Reviews for Dark Vengeance
Chibi Cheesecake chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
Ooh, I like this! I like how it starts out very quietly, but with a feeling that something is about to happen. I especially loved the little detail of Shera's clock in the beginning.

I like how you portray the relationships between the three in this story. I especially liked the acknowledgment of what an unusual, dysfunctional sort of family they are, but they're loyal to each other nonetheless. I especially loved that it was the thought of Aerith and her reaction that made Kadaj stop and think.

Ahh, this story is making me so nostalgic for the T&D universe.

My one issue with this story is I'd like some more backstory/information on the thief character. I guess as a reader it just seemed a little hard to believe she was this master thief when we didn't even get her name, and only a little about her prior targets. I think I would've liked to hear a little more about how Kadaj first encountered her.
CSKazaam chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Awesome story! I don't usually read about Kadaj & company, but I love what you did with them here. I think you really nailed their personalities! I especially love... well, all of them, but I really liked Yazoo's distant attitude. I could totally imagine him in that scene, waiting in the dark for the thief, and speaking to Loz.

I also love the action scene in the house. I can't help thinking just how awesome Yazoo and the others were, which makes sense, since they're enhanced. And I love how Yazoo and Loz yielded the scene to Kadaj when he showed up. I think you totally nailed their fighting style too!

I was wondering how you'd be able to orchestrate it so that it was believable that Yazoo was killed by that girl, since they're so adept at fighting. But I think you managed it, and I like how she'd completely hit the wrong target. The only thing that I think would help to make it more believable would be if there had been some prior explanation or example of the thief's skills. I was originally thinking that she was just some ordinary thief, so it would have seemed a bit of a stretch for her to take them all on like that, or even to return to kill the one that saw her. But if she's some kind of master thief/criminal like she seems to be, then it makes more sense.

The part with Yazoo being hit was so awful! I really like the description of things with him hitting the floor, and all the voices being in a fog. And then Loz's reaction was so heartbreaking! I think the saddest part was Loz saying that Yazoo had to get better and play, and Yazoo telling him not to cry. And then Loz pleading with Yazoo to wake up and wishing for him to tell him not to cry... That scene was perfect!

I also really love Kadaj's reaction to everything - running off to track down the thief, and vowing to kill her. I was totally rooting for him... And then Aerith appeared! And then I ended up feeling totally guilty about it, like she was scolding both of us. XD I love that part, and I totally didn't see it coming!

I like Kadaj's reasoning in stabbing her leg, though. It's cruel, but it totally made sense at the time. "If I can't kill you, then at least I'll stop you from getting away!" XD

I love the part where Cid shows up and starts scolding him. He really does sound like a father to them, and thinking of Cid in that role is just so squeeable! And I love Kadaj's matter-of-fact responses to him: "Of course I was going to kill her," and that he was incapacitating her, if Cid had bothered to notice. As if it's the most practical thing in the world to do. It's awful, but it made me laugh. XD I like Cid's response to that too.

I also love how Cid snaps at him that Loz isn't dead. I dunno, I think I loved every part of their interaction there. It was so perfect.

The ending was so bittersweet! I really like how Kadaj indicated that he'd still be there for Loz.

Wonderful fic! I love the idea of Cid and Shera as their father and mother. I'd completely forgotten about that point, but Cid as a father figure is awesome. Now I'm imagining Shera keeping some kind of swear jar around that Cid has to drop coins into every time he swears, so he can try to beat his habit. LOL. I'd love to see more of them!
RainFlame chapter 1 . 2/7/2011
Great oneshot, as always :) Poor Yazoo, though :( He was always my favorite of the clones. I like the way you portrayed them all. Loz wasn't quite as annoying as he was in the movie lol.