretly love but keep insisting we hate - lol! And from an author's perspective, they're just to fun to resist!

I honestly have no idea where you're going with this finale ... I know I say it all the time but that is one of the things I love most about your writing - you're unpredictable. And you're never boring ... you keep an awesome pace with twists and turns and excitement all the way through. Can't wait for the finale! And please let Munro be alright - pretty please?
adaddario chapter 30 . 9/17/2011
Great chapter..can't wait for the finale!
deanstheman chapter 29 . 9/13/2011
Oh no Sunny! The lies! The deceit! Bad idea. Cas will slip up eventually - Dean will see through him sooner or later. Oh I hope things aren't too bad when they find out she lied - of course, Dean won't care that she lied when he finds out about he deal she made! That's gonna kill him.

Damien is seriously creepy with that seduction power thing - can't help it though, I kinda like it, lol. Poor Sam. Its sad he went all accusatory on Sunny but understandable - he was hurting. Sad to see this story's almost done but we get a sequel so s'pose it's all good :)

Another awesome chapter girl!
deanstheman chapter 28 . 9/10/2011
Oh My GOD! That was ... freaking INTENSE! What an awesome chapter - like WOW, my heads still reeling!

First it was nice to see the two couples reunited and joking around together. You had some really sweet Sam and Roxie moments in there too - loved those. I like your alternate future where Dean isn't cold and heartless as the 'fearless leader'. Though he was less optimistic and even though this time he still had his brother, he had lost a lot of hope by having lost Sunny.

Then when he and Sam were insisting she and Roxie go upstairs -... that was heartbreaking. They knew they weren't going to make it but needed to have at least a little hope that the girls would make it.

But poor Sunny GAH! That was such an intense scene. From Mike appearing again - I never saw that coming, never even thought William would let Lucifer or Damien out. Then her being mezmerized by his power over her somehow to watching Dean (and am and Roxie) die right in front of her ... of course she was gonna make that deal. Even though Dean's gonna be gutted when she leaves him and he finds out why. Oh man that was so heartbreaking - superbly written girl!

And of course, as if that wasn't all bad enough - then you hit us with the fact that Roxie stays dead! No! There's gotta be a way they can save her too! Poor Sam!

You now have me on the edge of my seat and I am DYING to read the next xhapter. I love the long ones too - more awesomeness for us :)
deanstheman chapter 27 . 8/28/2011
Hey there! So sorry I'm so late in reviewing - thsi story's been teasing me from my inbox for ages now! Finally got to read it and I must say, it was worth the wait. You did an excellent job of portraying sunny as a teenager! She was still so spot-on Sunny only a less mature, more screwed up version! Great job on that. I love that Dean jumped in front of the demon to protect her. Even though he knew she wouldn't die and even though he was risking changing the future - there was no way he was gonna NOT save her.

Sam saying goodbye to Roxie was sweet too. :)

And I was a little pissed at Mike - even though he was just a teenager as well and probably had a million of his own issues (and a few drinks in his system), he was gonna let Sunny drive drunk out of her minds so bad on him. I can so see how Sunny would kiss Dean back, even if he was older. If I was 16 and some hot 30 year old said he was my future fiance, I'd be like HO DAM*N! Kudos to future me for bagging that hottie! Haha! All round, a great chapter - one of my fave stories on the go and I will seriously miss it when its over! Can't wait for the next chap - I get sucked right back in every time you post! :)
deanstheman chapter 26 . 8/8/2011
Ahhhhh! You can't leave us like that! What happened to munro? He can't be dead again :( please no - poor Sunny! And oh no! Poor dean -i he had to live 2 years knowing that and thinking Sunny was dead too! Sunny HAS to go back and change things - OMG that was crazy! What an awesome chapter - great twist! It was really nice seeing that Sam and Dean were together in your future - but where is Cas? I really love this story - you always pace so well and I never see what's coming; you manage to surprise me every time. I know what you mean that when life gets hectic and crazy, it sucks the creativity right out of you and it is so much harder to write, even when you do manage to find the time. I am so glad to hear you're gonna stick this story out though because it is truly a great one and your development as a writer is just phenomenal. I look forward to your updates so please don't leave us hanging too long! Hope things settle down for you on the homefront also :) XX00 -M
Angelyn chapter 25 . 7/16/2011
Just read this from beginning to end...LOVE LOVE LOVE! The whole story is excellent. I feel sorry for Dean and Sunny though! Update Soon!
deanstheman chapter 25 . 7/16/2011
Not confusing at all - I LOVE the twist! I love the time travel thing and how awesome is it that Dean gets to see teenage Sunny! Hopefully he can stop that night from going as badly as it did! I actually feel sorry for Mike, he was a good guy and we all know what happens to him but that has GOT to suck for Dean to have to watch Mike and Sunny together! Can't wait to see what happens on this hunt! Maybe some yummy Hero!Dean? Is he gonna be able to resist telling off Shaconah? I know I'd give her a piece of my mind, even though she hasn't backstabbed them yet :)

Still have no clue where you've sent the girls - can't wait to find out. Awesome chap, as always with you. Still loving this story :)
AprilC3604 chapter 24 . 7/5/2011
Wow this chapter was awesome! Loved every word of it and always so well written. I love when Dean shows his caring side. Him and sunny are so great together and take about one hot scene! Oh man that was awesome! Cold shower? Uh yeah! Lol Sam and roxy are so sweet I love them.

Ok those angel dicks need to go. Ugh I hate them. As always awesome job and I can't wait for more!
deanstheman chapter 24 . 7/3/2011
oh where to srart? Okay, the beginning - I loved that little bit with Sam showing up with the Colt "How many times has this happened to one of us?" haha, good one! so true!

I just hate those angels! Why couldn't they just have a little frickin patience and give Cas some time to finish building his army?

Lovely little touch of Dean holding Sunny's hand while Cas was delivering the bad news at the beginning, bTW - I thought that was so sweet! For an insensitive as*s, Dean is actually quite sensitive! That's why we all love him so much :) That scene in the Impala was (well, HOT HOT but as well as that...) really touching in that you could really get a sense of the deep connection between Sunny and Dean. Loved it.

And Sam and Roxie in this chap! So sweet together. Íf that was a preview of what we get in your sequel, I can't wait! They're so cute together.

OK, cuteness aside, what a wild crazy scene that was at the end! From Cas being hurt to the angles nabbing them all one by one! Very exciting stuff! Can't wait to see where they've all been taken. Is Cas gonna be alright? Poor guy is trying - nice trick giving Sunny the blade with the note. I have no doubts she'll put it to good use!

Awesome chap - love the long ones but totally understand what RL can be like and a short one is better than none for those of us hooked on this fic! :)
Deans Sassy Seductress chapter 23 . 6/24/2011
So sorry to hear about the tornados. They are scary. I'm actually from north alabama where they hit on April 27 and pretty much wiped out everything. They really suck! I'm glad y'all are ok though :)

This chapter was awesome! I so did not see it as a filler. I love Cas and how you write him so well. I love seeing how little by little he becomes closer to everyone.

I LOVE my little ponies :) I still have a box full. No joke. Maybe I shouldn't have said that lol

And good lord Sunnys rich! I wish I had 50,000 pocket change.

Awesome awesome awesome as always! PLEASE update soon!
deanstheman chapter 23 . 6/23/2011
Ok, for starters, NOT lousy and NOT just a filler chap - really enjoyed it :)

That was a great moment between Cas and Sunny - I love seeing Cas become more and more attached to the humans. You are getting better and better at writing Cas every scene you put him in. I love Cas-Dean moments and Cas-Sam moments but I like it every bit as much when we get to see Cas bond with other humans too :)

OK, my little ponies? Guilty secret here ... I think they are so0o0o0o0o cute! And I thought so too when I was a teenager, though I wouldn't have admitted that to anyone! haha!

And just how loaded is Sunny? I knew she had money but wow, Dean got himself a sugar Mama ;D

AprilC3604 chapter 22 . 6/15/2011
Again I am so sorry for the late review. I am so behind these days. Sick babies is not fun at all.

But anywho onto the review :)

I don't trust Tom at all so I'm so with Dean on that one. Dude gives me a bad vibe ya know? But I like it. No crazy about willow. The nerve of her to flirt with Dean. Grrr I want sunny to kick her ass! I was so mad at Dean for flirting back but Dean is Dean. I know he meant nothing by it. He's going through a lot. Omg that heart felt part with him and sunny was just awesome! You wrote it so freakin well. I could feel the emotions.

Another awesome chapter and I can't wait for more :) take care!
deanstheman chapter 22 . 6/6/2011
I'm with Dean - Don't trust Uncle tom!

But I have totally changed my mind on Willow - that homewrecking bit*ch - haha! That's nerve flirting with Dean while Sunny's upstairs - I hope Sunny gets her back.

As for Dean, well I WAS mad at him until that TERRIFIC and heartfelt scene you had right after with him and Sunny. It didn't excuse is flirting but you could see why he felt he needed it and let it happen - it's hard for the people around depressed people also, not just for the depressed people. You did such an excellent job of showing both of their situations and thinkin and I could totally feel for them both. You have that kind of stuff so downpat it's not funny!

And oh! Revelation! I didn't realize cas was going against orders and doing this recruiting thing all by himself! way to go Cas - love that guy.

So another awesome chap - not boring at all - you had haps of emotion and character story arc stuff going on. Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens next. I'm kinda starting to suspect that you and I may have similar endings planned but I guess I'll just have to wait and see! TTYS!
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