Reviews for White Spirits
MDiaz13 chapter 12 . 1/4
damn girl i love this story. i dont know why you dont continue updating. i hate when people write good storys and doesnt continue it.
GuardianElizabethBelikova chapter 12 . 9/25/2012
please please please update this story, i am smitten to the plot line :)
Raven-Thea chapter 12 . 7/28/2011
Wow is all i can say about this. I really love the story and i love how its so creative. Please update i really want to read more. Raven-Thea.
loventherussian17 chapter 12 . 7/24/2011
great chapter update soon
MovedAccounts-NA chapter 12 . 7/23/2011
Awwww, Dimitri was just so adorable at the end! (The Hospital Scene.)
Heartz of Darkness chapter 12 . 7/23/2011
I love it i can't wait to read the next chapter. Though the story line is starting to confuse me a little bit, i'll keep on reading though till i get. I hope u explain things soon. :)
D-I-M-I-T-R-I-B-E-L-I-K-O-V chapter 11 . 7/15/2011
Really really really good so far keep upding plz :) I think rose should be with Dimitri and she needs to find out wat she is soon :)
loventherussian17 chapter 11 . 7/15/2011
great chapter update soon
loventherussian17 chapter 10 . 7/10/2011
great chapter update soon
Olivia Williams chapter 9 . 6/20/2011
loventherussian17 chapter 9 . 6/16/2011
great chapter update soon
loventherussian17 chapter 8 . 5/3/2011
really great chapter sad to finally know what happen to her update soon
JustCallMeMaryLynette chapter 1 . 5/3/2011
Gosh that sounds tramatic
MovedAccounts-NA chapter 8 . 5/3/2011
I love Christian and Roses' relationship in your story! And we finally know what happened to Rose. I hope there is some Dimitri next chapter though.

Update when you can please!
loventherussian17 chapter 7 . 4/11/2011
update soon cant wait to see what happens next
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