Reviews for The Lion and the Unicorn: Terra and Kefka Prompts
Princess Pannero chapter 1 . 9/23/2014
"There are times when he is the man she knew, and there are times when he is the man he knows. "

I loved so much this. And I loved the way you made the character move, all the ambivalence was amazing, and I could feel Terra's feelings of sadness, doubt, still hope and sorrow, and her regret. Great chapter.
Mooglepie chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
Wow. I'm thoroughly impressed. You've kept true to the characters and conveyed their personalities and motivations masterfully. I enjoyed reading the rich description as well. I'm fond of the KefkaxTerra pairing myself and have been disappointed by the lack of fanfictions there. Thank you so much for writing this. 3
lapaxlove chapter 12 . 1/15/2014
you manage to create a very interesting bond between Terra and Kefka, and the different stories are really interesting, esp the last one, and tree one where she painted his face as clown, and I enjoyed the story.
Mystics Apprentice chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
I actually stumbled upon this after reading another Kefka/Terra story that you reviewed. Noticing that you said that you ship the two together (as do I, might I add), I got curious and had to see what you've written. I must say that I'm very glad I did. I've only read the first chapter of this story so far, but already I am in love. You portrayed Terra precisely as I envisioned her, innocent, trusting, yet hesitant. This seemed to be written in Terra's point-of-view, therefore I didn't get to see quite as much of Kefka in this chapter, but from what I could tell he seemed to be in-character himself. Cruel, but in-character nonetheless. I do hope that you've written pieces where he's also more himself; it's those moments that I just love to envision.

The writing was beautiful. Your descriptions were vivid and to the point, precisely they way they should be. The dialogue was flawless, and your grammar was immaculate to boot.

Anyway, excellent work on this story, and I greatly look forward to reading more of this story soon!
SGRTJ756 chapter 10 . 1/2/2013
Celes going mad instead of Kefka is an interesting possibility and I like that you decided to explore it. I wonder if they go through all the events of the game (with Celes acting as the villain and final boss and the Returners having to confront her. Just imagine a 'good guy' Kefka joining your party to fight against the Empire, talking about crazy stuff!) but the fact that Terra's already twenty in this piece when she's only eighteen in game makes me think that the events have probably taken a different path.

It's also a good detail that they put some effort in trying to understand Celes and her erratic behaviour. She couldn't blame her. Has anyone ever attempted to understand (not saying to justify, but just to understand) Kefka? No, because he's the bad guy and we're the heroes who must defeat him and save the world. Period.

Ahem! There's fur on my boots!

The following is a lovely scene and it was nice to imagine every little detail hoarded in Kefka's room and the rather peaceful atmosphere the characters can breathe, at least for a little moment.

"This is my doubtful face," he informed her. "Do you see? Do you see how untrue that is?" - Really enjoyed this lines.

Terra crying is a bit unexpected. She's usually strong enough to keep her emotions at bay, so what's happening with Celes must've truly affected her. Kefka acts very sweet trying to comfort her.

"I just keep thinking that this could have happened to you," - Oh the irony! XP

I wonder if, in this alternative reality, Celes got her infusion first, or it's just a matter of mental stability and/or individual strenght. I don't know, but I do like the concept of a mentally unstable Celes.

The ending was probably a bit too fluffy for my taste but, again, this prompt is slightly more light-hearted than your average take on this pairing.

I hope you're doing better and I wish you a Happy New Year, as happy as possible at least :)
SGRTJ756 chapter 9 . 12/20/2012
As much as I dislike the interpretation of Kefka's character as a clown, I truly enjoyed this prompt.

I believe Gestahl, being the megalomaniac ruler he is, would have this kind of extravagant ideas for his birthday, and why would he refrain to carry them out when he has the power to do whatever he pleases?

Another detail is that you don't portray Terra as a poor esper slave who lives in perpetual confinement and isn't even allowed to speak unless she's granted permission. Apart from not being accurate (why would they do that to her? There's no real benefit apart from being mean, and you wouldn't risk torturing a person who can burn you alive on a whim), it's cliché and cartoonish apart from ridiculously overdone.

"She'd never not be girlish, even if she cut her hair off and donned men's clothing" - I really liked this line! It's true, Terra is so delicate and feminine, inside and outside, but she's still the most kickass sorceress and swordswoman, and I find that contrast very appealing.

It's funny and cute how Kefka submits to her in such an easy way (someone has a soft spot there ;D), particularly when one considers how she'll end up submitted to him.

"He had gawked at her reasoning; she was applying things she'd heard him say about incredibly brutal skirmishes to her child's play." - This other part was perfect. Hug her, Kefka! You know you love evil P

Aww, cute little Terra as a princess, and they danced, that'd be lovely to see.

The last lines are so heartbreaking, probably of the best ones in the fic.
SGRTJ756 chapter 8 . 12/5/2012
I enjoyed your portrayal of Celes here, not completely serious, with a sarcastic edge, even a little easy-going. I'm sick of Celes, the cold b*tch I've found in so many fics, a likable, more sympathetic Celes is therefore very welcome. I wonder why she considers Terra her rival, I doubt she likes Kefka *that way*, so I will assume it has to do with magical abilities, power, position, more than anything else.

Overall, this is probably my fav prompt together with 'Please' and 'Can you hear me?' Intense, IC and subtly 'romantic' but not enough to notice at first glance.

I especially loved this quote: "He couldn't fathom what would have happened if he hadn't have felt that thing wipe her magical signature off of the map. Terra was like a constant blip on his radar; when she just went away, he feared the worst." I love how it implies he's constantly *feeling* her in his mind and heart, almost as a part of himself. (Btw, I don't know whether magic works this way in FF, but it reminded me of Dragonball and I love DB xD)

I could feel Kefka's rage, Terra's pain but also their mutual concern and special connection. It's a very powerful piece, full of emotion. I almost feel sorry for Yfraim's fate but then I remembered how he was undoubtedly enjoying his work and no, he doesn't deserve my pity, not one bit. Also, Kefka craves revenge but still is so concerned about Terra that, even if he'd die to give Yfraim what he deserves, he hands that responsibility over to Celes.

I find extremely endearing how Terra endured all the torture and finally broke into tears because her lovely hair had been cut off. It's so sweet and relatable, from a female standpoint. The scene with the doll was sweet and lovely and "Unless you hung him up in a bag of his own skin, you didn't do nearly the damage necessary to get my point across," he hissed." was badass and I can totally imagine Kefka saying something like this.

This prompt is a bit of a sad foreshadowing to what's going to happen in the near future, he knows all too clearly he's losing himself and will lose Terra as a result. Very sad indeed and nor him neither Terra can do anything about it, the wheels are already turning :(

Bonus points for the ending. I can picture Celes trying to act all serious while she can't help but let her eyes wander around the toy and at the end can't hold on any longer and has to ask: ok, wth? And Kefka's reaction heh.

Excellent prompt! Hope to hear from you, too :)
SGRTJ756 chapter 7 . 11/23/2012
This was a really good one. I liked your portrayal of Gestahl here, an evil Emperor but still with some meaning behind, I especially like this line: 'He hadn't gotten as far along in his empire without a healthy level of paranoia' because it pretty much summarizes what it's like to be on top of the world, which means no friends (because everyone else is beneath you), with your social network devided between enemies and servants (still potential enemies). It's also very convincing why he'd want to test Terra's loyalty, being that she's so close to Kefka and (in this particular prompt) the Emperor is starting to question 'his' loyalties.

I enjoyed Yfrain; his characterization is believable and I also like his full name (sounds FF enough, which is usually too much to ask from OCs).

Terra's characterization is lovely and I find it extremely accurate here. She's distrustful, she's not openly friendly and selfless and all good intentions, she's actually a very difficult person to deal with (hey, we're even given the choice to refuse to help Bannon when he's nearly begging her!) Also, the question about the moogle and her responses: this part was touching, same when she discovers how real pain feels.

'For a moment, Terra thought someone might actually have felt she had something important to say; but no, it was more testing.' This line nearly broke my heart :(

I wonder why she doesn't like Celes; maybe she's just experiencing petty jealousy as in: 'oh no, my man is out with another woman!' or she has other reasons that you decided not to explore in this prompt.

Anyway, the ending doesn't predict nothing good for sweet little Terra, what a clever cliff-hanger. And Terra, you bad girl, eat your carrots! (carrots are delicious)
SGRTJ756 chapter 6 . 11/12/2012
This one confused me a little, because you said Kefka was being infused from before the espers were brought to Vector, what did they infuse him with, then? Unless this one was a second raid and they already had some espers with them, but the game makes it quite clear that it was only one raid and Terra was brought along with the others, so I'm quite confused. Also, which place full of rats where they took him from is Kefka referring to? And, who's the bearded little wizard? Other thing I have to point out is that Gestahl seemed too eager to get rid of Terra and I believe he would've been more careful with her (Terra being his only halfling and all), and I bet he definitely had a full personnel of nurses and maids to take care of a child at any given moment. I assume you don't like Gestahl very much, although, my opinion of him is that, while evil, he was still a wise ruler and much more dignified P

Apart from that, I still find many things to praise about this prompt. First, your descriptions of Kefka's thoughts and feelings about the infusions and how he 'knows' something's off but can't really tell and still he can feel he's losing something, he's changed and he's the only one who notes it while the others are more focused on the 'succesful' aspects. It was touching, and somehow relatable because he sounded human.

The part with the elite was really good, especially:


that line, and when he admits he hasn't memorized the whole speech. Very cool personality heh. Are we going to see this guy again? Since you pointed out he's got something special, for some reason I'm assuming he's the unfortunate captain from the second prompt but maybe not xD

And of course, the interaction between Kefka and baby Terra was adorable, so as Kefka's last thoughts at the end.
SGRTJ756 chapter 5 . 11/11/2012
This is an interesting exploration of the events that might've leaded to Terra getting the crown, and also a good complement for the first prompt. I liked how you intertwined Kefka's real thoughts with that voice whispering in his head, and at the end, both confused and he wasn't able to tell himself from that voice any longer. Also, good characterization of Leo and Celes, seems only logical that they both noted something was going on between Kefka and Terra, even if they couldn't tell exactly what it was. Kefka gradually losing it as he realizes (or so the 'voice' makes him believe) that Terra didn't love him like he thought, but feared him like Celes and Leo suggested, was spooky; Kefka believes he's doing something good for Terra after all, or he knows that's a lie but isn't capable of caring anymore. Really, really good interpretation of Kefka's derangement. Also, poor Terra. Leo's thoughts at the end are a good closure for this prompt.
SGRTJ756 chapter 4 . 11/7/2012
I remember when I read this the first time, it was late at night and I suddenly felt the urge to turn on the lights. I resisted that urge, but it truly gave me the creeps. The imagery is so powerful and feels so overwhelmingly real, how his peaceful little reality with Terra and the moogle completely vanishes in the blink of an eye and it's replaced by these haunting and terrifying illusions of a future that's about to come (and he must feel it inside him, insanity threatening his conscience with slowly taking over him). The table, the reflection in the mirror that becomes true when he turns back and the monstruous moogle feeding of Terra's dead body: mind-blowing! And the end with Terra screaming, and screaming and screaming and the real moogle dead, it sent shivers down my spine, again.

I LOVED this prompt. Also: take that Gestahl! xD
SGRTJ756 chapter 3 . 11/7/2012
This is beautiful. Mostly Terra's PoV, which I particularly appreciate because I find it extremely hard to find a fanfic with Terra convincingly IC. And a younger, teen, even cuter Terra than the usual. Also, I love snow, so everything related to snow gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling (as contradictory as it may sound!)

Hmm, before I forget: couldn't she just melt a little of snow to drink it? Or just eat the snow and let it melt in her mouth? Not the most hygienic solution, sure, but in a desperate situation it may have worked.

Now about the prompt, it was sweet and heart-breaking. I liked Terra's thoughts about the colour red (I also believe she has a preference for this colour), and the fact that she likes it because Kefka does yet she's still not sure why she feels this way (the same way she can't tell why Kefka's confidence in her abilities makes her stronger) since she wasn't raised as a normal girl and didn't have enough human contact to recognize this kind of feeling. She's still a girl in her puberty, so even if she doesn't understand the feeling, it's still instinctively there, which makes her characterization so adorably human.

I was impressed by all the details about her training and the magical traps, it's not common to find fics that deal her her training (except if it's to show Kefka torturing her in the most imaginative, cartoonish ways, pff...), so it was a pleasant surprise to see someone actually put some effort into thinking how it could've really been. The last bits were so heart-breaking, with Terra struggling in vain and Kefka rescuing her and she trying to reassure him even if, as she said, he nearly had her killed. The I'm sorries at the end, so touching. Makes me wonder about what is he trully apologizing, was he really concerned about her welfare because of her usefulness or because of her? Very beautiful promp, indeed :)
michiyu chapter 12 . 11/3/2012
You updated! I check back every so often and was very excited to see that. This prompt was particularly tragic in that it truly signified an end. I like that it didn't retcon any events and force a happy end.

I hope to see more.
SGRTJ756 chapter 2 . 11/4/2012
The only thing I didn't like about this one is that you refer to Kefka as a clown. I'm the heretic who doesn't agree on Kefka's appearance (or personality) being one of a clown. However, since I assume it's from the captain's PoV and he doesn't have much respect for Kefka...

Anyway, this is a quite interesting (and original) perspective to a slave crowned Terra. She seemed much more passive in the game but here she talks and reacts to Kefka's orders, that's good. I always thought the slave crown was a rather cheap plot device to make Terra a completely innocent victim, but I'd rather see some moral ambiguity in her character, and even when she IS wearing the crown here, I like to imagine some part of her is consciously willing to please Kefka that much.

Also bonus points for the blonde hair! I like her green-haired too, but I prefer normal hair colours P

The little bit of dark humour at the end was a nice touch. Also, I couldn't help to imagine Kefka asking the captain: Problem officer? with a trollface. I'm sorry.
SGRTJ756 chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
I admit this isn't the first time I read this. The first was months ago, and this prompt in particular I've read like four times with this. It's my favourite, it's so perfect. I didn't review the first time because I felt discouraged that you didn't update anymore and I checked your profile and since you neither updated your other stories I began to feel again that every story I like, every author that writes for the pairings I like tends to disappear (yes, I can be depressing sometimes, but with pairings as rare as this, it has happened to me so many times I can excuse myself xP) But you've recently updated and I can't tell you how happy it made me! I was planning to review every prompt when I was in the mood anyway, and now I sure will do it!

I want to quote this part because, when I read it the first time, I was literally in awe.

"He exists within a duality, of that she is certain. There are times when he is the man she knew, and there are times when he is the man he knows. She has learned to tell them apart, but with every day he becomes less of one and more of the other."

Those lines so perfectly define a person in the verge of insanity, slowly losing his mind but still keeping some traits of his former self. It's tragically beautiful, as I believe was Kefka and Terra's relationship.

Actually, this prompt is full of beautifully built sentences and every word seems to serve its purpose. I don't like to overuse the word 'perfect' but it just comes to me every time I read this.

Both are also very much in character. Kefka is as creepy as he should, but not cartoonishly evil as most authors tend to portray him but the degraded human being Magitek reduced him to be.

Hmm, I don't know what else to say without being redundant or quoting every paragraph to tell you how much I enjoyed every word of it, besides thank you for writing this.
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