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Aquarius Seth chapter 1 . 10/5/2013
This was very, very well written, beautiful work. This is an iffy topic for me but you managed to handle it so well. You were able to make Wilson so exposed it was almost painful to read but it was worth it. Bravo.
shhIwasn'there chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
Ok... I think I'm a pretty open minded person... And accepting.
But man this was bizarre. In a beautiful warm and sentimental way... I loved it. But... My imagination blew a fuse trying to picture Wilson in a pink dress.
Still though, great great writing.
Matt chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
I love this story. I'm also a female to male transsexual and I've been crying through all of this because of how perfectly it was written and how many memories and feelings that were brought up and I can't thank you enough for writing this beautiful story.
LonelyNightz chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
lol "I am what I eat." great line, my favorite actually. you must really love your friend because this is a epic story.
AirJordan8 chapter 1 . 6/21/2012
Wow! I don't review nearly as much as I should but I had to log in especially for this one. I hadn't thought much about the struggles that transgender people face until now. And this was so perfect-the characterizations, the reactions, the emotions, the dialogue, everything! I was hesitant to read it because other transgender!Wilson stories I've read just made me feel weird and they weren't believable, but this was the exact opposite.

Thank you so much for writing this! It really opened my mind, and I'm sure it's going to stick in my mind for years to come.
MoonWiccan6 chapter 1 . 1/18/2012
That was a fabulous story
Selina Novella chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
You know this is about the best story I've ever read, because it really helped me understand. I mean, it's similar to how I felt, when I first had sex with a guy. The nausea, the self hatred, except I didn't know why. I thought it was because I didn't love him. It took forever to figure out that it's because I don't like men. I like women. And once I figured that out it became so much easier to understand myself and why I felt so dirty and ugly inside.

Before reading this I hadn't really given much thought to transgendered people, because the only person I knew who was one was an ass who left his wife and kids to become a woman and then hit on the kids school teacher who was also a woman. So because that was the only person I knew, I had negative connotations because those kids were friends of mine and they were really upset and needed a lot of therapy because of this abandonment. But reading this made me understand how that was an isolated incident, that that person was just a jerk who didn't care about his/her family (and they really were) and that that should not in any way affect my opinion of transgendered people as a whole. Thank you so much for writing this. :)
Sir Stud Muffin chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Aiatalay chapter 1 . 7/5/2011
I sent you a gmail after I deleted my LJ but before I remembered you have an account here, so I can review your story anyway! (Plus I've had time since I read it to process what I want to say)

It was beautiful. A nearly thorough tour of trans fears and issues without being anvilicious about it. You bring out the emotion of the story. You bring in the emotion of the audience; everyone can identify with this story.

At the moment in time earlier today I was reading it, it was especially relevant, because I hadn't logged into LJ in months and was deleting my profile. Because I was done with that chapter in my life and needed to do something to signify to myself that I was done being an obsessive fan who loses themself in a fantasy world.

And yet I was going back to the House fandom, briefly, I don't know why, it was only your fics I was reading, perhaps to tell myself that I can read Housefic without relapsing. I don't know. But I read this and it was like I was Wilson, running from my past and destroying things to prove who I am to myself.

I could see a lot of my fears of the future here, and a lot of the same dreams I have as well. This fic spoke to me, and it was really serendipitous that I should read it whilst cleaning up from a past chapter of my life.

Thank you for sharing it.
resourceress7 chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
That was beautiful. I loved the destruction/catharsis party. Acceptance party.

I would have thought House would have already picked up on physical characteristic that no one else noticed. And kept on accepting Wilson anyway. At least that's what popped in my mind.

But in this story, his reactions were fantastic - both the immediate "I can't believe you dated that jerk," and the planned-out party.

Well done.
RamenNoodlesXD chapter 1 . 3/19/2011

I really thought this was gonna be one of those cheesy, sappy stories with the rushed, bullcrap happy ending, but it wasn't. It really, really wasn't.

The way you built up to the ending was, for lack of a better word, perfect - it did not feel rushed at all, you hit the right spots at the right time, it was just... guh. Wonderful, realistic read; it had the right balance of conflict and friendship between the two. I envy the way you portray the characters - you did it brilliantly.

This story will probably stay in my mind long after I click the submit button on this review x)
Oasis Blackmore chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
To be honest, I was a little nervous about reading this one - not that I "have issues with transgenders" or anything. I'd just never read a serious fic about the matter before.

All my hesitations aside, this seriously blew me away. It's brilliant and believable (which was my biggest concern, from the get-go), and whoever you wrote it for must feel so proud. The whole story is simply amazing.

~ Oasis
Francesca Monterone chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
Well, if that isn't a unique story... I really like the idea and what you made of it. It's special and I appreciate the message of tolerance that comes with it.

Besides, the thought of Wilson stabbing at some horribly pink balloons with a pair of scissors is simply hilarious!
julesmonster chapter 1 . 2/17/2011
That was freaking awesome. I loved the mental and emotional torment that Wilson went through, how real it all was. Very good job and a great story.
rictusEMpra.J chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
hoblohblohblohbloh *drooooooool*

This was brilliantly plotted, brilliantly written, brilliantly-... well, just brilliant!

Thank you so much for writing this.
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