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knexfan100 chapter 20 . 7/19/2014
gold... makes me want to make an omochao plushie (because there are no omochao toys in existence, apparently) just to film myself torturing it with omochao's screaming edited into the soundtrack...

what? I've been a part of the sonic fandom since 4th grade (almost 19 now) and i haven't contributed ANYTHING to the fandom (not counting adding to the OCEAN OF CHILDISHLY BAD OCs).
Rosie the Echidna chapter 5 . 6/23/2014
Poppy the Rabbit chapter 60 . 6/24/2013
Gee, thanks, Mr. Guest! I guess nobody can be thrilled about anything with your killjoy self. I'll be enjoying my life while you curse at others for having fun.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/22/2013
Fuck you
Poppy the Rabbit chapter 59 . 6/12/2013
Thank you again for using one of my ideas! I'm so happy!
Poppy the Rabbit chapter 58 . 6/12/2013
OHMYGOD! I didn't know that you were going to put me in this chapter! That was hilarious and probably something I would do! I love how you used my own words, too! Haha! I'm glad to see you back on Fanfiction!
Poppy the Rabbit chapter 57 . 6/12/2013
THANK YOU FOR USING MY IDEA, KAORU! It really made my day! I'll be devastated when this story ends!
dyslexic-Carmie chapter 59 . 3/20/2013
Okay, I finally got around to reading the updates. I'm using 'reading' really loosely here 'cause I more like skimmed a few. But hey you're still get a review. And that rhymes with few. Review, few. Review, few. Review, few. Where am I going with this? I gots no idea, no wonder the character based off me is in the loony bin. Can the loony bin be called Putty Towers? And be like the fictional equivalent to the dorm I live in now? Yeah, that's never going to come up in the show/story/meh-meh.

Anywho, like most of my reviews this one comes carrying massive plot bunnies. They all scampered across my head as I was reading the updates. Now without further interruption I shall give you these plot bunnies to nurture and love.

LIST OF PLOT BUNNY PRODUCT IDEAS! Can I get a whoop whoop? No? Well, okay then.

1. Ya know how Shadow using "Chaos Control" to like telport places? Well, does that mean that there's like a space between where you started from and where you ended up? Like some sort of dark place you pass through real fast until you get to the place you're going to? You know how on Xialion Showdown the Golden Tiger Claws makes you go through this tunnel thing until you get to where you're going? Does that dark tunnel place exist with "Chaos Control"? If it does, then why the hell doesn't Shadow rent out that dark spot? It would be great for College students to get some Z's when there roommate doesn't want to turn the light off. Or when its just morning and you want it to be dark for you can take a nap! Or if you're getting over a really bad hangover! That dark tunnel should be rented out for people who want to sleep! I'm offering money to use it! Shadow's a big jerk for keeping it all to himself! Make Shadow rent out that space! Oh, and I think if you do this one you should start the chapter out with one of those fake scenario deals. Like have Kaoru and Cream roommates. Cream wants a nightlight on at night. Kaoru doesn't 'cause *with a Bane mask on* "I was born in the dark!". So, in the middle of the argument Shadow comes and is like, "I can rent out some dark space for ya." And Kaoru's like, "Shadow you shouldn't rent out your body!" And Cream is like, "Kaoru, stick to the script!" And then it does the whole rest of the commercial.

2. Segundo idea! Kaoru should just record Tails singing in the shower. I think Kaoru would make a ton of money marketing Tails singing voice. His voice sounds pre-puberty, and boys with that kind of voice make a crap ton of money. Kaoru could sell his voice on CD's and make a crap ton of money. Tails doesn't even have to know. Okay, he might get suspicious when Kaoru starts asking, "Are you going to take a shower!" every time he visits her house. The first recording could like be by accident. Tails was running around with Sonic gets in the need of a shower. Has dinner at Kaoru's house and showers at her house before dinner. Sings in the shower. Kaoru hears it and is like, "Angels live in my bathroom! Must record it for interweb!". Records it. Makes a few CD's sells them, and makes a crap-ton of money. Then Kaoru starts inviting Tails over more in hopes of him going to take a shower and sing in it. It probably won't end well, but hey Kaoru will be rich!

3. I think Kaoru show should have to do some sort of silly mandatory government bit. Like there's some sort of government law that every show has to do something educational. So, Kaoru does an educational bit. However, the educational bit isn't exactly what the government meant. Like having Kaoru doing an educational bit on any of the following would defiantly not be what the government wanted. 1. Bonobos (This is a big no-no. At the end you could just have Kaoru say something like, "Next time the government says my show needs to do something educational I'm going to teach you kids about bonobos!" 2. What hot dogs are made of (heh what if they had hedgehog pieces in them? and like chili dogs are made with hotdogs and like chili stuff and I think you got what I'm getting at). Or 3. How to file a lawsuit against the government.

4. Knuckles should have some sort of Five step program for conquering your anger. 'Cause he clearly has anger issues. He can explain why group therapy doesn't work, and other ways to conquer your anger doesn't work. Then he can explain his five steps. Which I'm too lazy to come up with for ya. In the end Kaoru or Rouge should come in and set off his angry personality. Then of course he'll forget his five steps to conquer anger and give in to his inner angry. (Heh, its like inner beauty but its inner anger).

5. You should have a chapter about Carm-the-Chameleon in the loony bin. Or Putty Towers as I like to call it. It can be about where Kaoru gets a lot of her ideas! Carm can be insane. Dancing Samba ('cause I freaking love to samba now), sewing things she's a afraid of to help conquer her fear, and being flat out crazy. Everything she says can come from random text messages from me! Like you should just text me randomly and I'll say the first thing that comes to mind. And boom! Carm's dialoge is written! Anywho, this is probably a bad idea 'cause none of your readers really know who Carm is.

6. Isn't Rouge pretty good with the hacking into computers? If its not her than pick the character that's good with the hacking stuff. Well, wouldn't having some sort of doll that could hack your friends who hacked you be helpful? Like a toy that hacks hackers back. Wouldn't that be great! It could be fun! The story could start out with Kaoru getting hacked and her Facebook statuses all claiming that's she's eating baby bird feet or something insane. So, then Kaoru gets mad and makes a toy to hack whoever hacked her back. Which could be Ash.

And now I'm out of ideas. I hope these helped your brain do its brain gravy magic. The only idea I really want to see turn into a chapter is the one about Shadow renting out darkness. 'Cause I seriously want to sleep in some darkness for once. Oh, and I also thing Kaoru should wear a Bane mask to say, "I was born in the dark!".

XToxicX chapter 59 . 3/20/2013
Uh.. bodyguards? Um, okay. Maybe I'll take that smart advice! Or maybe stay totally out of sight of the, "overprotective," Amy.
The last, "happy customer," must've been apologizing to tons of girls for possible broken bones, if the cursed doll actually got there! XO I wonder if every girl was beaten to the pulp? *Shudders.* Right, I'm staying away from that store for a bit.
I totally need to get one... and a Sonic doll! Then watch the horror comence! XD
Nice chappie!
Happy writing!
-Toxic : )
XToxicX chapter 58 . 3/20/2013
XD Aren't ya' just OVERWHELMED with infamous requests?
Ha, ha. Poor Kaoru kept gettin' intterupted, and threatened... Poor hare. :(
Y'know, guards seem to be less supply lately. Maybe they went for their coffee break? Maybe donuts? Mmmmm... Donuts... *Drools.* ANYWAYS!
Changing numbers... Might be a good idea. XD
Funny, overall. This is pretty much an awesome, great chappie. :) It's pretty humourous, joining everybody's ideas together, too! X)
Happy writing!
-Toxic : )
BinaryHedgehog chapter 58 . 3/10/2013
First off, I would like to thank you for finally getting around to my ideas! This came out better than I had imagined. Second, while I don't think I necessarily wrote this chapter, I did enjoy reading it.
XToxicX chapter 57 . 3/3/2013
Oooh. Sounds interesting! :D
And so, the impossible, and endless, race to tag Sonic continues. I wonder if leg muscles will be strained? A lot of running there!
YOU CAN SKATE ON CEILINGS?! ME WANTEE! ...Oh. You can stuck to the ceiling... I see. ...I WANT A PAIR!
I can imagine that... A crazed, life-sized robot, (teddy,) appearing in the middle of the night beside your bed, and you having to try and defend your piggy bank from being smashed... *Shudders.* Oh, wait. Safety don't apply here! YAY!
XToxicX chapter 56 . 2/21/2013
Where's the imagination, Peoples?! Did it fly out da' window like a flying car accidentally smashing through dimensions from random realms of magic and make-beleive? *Sigh.* Do understand the bright sides of things, those-peoples-who-take-this-really-really-seriously-and-take-safety-measures-like-fussy-parents, and, also...
Who cares about safety, serious folk?
YAY for everlasting danger! :D
Maybe ya' could do a toy for Emerl. Since he practically copies everything, including fight moves!
XToxicX chapter 54 . 2/21/2013
*Reads price.*
*Facepalm.* Oh, drat. I left my purse at home! DX
Trubeque chapter 56 . 2/20/2013
Speaking of forgetting things, I didn't explain the idea at all :D You know that friend you don't really want to hang out with? Maybe you want to get out of a family outing? Well Ray here can be that fake friend that you had prior engagements with! Only now you can show him to your less-than-wanted activity-loving friends and family. The best part is, he's so bland and forgettable that you can use 3, maybe 4 times a week without anyone getting suspicious! Now only 11 TARDISes
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