Reviews for J is for Just One Of Those Days" (alphabet series
ADDAMSFAMILYTREE chapter 1 . 9/10/2014
Great story. Although, crossovers happen to make for interesting reading as well. For example, say around 1979, the rookies meet the sweathogs? Afterall, it's kind of like, having "WELCOME BACK, KOTTER" meet "THE ROOKIES". Just a thought to keep in mind. However, MIKE DANKO could always have made a good friend of B.J. (BILLIE JOE) McKAY of "B.J. & THE BEAR" from their days together in 'NAM.
The 20th-Century Man chapter 1 . 12/11/2009
I only saw the 1st episode of The Rookies on DVD 2 nights ago, so I'm still not too familiar with the program. However, I am a stone Kate Jackson fan, remmember Sam Melville from Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Michael Ontkean from Making Love, and am at least smart enough to recognize mega-talent in George Sanford Brown at-sight! (Plus I remember all his credits as director on Charlie's Angels, and that he was married to Tyne Daly for years) I can remember seeing a coupla episodes of The Rookies on TV in the '70s, but only as a hazy memory. Bear in mind the above as you read the following:

Your 1st chapter is intriguing, a real page-turner! All of your dialogue "sounds" right; i.e., I can readily hear the voices of the actors/characters whom your dialogue goes with. And your plot does stir my curiousity. What is the lieutenant plotting at? That this is just a casual joke is unlikely, but otherwise his behavior could be dangerous to the morale of his officers, and could easily destroy their trust. So where does the story go from here? Does the lieutenant have some unterior motive for carrying on the charade; or will some other, sinister character pick the string of this situation and carry the ball (Watch out for mixed metaphors!) into some deadly territory? Is this a short, comic piece, or the beginning of a bizarre drama?

Well done!
Karen Finn chapter 1 . 4/22/2002
Great story. Keep writting
Cindy chapter 1 . 3/28/2002
Bridget, thanks for giving me a great laugh. I'm glad I've inspired you to write. Keep up the great work.
Rena chapter 1 . 3/27/2002
Great Story, Bridget! I enjoyed it very much