Reviews for Take What Is Yours
Guest chapter 36 . 1/13
Please update
Guest chapter 36 . 12/29/2017
Please update
Guest chapter 36 . 10/26/2017
Where is the rest I need more!
hennessyswagg83 chapter 36 . 8/29/2017
Are you ever gonna finish this story it was so great
Jaggers2003 chapter 36 . 6/26/2017
This is a great story (found it off another author) but ending it there on a cliff hangar slightly peeved but its your decision nonetheless I love it and think it should continue or at least give an extra chapter saying it's done or you abandoned it. I say this respectifully and if you interpret it diffrently please note I did not mean disrespect. As always have fun wrtitng.


CrazySasori chapter 36 . 6/25/2017
Because you finally updated The Bet, I ended up rereading both of these stories without stopping. It reminded me of how amazing a writer you are and i even ended up going to lord of the land of fire's profile to read some of his old stuff again and it was equally amazing to experience again. I just figured I'd leave this here to let you know I appreciate what you did writing these stories and assisting in the creation of numerous other amazing stories. I hope one day you finish this but after a 4 year hiatus I doubt you even remember where this was going anymore but still a guy can hope right?
Ancient Sith Tulak Hord chapter 3 . 6/3/2017
I like how Shuzen talks about how acts of pride can be stronger then love.
A Fool chapter 36 . 5/7/2017
Thank you so much for your exceptional wrtiting in bringing this story to life. I do apologize for not reviewing more frequently, and for my lacking of being there along the way for the entire tale. I must say, your writing, through both iterations of this story has been excellent and is one of the fanfictions I check in with quite often. Keep up the excellent work and may your days be pleasant,

-A Fool
PugTheMagician chapter 36 . 4/26/2017
Gotta say not as interesting as the firat story but i think that was more because the start of the first one was more 'i wonder what the ramifications could be' but now this one is more 'something is happening, oh its just moka getting punished again'. I understand that what she did was bad and with her status as a vampire the consequences are dire. Hell i even understand that what she did was worng but i just feel ya gotta start giving her some slack. Thats just my personal feelings on it though. As a plot device its at least consistent. Sad to see the story discontinued. Yes i know you haven't actually said it was in the summary, the story or your bio but after 4 years of no updates it seems pretty obvious. I thought tsuraras death was both tragic and necessary to just show that this aint school anymore, the 'good guys' dont always survive. I think the most powerful part of it was just her own thoughts when she was about to be hit, her panic and the way she simply wanted to keep living was so much more realistic sounding than someone being glad they died instead like in so many other stories. I think the fact that you had tsukune react the way he did to ruby being willing to let others die if it ment his life was a very bice touch.
Strikeman chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
God I can't read this anymore. I mean, both books have been amazingly written, and I loved the first one, but I can't stand the plot. It's so emotional, I've cried twice already. I just can't stand seeing all this betrayal and heartbreak. I mean, I'm still gonna favorite both stories, but I can't handle anymore heartbreak.
User 627 chapter 13 . 2/23/2017
Man, Tsukune doesn't seem to care that he cuckolded pretty much a lot of guys. What an asshole. I like your story, don't get me wrong, but can't stand Tsukune's "meh" reactions to everything he's done.

Why in the world does Tsukune sometimes speak like he's been born 200 years ago? It's rather off putting.

I like how you gave everyone some form of morality of their own as it adds to their character. But personally, I just can't stand Tsukune here. He's reactions are so damn boring. Not that I blame you particularly. He was a boring character to begin with. What else can you expect from a harem lead? The women who love him are loving him for pretty much shallow reasons.

I can't help but be a little irked at how he's praised for being so honorable when all he ever does is show the basics of any form of decency (most times). In comparison, he's supposed to be the "good guy" because mostly every other guy who isn't Tsukune is portrayed as a horndog that can't control his cock whatsoever.

Tsukune feels like cardboard. A one dimensional flat character. He doesn't seem to have any clear character than being the "nice guy" and nothing else really. That is so cheap.

Like I said, I don't blame you. The harem genre usually stars does brain dead self insert wish fulfillment protagonist with zero depth to his character. I find it difficult to respect the females of a harem anime because they're nothing more than walking sex toys with a one dimensional character to boost the main dude's ego.

At times, I can't help but with some of Tsukune's harem members would just wisen up and leave him already. I can understand Kurumu's situation with him being her Destined One and all, but all the other girls have no real reason to hang around him like they do. To think they haven't found anyone else. That's pathetic. It's difficult to believe that a guy who's only sole trait is being nice, and that helps women drool all over him.

But still, kudos for such an intricate story. I find the characterization lacking (not necessarily your fault), but it was an enjoyable read.
Viper5delta chapter 9 . 2/12/2017
Well, jesus fuck. That awakening has really changed him
BBWulf chapter 36 . 11/20/2016
Wow. At a loss for words here. Didn't know there was a sequal to GWYW, untill recently, but I should've known it would be great. Still caught me off gaurd. I might need to get in the habit of reading better fics. XD Anyway, I do hope this is eventually finished. I know I'll be waiting eagerly when it does.
Regal Peasant chapter 36 . 9/25/2016
Another great read! I don't usually partake of this genre, but I do believe I will from now on. What a cliffhanger though. My imagination has ran wild and I love it. Such a satisfying story! I am a bit disappointed to see this as unfinished, but the ride was great.
SpecH82 chapter 36 . 9/24/2016
Hmm I guess he's going to try and stop her execution or something. That would be like him.
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